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AP24 Autolite Platinum Spark Plug

AP24 Autolite Platinum Spark  Plug
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AP24 Autolite Platinum Spark Plug

The AP24 Autolite Platinum Spark Plug provides a center wire platinum firing tip. Benefits include: reduced gap, erosion, fewer misfires, better performance and more durability. Guaranteed for 3 years.

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
BUICKCentury19822.8 V6
BUICKCentury19832.8 V6
BUICKCentury19842.8 V6
BUICKCentury19852.8 V6
BUICKCentury19862.8 V6
BUICKRoadmaster19925.7 V8
BUICKSkyhawk19821.8 L4
BUICKSkylark19812.8 V6
BUICKSkylark19822.8 V6
BUICKSkylark19832.8 V6
BUICKSkylark19842.8 V6
BUICKSkylark19852.8 V6
CADILLACBrougham19905.7 V8
CADILLACBrougham19915.0 V8
CADILLACBrougham19915.7 V8
CADILLACBrougham19925.7 V8
CHEVROLETAstro19854.3 V6
CHEVROLETAstro19864.3 V6
CHEVROLETAstro19874.3 V6
CHEVROLETAstro19884.3 V6
CHEVROLETBel Air19717.4 V8
CHEVROLETBiscayne19717.4 V8
CHEVROLETBlazer19875.0 V8
CHEVROLETBlazer19875.7 V8
CHEVROLETBlazer19885.7 V8
CHEVROLETBrookwood19717.4 V8
CHEVROLETC1019854.3 V6
CHEVROLETC1019864.3 V6
CHEVROLETC1019865.7 V8
CHEVROLETC1019865.0 V8
CHEVROLETC10 Suburban19865.7 V8
CHEVROLETC10 Suburban19865.0 V8
CHEVROLETC150019885.0 V8
CHEVROLETC150019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETC150019884.3 V6
CHEVROLETC2019854.3 V6
CHEVROLETC2019864.3 V6
CHEVROLETC2019865.7 V8
CHEVROLETC2019865.0 V8
CHEVROLETC20 Suburban19865.7 V8
CHEVROLETC20 Suburban19865.0 V8
CHEVROLETC250019885.0 V8
CHEVROLETC250019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETC250019884.3 V6
CHEVROLETC3019865.0 V8
CHEVROLETC350019887.4 V8
CHEVROLETC350019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETCamaro19822.8 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro19832.8 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro19842.8 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro19855.0 V8
CHEVROLETCamaro19865.0 V8
CHEVROLETCamaro19865.0 V8
CHEVROLETCamaro19875.0 V8
CHEVROLETCamaro19875.7 V8
CHEVROLETCamaro19892.8 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro19903.1 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro19913.1 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro19923.1 V6
CHEVROLETCaprice19717.4 V8
CHEVROLETCaprice19854.3 V6
CHEVROLETCaprice19865.0 V8
CHEVROLETCaprice19864.3 V6
CHEVROLETCaprice19905.7 V8
CHEVROLETCaprice19915.7 V8
CHEVROLETCaprice19925.7 V8
CHEVROLETCaprice19924.3 V6
CHEVROLETCelebrity19822.8 V6
CHEVROLETCelebrity19832.8 V6
CHEVROLETCelebrity19842.8 V6
CHEVROLETCelebrity19862.8 V6
CHEVROLETChevette19761.6 L4
CHEVROLETChevette19771.4 L4
CHEVROLETChevette19771.6 L4
CHEVROLETChevette19781.6 L4
CHEVROLETCitation19812.8 V6
CHEVROLETCitation19822.8 V6
CHEVROLETCitation19832.8 V6
CHEVROLETCitation II19842.8 V6
CHEVROLETCorvette19707.4 V8
CHEVROLETCorvette19717.4 V8
CHEVROLETCorvette19855.7 V8
CHEVROLETCorvette19865.7 V8
CHEVROLETEl Camino19707.4 V8
CHEVROLETEl Camino19717.4 V8
CHEVROLETEl Camino19854.3 V6
CHEVROLETEl Camino19864.3 V6
CHEVROLETEl Camino19865.0 V8
CHEVROLETEl Camino19874.3 V6
CHEVROLETG1019854.3 V6
CHEVROLETG1019864.3 V6
CHEVROLETG1019865.7 V8
CHEVROLETG1019865.0 V8
CHEVROLETG1019875.7 V8
CHEVROLETG1019874.3 V6
CHEVROLETG1019875.0 V8
CHEVROLETG1019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETG1019884.3 V6
CHEVROLETG1019885.0 V8
CHEVROLETG2019854.3 V6
CHEVROLETG2019865.7 V8
CHEVROLETG2019865.0 V8
CHEVROLETG2019864.3 V6
CHEVROLETG2019875.7 V8
CHEVROLETG2019874.3 V6
CHEVROLETG2019875.0 V8
CHEVROLETG2019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETG2019884.3 V6
CHEVROLETG2019885.0 V8
CHEVROLETG3019854.3 V6
CHEVROLETG3019865.7 V8
CHEVROLETG3019864.3 V6
CHEVROLETG3019875.7 V8
CHEVROLETG3019874.3 V6
CHEVROLETG3019887.4 V8
CHEVROLETG3019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETG3019884.3 V6
CHEVROLETImpala19717.4 V8
CHEVROLETImpala19854.3 V6
CHEVROLETK1019854.3 V6
CHEVROLETK1019865.7 V8
CHEVROLETK1019865.0 V8
CHEVROLETK1019864.3 V6
CHEVROLETK10 Suburban19865.0 V8
CHEVROLETK10 Suburban19865.7 V8
CHEVROLETK150019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETK150019885.0 V8
CHEVROLETK150019884.3 V6
CHEVROLETK2019854.3 V6
CHEVROLETK2019865.7 V8
CHEVROLETK20 Suburban19865.7 V8
CHEVROLETK20 Suburban19865.0 V8
CHEVROLETK250019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETK250019885.0 V8
CHEVROLETK250019884.3 V6
CHEVROLETK350019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETK350019887.4 V8
CHEVROLETK5 Blazer19865.0 V8
CHEVROLETK5 Blazer19865.7 V8
CHEVROLETKingswood19717.4 V8
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo19854.3 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo19865.0 V8
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo19864.3 V6
CHEVROLETMonza19752.3 L4
CHEVROLETP2019875.7 V8
CHEVROLETP2019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETP20 Van19707.4 V8
CHEVROLETP3019875.7 V8
CHEVROLETP3019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETP30 Van19707.4 V8
CHEVROLETR1019875.0 V8
CHEVROLETR1019874.3 V6
CHEVROLETR1019875.7 V8
CHEVROLETR10 Suburban19875.7 V8
CHEVROLETR10 Suburban19875.0 V8
CHEVROLETR10 Suburban19885.7 V8
CHEVROLETR1500 Suburban19915.7 V8
CHEVROLETR2019874.3 V6
CHEVROLETR2019875.7 V8
CHEVROLETR2019875.0 V8
CHEVROLETR2019877.4 V8
CHEVROLETR2019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETR2019887.4 V8
CHEVROLETR20 Suburban19875.7 V8
CHEVROLETR20 Suburban19877.4 V8
CHEVROLETR20 Suburban19885.7 V8
CHEVROLETR20 Suburban19887.4 V8
CHEVROLETR2500 Suburban19917.4 V8
CHEVROLETR2500 Suburban19915.7 V8
CHEVROLETR3019877.4 V8
CHEVROLETR3019875.7 V8
CHEVROLETR3019887.4 V8
CHEVROLETR3019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETR350019915.7 V8
CHEVROLETR350019917.4 V8
CHEVROLETS1019822.8 V6
CHEVROLETS1019832.8 V6
CHEVROLETS1019842.8 V6
CHEVROLETS1019884.3 V6
CHEVROLETS1019932.8 V6
CHEVROLETS10 Blazer19832.8 V6
CHEVROLETS10 Blazer19842.8 V6
CHEVROLETS10 Blazer19884.3 V6
CHEVROLETTownsman19717.4 V8
CHEVROLETV1019875.7 V8
CHEVROLETV1019875.0 V8
CHEVROLETV1019874.3 V6
CHEVROLETV10 Suburban19875.7 V8
CHEVROLETV10 Suburban19885.7 V8
CHEVROLETV2019875.7 V8
CHEVROLETV20 Suburban19875.7 V8
CHEVROLETV20 Suburban19877.4 V8
CHEVROLETV20 Suburban19885.7 V8
CHEVROLETV20 Suburban19887.4 V8
CHEVROLETV3019877.4 V8
CHEVROLETV3019875.7 V8
CHEVROLETV3019887.4 V8
CHEVROLETV3019885.7 V8
CHEVROLETVega19752.3 L4
CHEVROLETVega19772.3 L4
FORDBronco19845.8 V8
FORDBronco19855.8 V8
FORDBronco19855.0 V8
FORDBronco19865.8 V8
FORDBronco19865.0 V8
FORDBronco19875.8 V8
FORDBronco19885.8 V8
FORDBronco19895.8 V8
FORDBronco19905.8 V8
FORDBronco19915.8 V8
FORDBronco19925.8 V8
FORDBronco19935.8 V8
FORDBronco19945.8 V8
FORDBronco19955.8 V8
FORDBronco19965.8 V8
FORDE-100 Econoline19765.8 V8
FORDE-100 Econoline Club Wagon19765.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19765.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19807.5 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19845.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19855.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19865.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19865.0 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19875.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19885.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19895.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19905.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19915.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19925.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19935.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19945.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19955.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline19965.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19765.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19845.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19855.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19865.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19865.0 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19875.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19885.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19895.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19905.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19915.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19925.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19935.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19945.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19955.8 V8
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19965.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19765.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19807.5 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19845.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19855.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19865.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19865.0 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19875.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19885.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19895.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19905.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19915.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19925.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19935.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19945.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19955.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline19965.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline Club Wagon19765.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline Club Wagon19807.5 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline Club Wagon19817.5 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline Club Wagon19855.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline Club Wagon19865.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline Club Wagon19875.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline Club Wagon19885.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline Club Wagon19895.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline Club Wagon19905.8 V8
FORDE-250 Econoline Club Wagon19915.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19765.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19807.5 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19817.5 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19855.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19865.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19875.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19885.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19895.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19905.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19915.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19925.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19935.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19945.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19955.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline19965.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19807.5 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19817.5 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19855.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19865.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19875.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19885.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19895.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19905.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19915.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19925.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19935.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19945.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19955.8 V8
FORDE-350 Econoline Club Wagon19965.8 V8
FORDEconoline Super Duty19965.8 V8
FORDF-15019845.8 V8
FORDF-15019855.8 V8
FORDF-15019855.0 V8
FORDF-15019865.8 V8
FORDF-15019865.0 V8
FORDF-15019875.8 V8
FORDF-15019885.8 V8
FORDF-15019895.8 V8
FORDF-15019905.8 V8
FORDF-15019915.8 V8
FORDF-15019925.8 V8
FORDF-15019935.8 V8
FORDF-15019945.8 V8
FORDF-15019955.8 V8
FORDF-15019965.8 V8
FORDF-25019845.8 V8
FORDF-25019855.0 V8
FORDF-25019855.8 V8
FORDF-25019865.8 V8
FORDF-25019865.0 V8
FORDF-25019875.8 V8
FORDF-25019885.8 V8
FORDF-25019895.8 V8
FORDF-25019905.8 V8
FORDF-25019915.8 V8
FORDF-25019925.8 V8
FORDF-25019935.8 V8
FORDF-25019945.8 V8
FORDF-25019955.8 V8
FORDF-25019965.8 V8
FORDF-25019975.8 V8
FORDF-35019845.8 V8
FORDF-35019855.8 V8
FORDF-35019865.8 V8
FORDF-35019875.8 V8
FORDF-35019885.8 V8
FORDF-35019895.8 V8
FORDF-35019905.8 V8
FORDF-35019915.8 V8
FORDF-35019925.8 V8
FORDF-35019935.8 V8
FORDF-35019945.8 V8
FORDF-35019955.8 V8
FORDF-35019965.8 V8
FORDF-35019975.8 V8
FORDFairlane19707.0 V8
FORDLTD19717.0 V8
FORDLTD19727.0 V8
FORDLTD19825.8 V8
FORDMustang19705.0 V8
FORDMustang19717.0 V8
FORDMustang19715.0 V8
FORDMustang19715.8 V8
FORDMustang19725.0 V8
FORDRanchero19707.0 V8
FORDRanchero19717.0 V8
FORDTorino19707.0 V8
FORDTorino19715.8 V8
FORDTorino19717.0 V8
GMCC150019854.3 V6
GMCC150019865.0 V8
GMCC150019865.7 V8
GMCC150019864.3 V6
GMCC150019884.3 V6
GMCC150019885.7 V8
GMCC150019885.0 V8
GMCC1500 Suburban19865.7 V8
GMCC1500 Suburban19865.0 V8
GMCC250019854.3 V6
GMCC250019864.3 V6
GMCC250019865.7 V8
GMCC250019865.0 V8
GMCC250019884.3 V6
GMCC250019885.7 V8
GMCC250019885.0 V8
GMCC2500 Suburban19865.0 V8
GMCC2500 Suburban19865.7 V8
GMCC350019865.0 V8
GMCC350019887.4 V8
GMCC350019885.7 V8
GMCCaballero19854.3 V6
GMCCaballero19864.3 V6
GMCCaballero19865.0 V8
GMCCaballero19874.3 V6
GMCG150019854.3 V6
GMCG150019865.0 V8
GMCG150019865.7 V8
GMCG150019864.3 V6
GMCG150019875.0 V8
GMCG150019875.7 V8
GMCG150019874.3 V6
GMCG150019885.0 V8
GMCG150019885.7 V8
GMCG150019884.3 V6
GMCG250019854.3 V6
GMCG250019865.7 V8
GMCG250019865.0 V8
GMCG250019864.3 V6
GMCG250019875.7 V8
GMCG250019875.0 V8
GMCG250019874.3 V6
GMCG250019885.7 V8
GMCG250019885.0 V8
GMCG250019884.3 V6
GMCG350019854.3 V6
GMCG350019865.7 V8
GMCG350019864.3 V6
GMCG350019875.7 V8
GMCG350019874.3 V6
GMCG350019887.4 V8
GMCG350019885.7 V8
GMCG350019884.3 V6
GMCJimmy19865.7 V8
GMCJimmy19865.0 V8
GMCJimmy19875.7 V8
GMCJimmy19875.0 V8
GMCJimmy19885.7 V8
GMCK150019854.3 V6
GMCK150019864.3 V6
GMCK150019865.7 V8
GMCK150019865.0 V8
GMCK150019884.3 V6
GMCK150019885.0 V8
GMCK150019885.7 V8
GMCK1500 Suburban19865.7 V8
GMCK250019854.3 V6
GMCK250019865.7 V8
GMCK250019884.3 V6
GMCK250019885.0 V8
GMCK250019885.7 V8
GMCK350019887.4 V8
GMCK350019885.7 V8
GMCP25/P2500 Van19707.4 V8
GMCP250019885.7 V8
GMCP35/P3500 Van19707.4 V8
GMCP350019875.7 V8
GMCP350019885.7 V8
GMCR150019875.7 V8
GMCR150019875.0 V8
GMCR150019874.3 V6
GMCR1500 Suburban19875.0 V8
GMCR1500 Suburban19875.7 V8
GMCR1500 Suburban19885.7 V8
GMCR1500 Suburban19915.7 V8
GMCR250019875.0 V8
GMCR250019877.4 V8
GMCR250019875.7 V8
GMCR250019874.3 V6
GMCR250019887.4 V8
GMCR250019885.7 V8
GMCR2500 Suburban19875.7 V8
GMCR2500 Suburban19877.4 V8
GMCR2500 Suburban19885.7 V8
GMCR2500 Suburban19887.4 V8
GMCR2500 Suburban19915.7 V8
GMCR2500 Suburban19917.4 V8
GMCR350019877.4 V8
GMCR350019875.7 V8
GMCR350019887.4 V8
GMCR350019885.7 V8
GMCR350019917.4 V8
GMCR350019915.7 V8
GMCS1519822.8 V6
GMCS1519832.8 V6
GMCS1519842.8 V6
GMCS1519884.3 V6
GMCS15 Jimmy19832.8 V6
GMCS15 Jimmy19842.8 V6
GMCS15 Jimmy19884.3 V6
GMCSafari19854.3 V6
GMCSafari19864.3 V6
GMCSafari19874.3 V6
GMCSafari19884.3 V6
GMCSonoma19932.8 V6
GMCSprint19717.4 V8
GMCSyclone19914.3 V6
GMCTyphoon19924.3 V6
GMCTyphoon19934.3 V6
GMCV150019875.7 V8
GMCV150019875.0 V8
GMCV150019874.3 V6
GMCV1500 Suburban19875.7 V8
GMCV1500 Suburban19885.7 V8
GMCV250019875.7 V8
GMCV2500 Suburban19875.7 V8
GMCV2500 Suburban19885.7 V8
GMCV350019877.4 V8
GMCV350019875.7 V8
GMCV350019887.4 V8
GMCV350019885.7 V8
ISUZUPickup19913.1 V6
ISUZUPickup19923.1 V6
ISUZUPickup19933.1 V6
ISUZUPickup19943.1 V6
ISUZURodeo19913.1 V6
ISUZURodeo19923.1 V6
ISUZUTrooper19892.8 V6
ISUZUTrooper19902.8 V6
ISUZUTrooper19912.8 V6
JEEPCherokee19842.8 V6
JEEPCherokee19852.8 V6
JEEPCherokee19862.8 V6
JEEPComanche19862.8 V6
JEEPWagoneer19842.8 V6
JEEPWagoneer19852.8 V6
JEEPWagoneer19862.8 V6
MERCURYComet19707.0 V8
MERCURYCougar19707.0 V8
MERCURYCougar19705.0 V8
MERCURYCougar19717.0 V8
MERCURYCougar19715.0 V8
MERCURYCyclone19707.0 V8
MERCURYCyclone19717.0 V8
MERCURYMontego19717.0 V8
OLDSMOBILEBravada19914.3 V6
OLDSMOBILEBravada19924.3 V6
OLDSMOBILECustom Cruiser19925.7 V8
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19822.8 V6
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19832.8 V6
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19842.8 V6
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19852.8 V6
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19862.8 V6
OLDSMOBILEFirenza19821.8 L4
OLDSMOBILEOmega19812.8 V6
OLDSMOBILEOmega19822.8 V6
OLDSMOBILEOmega19832.8 V6
OLDSMOBILEOmega19842.8 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette19903.1 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette19913.1 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette19923.1 V6
OLDSMOBILEStarfire19762.3 L4
OLDSMOBILEStarfire19772.3 L4
PONTIAC600019822.8 V6
PONTIAC600019832.8 V6
PONTIAC600019842.8 V6
PONTIAC600019852.8 V6
PONTIAC600019862.8 V6
PONTIACAcadian19717.4 V8
PONTIACAcadian19791.6 L4
PONTIACAcadian19801.6 L4
PONTIACAstre19772.3 L4
PONTIACBonneville19865.0 V8
PONTIACBonneville19864.3 V6
PONTIACFirebird19822.8 V6
PONTIACFirebird19832.8 V6
PONTIACFirebird19842.8 V6
PONTIACFirebird19855.0 V8
PONTIACFirebird19865.0 V8
PONTIACFirebird19865.0 V8
PONTIACFirebird19875.7 V8
PONTIACFirebird19892.8 V6
PONTIACFirebird19903.1 V6
PONTIACFirebird19913.1 V6
PONTIACFirebird19923.1 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix19864.3 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix19865.0 V8
PONTIACJ200019821.8 L4
PONTIACParisienne19854.3 V6
PONTIACParisienne19864.3 V6
PONTIACParisienne19865.0 V8
PONTIACPhoenix19812.8 V6
PONTIACPhoenix19822.8 V6
PONTIACPhoenix19832.8 V6
PONTIACPhoenix19842.8 V6
PONTIACTrans Sport19903.1 V6
PONTIACTrans Sport19913.1 V6
PONTIACTrans Sport19923.1 V6