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AP425 Autolite Platinum Spark Plug

AP425 Autolite Platinum Spark  Plug
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AP425 Autolite Platinum Spark Plug

The AP425 Autolite Platinum Spark Plug provides a center wire platinum firing tip. Benefits include: reduced gap, erosion, fewer misfires, better performance and more durability. Guaranteed for 3 years.

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
ACTwo-Litre19472.0 L6
ACTwo-Litre19482.0 L6
ACTwo-Litre19492.0 L6
ACTwo-Litre19502.0 L6
ACTwo-Litre19512.0 L6
ACTwo-Litre19522.0 L6
ACTwo-Litre19532.0 L6
ACTwo-Litre19542.0 L6
ACTwo-Litre19552.0 L6
ACTwo-Litre19562.0 L6
ACTwo-Litre19572.0 L6
ACTwo-Litre19582.0 L6
ALVISTA2119503.0 L6
ALVISTA2119513.0 L6
ALVISTA2119523.0 L6
ALVISTA2119533.0 L6
ALVISTB2119503.0 L6
ALVISTB2119513.0 L6
ALVISTB2119523.0 L6
ALVISTB2119533.0 L6
ALVISTC108/G19563.0 L6
ALVISTC108/G19573.0 L6
ALVISTC108/G19583.0 L6
ALVISTC2119533.0 L6
ALVISTC2119543.0 L6
ALVISTC2119553.0 L6
ALVISTC2119563.0 L6
ALVISTC21/10019543.0 L6
ALVISTC21/10019553.0 L6
CHEVROLETCorvair19692.7 H6
DELLOWMK I19491.2 L4
DELLOWMK I19501.2 L4
DELLOWMK V19541.2 L4
DELLOWMK V19551.2 L4
DELLOWMK V19561.2 L4
DELLOWMK V19571.2 L4
DELLOWMK V19581.2 L4
DELLOWMK V19591.2 L4
DELLOWMk VI19561.2 L4
DELLOWMk VI19571.2 L4
DELLOWMk VI19581.2 L4
DELLOWMk VI19591.2 L4
FAIRTHORPEAtomata19580.6 L2
FAIRTHORPEAtomata19590.6 L2
FAIRTHORPEAtomata19600.6 L2
FAIRTHORPEAtomata19610.6 L2
FAIRTHORPEAtomata19620.6 L2
FIAT140019501.4 L4
FIAT140019511.4 L4
FIAT140019521.4 L4
FIAT140019531.4 L4
FIAT140019541.4 L4
FIAT140019551.4 L4
FIAT190019531.9 L4
FIAT190019541.9 L4
FIAT190019551.9 L4
FORDAnglia19461.2 L4
FORDAnglia19471.2 L4
FORDAnglia19481.2 L4
FORDAnglia19491.2 L4
FORDAnglia19501.2 L4
FORDAnglia19511.2 L4
FORDAnglia19521.2 L4
FORDAnglia19531.2 L4
FORDAnglia19541.2 L4
FORDAnglia19551.2 L4
FORDAnglia19561.2 L4
FORDAnglia19571.2 L4
FORDAnglia19581.2 L4
FORDAnglia19591.2 L4
FORDEscort19561.2 L4
FORDEscort19571.2 L4
FORDEscort19581.2 L4
FORDEscort19591.2 L4
FORDEscort19601.2 L4
FORDEscort19611.2 L4
FORDPrefect19461.2 L4
FORDPrefect19471.2 L4
FORDPrefect19481.2 L4
FORDPrefect19491.2 L4
FORDPrefect19501.2 L4
FORDPrefect19511.2 L4
FORDPrefect19521.2 L4
FORDPrefect19531.2 L4
FORDPrefect19541.2 L4
FORDPrefect19551.2 L4
FORDPrefect19561.2 L4
FORDPrefect19571.2 L4
FORDPrefect19581.2 L4
FORDPrefect19591.2 L4
FORDPrefect19591.0 L4
FORDPrefect19601.2 L4
FORDPrefect19601.0 L4
FORDPrefect19611.0 L4
FORDSquire19561.2 L4
FORDSquire19571.2 L4
FORDSquire19581.2 L4
FORDSquire19591.2 L4
FORDSquire19601.2 L4
FORDTaunus19481.2 L4
FORDTaunus19491.2 L4
FORDTaunus19501.2 L4
FORDTaunus19511.2 L4
FORDTaunus19521.2 L4
FORDTaunus19531.2 L4
FORDTaunus19541.2 L4
FORDTaunus19551.2 L4
FORDTaunus19561.2 L4
FORDTaunus19571.2 L4
FORDTaunus19581.2 L4
FORDTaunus19591.2 L4
FRAZER NASHContinental19562.6 V8
FRAZER NASHContinental19572.6 V8
HOTCHKISSGregoire19502.2 H4
HOTCHKISSGregoire19512.2 H4
HOTCHKISSGregoire19522.2 H4
HOTCHKISSGregoire19532.2 H4
HOTCHKISSGregoire19542.2 H4
HUMBERImperial19494.1 L6
HUMBERImperial19504.1 L6
HUMBERImperial19514.1 L6
HUMBERImperial19524.1 L6
HUMBERImperial19534.1 L6
HUMBERPullman19464.1 L6
HUMBERPullman19474.1 L6
HUMBERPullman19484.1 L6
HUMBERPullman19494.1 L6
HUMBERPullman19504.1 L6
HUMBERPullman19514.1 L6
HUMBERPullman19524.1 L6
HUMBERPullman19534.1 L6
HUMBERSuper Snipe19464.1 L6
HUMBERSuper Snipe19474.1 L6
HUMBERSuper Snipe19484.1 L6
HUMBERSuper Snipe19494.1 L6
HUMBERSuper Snipe19504.1 L6
HUMBERSuper Snipe19514.1 L6
HUMBERSuper Snipe19524.1 L6
HUMBERSuper Snipe19534.1 L6
JAGUARMark IV19463.5 L6
JAGUARMark IV19473.5 L6
JAGUARMark IV19483.5 L6
JAGUARMark V19493.5 L6
JAGUARMark V19503.5 L6
JAGUARXK12019493.4 L6
JOWETTJavelin19501.5 H4
JOWETTJavelin19511.5 H4
JOWETTJavelin19521.5 H4
JOWETTJavelin19531.5 H4
JOWETTJavelin19541.5 H4
LEA-FRANCISFourteen19501.8 L4
LEA-FRANCISFourteen19511.8 L4
LEA-FRANCISFourteen19521.8 L4
LEA-FRANCISFourteen19531.8 L4
LEA-FRANCISFourteen19541.8 L4
LOTUSEleven19571.1 L4
