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12006 - Bosch OE Identical O2 Sensor 1 Wire

12006 - Bosch OE Identical O2 Sensor 1 Wire
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Original equipment on a wide variety of European, Asian and domestic vehicles, Bosch is the #1 best selling brand in the oxygen sensor aftermarket. Making sure your vehicle has a properly functioning oxygen sensors is critical when it comes to your vehicle's fuel efficiency and reducing harmful exhaust emissions. Replacing a worn-out oxygen sensor is an important part of every routine vehicle tune-up. Replacing a worn-out oxygen sensor saves money in fuel costs, improves engine performance, reduces air pollution and prevents premature failure of the catalytic converter.

Why Bosch Oxygen Sensors?

  • Fast and Easy Installation
    • The pre-greased thread allows you to replace the oxygen sensor quickly and easily, saving you work and time
    • Made-to-measure cable lengths make the sensor suitable for every type of vehicle
    • The original connector fits perfectly, just like in the original equipment
  • Original equipment expertise for virtually every vehicle
    • All Bosch Oxygen Sensors feature original equipment quality: in other words, they are subject to the same strict test criteria as the original part. The quality of the replacement oxygen sensor is therefore guaranteed to remain constant.
    • That's why vehicle manufacturers worldwide put their trust in oxygen sensors from Bosch - the Number 1 for oxygen sensors for original equipment and the aftermarket.
  • Regular oxygen sensor checking and replacement is well worthwhile
    • Up to 15 % savings in fuel costs
    • Improved engine power
    • Reduced CO 2 emissions
Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications