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765 Autolite Copper Core Spark Plug

765 Autolite Copper Core Spark Plug
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765 Autolite Copper Core Spark Plug

The 765 Autolite Copper Core Spark Plug is guaranteed to deliver quick starts, good fuel economy and smooth acceleration. Autolite Copper Core plugs are your industry standard.

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
FORDAerostar19862.8 V6
FORDBronco II19842.8 V6
FORDBronco II19852.8 V6
FORDBronco II19862.9 V6
FORDBronco II19872.9 V6
FORDBronco II19882.9 V6
FORDBronco II19892.9 V6
FORDBronco II19902.9 V6
FORDCourier19772.3 L4
FORDCourier19782.3 L4
FORDCourier19792.3 L4
FORDCourier19802.3 L4
FORDCourier19812.3 L4
FORDCourier19822.0 L4
FORDCourier19822.3 L4
FORDExplorer19914.0 V6
FORDExplorer19924.0 V6
FORDFairmont19782.3 L4
FORDFairmont19792.3 L4
FORDFairmont19802.3 L4
FORDFairmont19812.3 L4
FORDFairmont19822.3 L4
FORDGranada19812.3 L4
FORDGranada19822.3 L4
FORDMustang19792.3 L4
FORDMustang19792.8 V6
FORDMustang19802.3 L4
FORDMustang19812.3 L4
FORDMustang19822.3 L4
FORDMustang II19772.3 L4
FORDMustang II19772.8 V6
FORDMustang II19782.3 L4
FORDMustang II19782.8 V6
FORDPinto19772.3 L4
FORDPinto19772.8 V6
FORDPinto19782.3 L4
FORDPinto19782.8 V6
FORDPinto19792.3 L4
FORDPinto19792.8 V6
FORDPinto19802.3 L4
FORDRanger19832.8 V6
FORDRanger19832.3 L4
FORDRanger19832.0 L4
FORDRanger19842.8 V6
FORDRanger19842.0 L4
FORDRanger19852.8 V6
FORDRanger19852.0 L4
FORDRanger19862.9 V6
FORDRanger19862.0 L4
FORDRanger19872.9 V6
FORDRanger19872.0 L4
FORDRanger19882.9 V6
FORDRanger19882.0 L4
FORDRanger19892.9 V6
FORDRanger19902.9 V6
FORDRanger19904.0 V6
FORDRanger19912.9 V6
FORDRanger19914.0 V6
FORDRanger19922.9 V6
FORDRanger19924.0 V6
FORDRanger19934.0 V6
FORDRanger19944.0 V6
FORDRanger19954.0 V6
FORDRanger19964.0 V6
FORDTempo19842.3 L4
FORDTempo19852.3 L4
FORDTempo19852.3 L4
FORDTempo19862.3 L4
FORDTempo19862.3 L4
FORDTempo19872.3 L4
FORDTempo19872.3 L4
FORDTempo19882.3 L4
FORDTempo19892.3 L4
FORDTempo19902.3 L4
FORDTempo19912.3 L4
FORDTempo19922.3 L4
FORDTempo19932.3 L4
FORDTempo19942.3 L4
FORDWindstar19963.8 V6
FORDWindstar19973.8 V6
FORDWindstar19983.8 V6
FORDWindstar19993.8 V6
FORDWindstar20003.8 V6
FORDWindstar20013.8 V6
FORDWindstar20023.8 V6
MAZDAB400019944.0 V6
MAZDAB400019954.0 V6
MAZDAB400019964.0 V6
MAZDANavajo19914.0 V6
MAZDANavajo19924.0 V6
MAZDANavajo19934.0 V6
MAZDANavajo19944.0 V6
MERCURYBobcat19772.3 L4
MERCURYBobcat19772.8 V6
MERCURYBobcat19782.3 L4
MERCURYBobcat19782.8 V6
MERCURYBobcat19792.3 L4
MERCURYBobcat19792.8 V6
MERCURYBobcat19802.3 L4
MERCURYCapri19772.3 L4
MERCURYCapri19772.8 V6
MERCURYCapri19792.3 L4
MERCURYCapri19792.8 V6
MERCURYCapri19802.3 L4
MERCURYCapri19812.3 L4
MERCURYCapri19822.3 L4
MERCURYCougar19812.3 L4
MERCURYCougar19822.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19842.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19852.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19852.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19862.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19862.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19872.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19872.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19882.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19892.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19902.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19912.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19922.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19932.3 L4
MERCURYTopaz19942.3 L4
MERCURYZephyr19782.3 L4
MERCURYZephyr19792.3 L4
MERCURYZephyr19802.3 L4
MERCURYZephyr19812.3 L4
MERCURYZephyr19822.3 L4
MERKURScorpio19882.9 V6
MERKURScorpio19892.9 V6