LOTUSElite19611.2 L4
LOTUSSeven19581.0 L4
LOTUSSeven19581.1 L4
LOTUSSeven19580.9 L4
LOTUSSeven19591.0 L4
LOTUSSeven19591.1 L4
LOTUSSeven19590.9 L4
LOTUSSeven19601.1 L4
LOTUSSeven19600.9 L4
LOTUSSeven19611.2 L4
LOTUSSeven19611.3 L4
LOTUSSeven19610.9 L4
LOTUSSeven19611.0 L4
LOTUSSeven19611.1 L4
LOTUSSuper Seven19611.1 L4
LOTUSSuper Seven19611.3 L4
LOTUSSuper Seven19621.5 L4
LOTUSSuper Seven19621.3 L4
MERCEDES-BENZ17019511.8 L4
MERCEDES-BENZ17019521.8 L4
MERCEDES-BENZ17019531.8 L4
MERCEDES-BENZ170 S19501.8 L4
MERCEDES-BENZ170 V19501.7 L4
MERCEDES-BENZ18019531.8 L4
MERCEDES-BENZ18019541.8 L4
MERCEDES-BENZ18019551.8 L4
MERCEDES-BENZ18019561.8 L4
MERCEDES-BENZ18019571.8 L4
MGMGB19743.5 V8
MGMGB19753.5 V8
MORGAN4/4 Series II19551.2 L4
MORGAN4/4 Series II19561.2 L4
MORGAN4/4 Series II19571.2 L4
MORGAN4/4 Series II19581.2 L4
MORGAN4/4 Series II19591.2 L4
MORGAN4/4 Series III19601.0 L4
MORGANPlus Four19551.2 L4
MORGANPlus Four19561.2 L4
MORGANPlus Four19571.2 L4
MORGANPlus Four19581.2 L4
MORGANPlus Four19591.2 L4
OPELCaravan19531.5 L4
OPELCaravan19541.5 L4
OPELCaravan19551.5 L4
OPELCaravan19561.5 L4
OPELCaravan19571.5 L4
OPELCaravan19581.5 L4
OPELCaravan19591.5 L4
OPELCaravan19601.5 L4
OPELCaravan19611.7 L4
OPELCaravan19621.7 L4
OPELKapitan19472.5 L6
OPELKapitan19482.5 L6
OPELKapitan19492.5 L6
OPELKapitan19502.5 L6
OPELKapitan19512.5 L6
OPELKapitan19522.5 L6
OPELKapitan19532.5 L6
OPELKapitan19542.5 L6
OPELKapitan19552.5 L6
OPELKapitan19562.5 L6
OPELKapitan19572.5 L6
OPELOlympia19471.5 L4
OPELOlympia19481.5 L4
OPELOlympia19491.5 L4
OPELOlympia19501.5 L4
OPELOlympia19511.5 L4
OPELOlympia19521.5 L4
OPELOlympia Rekord19531.5 L4
OPELOlympia Rekord19541.5 L4
OPELOlympia Rekord19551.5 L4
OPELOlympia Rekord19561.5 L4
OPELOlympia Rekord19571.5 L4
OPELOlympia Rekord19581.5 L4
OPELOlympia Rekord19591.5 L4
OPELOlympia Rekord19601.5 L4
OPELOlympia Rekord19611.7 L4
OPELOlympia Rekord19621.7 L4
RELIANTRegal19520.7 L4
RELIANTRegal19530.7 L4
RELIANTRegal19540.7 L4
RELIANTRegal19550.7 L4
RELIANTRegal19560.7 L4
RELIANTRegal19570.7 L4
RELIANTRegal19580.7 L4
RELIANTRegal19590.7 L4
RELIANTRegal19600.7 L4
RENAULTFregate19532.0 L4
RENAULTFregate19542.0 L4
RILEY1 1/2 Litre19461.5 L4
RILEY1 1/2 Litre19471.5 L4
RILEY1 1/2 Litre19481.5 L4
RILEY1 1/2 Litre19491.5 L4
RILEY1 1/2 Litre19501.5 L4
RILEY1 1/2 Litre19511.5 L4
RILEY1 1/2 Litre19521.5 L4
RILEY1 1/2 Litre19531.5 L4
RILEY1 1/2 Litre19541.5 L4
RILEY1 1/2 Litre19551.5 L4
SAAB9219500.8 L2
SAAB9219510.8 L2
SAAB9219520.8 L2
SAAB92B19530.8 L2
SAAB92B19540.8 L2
SAAB92B19550.8 L2
SKODA110119461.1 L4
SKODA110119471.1 L4
SKODA110119481.1 L4
SKODA110119491.1 L4
SKODA110119501.1 L4
SKODA110119511.1 L4
SKODA110219461.1 L4
SKODA110219471.1 L4
SKODA110219481.1 L4
SKODA110219491.1 L4
SKODA110219501.1 L4
SKODA110219511.1 L4
SKODA120019521.2 L4
SKODA120019531.2 L4
SKODA120019541.2 L4
SKODA120019551.2 L4
SKODA120019561.2 L4
SKODA120019571.2 L4
SKODA120119561.2 L4
SKODA120119571.2 L4
SKODA44019561.1 L4
SKODA44019571.1 L4
SKODAOctavia19601.2 L4
SKODAOctavia19601.1 L4
SKODAOctavia19611.2 L4
SKODAOctavia19611.1 L4
SKODAOctavia19621.2 L4
SKODAOctavia19621.1 L4
SKODAOctavia19631.2 L4
SKODAOctavia19631.1 L4
SKODAOctavia19641.2 L4
SKODAOctavia19641.1 L4
SKODAOctavia19651.2 L4
SKODAOctavia19651.1 L4
SKODAOctavia19661.2 L4
SKODAOctavia19671.2 L4
SKODAS44019581.1 L4
SKODAS44019591.1 L4
SKODAS44519581.2 L4
SKODAS44519591.2 L4
SKODASS45019581.1 L4
SKODASS45019591.1 L4
TRIUMPH200019492.1 L4
VOLKSWAGEN41119711.7 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19501.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19511.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19521.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19531.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19541.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19541.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19551.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19561.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19571.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19581.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19591.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19601.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19611.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19621.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19631.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19641.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19651.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19661.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19661.3 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19671.5 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19681.5 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19691.5 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19701.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19711.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19721.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19731.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19741.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19751.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19761.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19771.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19781.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19791.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENCampmobile19681.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENCampmobile19691.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENCampmobile19701.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENCampmobile19711.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENCampmobile19721.7 H4
VOLKSWAGENCampmobile19731.7 H4
VOLKSWAGENFastback19661.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENFastback19671.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENFastback19681.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENFastback19681.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENFastback19691.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENFastback19691.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENFastback19701.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENFastback19701.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENFastback19711.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENFastback19721.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENFastback19731.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19551.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19561.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19571.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19581.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19591.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19601.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19611.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19621.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19631.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19641.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19651.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19661.3 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19671.5 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19681.5 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19691.5 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19701.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19711.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19721.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19731.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENKarmann Ghia19741.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSquareback19661.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSquareback19671.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSquareback19681.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSquareback19681.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSquareback19691.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSquareback19691.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSquareback19701.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSquareback19701.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSquareback19711.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSquareback19721.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSquareback19731.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENStandard19461.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENStandard19471.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENStandard19481.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENStandard19491.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENSuper Beetle19711.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSuper Beetle19721.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSuper Beetle19731.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSuper Beetle19741.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSuper Beetle19751.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSuper Beetle19761.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSuper Beetle19771.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSuper Beetle19781.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSuper Beetle19791.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENSuper Beetle19801.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENThing19731.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENThing19741.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19491.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19501.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19511.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19521.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19531.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19541.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19541.1 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19551.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19561.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19571.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19581.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19591.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19601.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19611.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19621.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19631.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19631.5 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19641.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19641.5 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19651.2 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19651.5 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19661.5 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19671.5 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19681.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19691.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19701.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19711.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19721.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19721.7 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19731.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19731.7 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19731.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19731.7 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19741.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19741.6 H4
VOLKSWAGENTransporter19741.6 H4
WOLSELEY150019591.5 L4
WOLSELEY150019601.5 L4
WOLSELEY150019611.5 L4
WOLSELEY150019621.5 L4
WOLSELEY150019631.5 L4
WOLSELEY150019641.5 L4
WOLSELEY150019651.5 L4
WOLSELEY4/5019491.5 L4
WOLSELEY4/5019501.5 L4
WOLSELEY4/5019511.5 L4
WOLSELEY4/5019521.5 L4
WOLSELEY4/5019531.5 L4
WOLSELEY6/8019492.2 L6
WOLSELEY6/8019502.2 L6
WOLSELEY6/8019512.2 L6
WOLSELEY6/8019522.2 L6
WOLSELEY6/8019532.2 L6
WOLSELEY6/8019542.2 L6