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APP5144 Autolite Double Platinum Spark Plug

APP5144 Autolite Double Platinum Spark Plug
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APP5144 Autolite Double Platinum Spark Plug

The APP5144 Autolite Double Platinum Spark Plug features platinum-to-platinum firing. Virtually eliminates gap erosion, reduces misfires, and provides 100K mile durability. It's the superior-performing spark plug providing preferred technology for DIS engines. 5 year limited guarantee.

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Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
FORDE-15020034.2 V6
FORDE-150 Club Wagon20034.2 V6
FORDE-150 Econoline19984.2 V6
FORDE-150 Econoline19994.2 V6
FORDE-150 Econoline20004.2 V6
FORDE-150 Econoline20014.2 V6
FORDE-150 Econoline20024.2 V6
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19984.2 V6
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon19994.2 V6
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon20004.2 V6
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon20014.2 V6
FORDE-150 Econoline Club Wagon20024.2 V6
FORDE-25020034.2 V6
FORDE-250 Econoline19984.2 V6
FORDE-250 Econoline19994.2 V6
FORDE-250 Econoline20004.2 V6
FORDE-250 Econoline20014.2 V6
FORDE-250 Econoline20024.2 V6
FORDEscort19831.6 L4
FORDEscort19831.6 L4
FORDEscort19841.6 L4
FORDEscort19841.6 L4
FORDEscort19851.9 L4
FORDEscort19851.6 L4
FORDEscort19851.6 L4
FORDEscort19861.9 L4
FORDEscort19861.9 L4
FORDEscort19871.9 L4
FORDEscort19881.9 L4
FORDEscort19891.9 L4
FORDEscort19901.9 L4
FORDEscort19911.9 L4
FORDEscort19921.9 L4
FORDEscort19931.9 L4
FORDEscort19941.9 L4
FORDEscort19951.9 L4
FORDEscort19961.9 L4
FORDEscort19972.0 L4
FORDEscort19982.0 L4
FORDEscort19992.0 L4
FORDEscort20002.0 L4
FORDEscort20012.0 L4
FORDEscort20022.0 L4
FORDEXP19831.6 L4
FORDEXP19831.6 L4
FORDEXP19841.6 L4
FORDEXP19841.6 L4
FORDEXP19851.6 L4
FORDEXP19861.9 L4
FORDEXP19861.9 L4
FORDEXP19871.9 L4
FORDEXP19881.9 L4
FORDF-15019984.2 V6
FORDF-15019994.2 V6
FORDF-15020004.2 V6
FORDF-15020014.2 V6
FORDF-15020024.2 V6
FORDF-15020034.2 V6
FORDF-15020054.2 V6
FORDF-15020064.2 V6
FORDF-15020074.2 V6
FORDF-15020084.2 V6
FORDF-150 Heritage20044.2 V6
FORDFocus20002.0 L4
FORDFocus20012.0 L4
FORDFocus20022.0 L4
FORDFocus20032.0 L4
FORDFocus20042.0 L4
FORDFreestar20063.9 V6
FORDFreestar20064.2 V6
FORDFreestar20073.9 V6
FORDFreestar20074.2 V6
FORDRanger19832.3 L4
FORDRanger19842.3 L4
FORDRanger20014.0 V6
FORDRanger20024.0 V6
FORDRanger20034.0 V6
FORDRanger20044.0 V6
FORDThunderbird19893.8 V6
FORDThunderbird19903.8 V6
FORDThunderbird19913.8 V6
FORDThunderbird19923.8 V6
FORDThunderbird19933.8 V6
FORDThunderbird19943.8 V6
FORDThunderbird19953.8 V6
MAZDAB400020014.0 V6
MAZDAB400020024.0 V6
MAZDAB400020034.0 V6
MAZDAB400020044.0 V6
MAZDAB400020054.0 V6
MAZDAB400020064.0 V6
MAZDAB400020074.0 V6
MERCURYCougar19893.8 V6
MERCURYCougar19903.8 V6
MERCURYLN719831.6 L4
MERCURYLynx19831.6 L4
MERCURYLynx19841.6 L4
MERCURYLynx19841.6 L4
MERCURYLynx19851.9 L4
MERCURYLynx19851.6 L4
MERCURYLynx19861.9 L4
MERCURYLynx19861.9 L4
MERCURYLynx19871.9 L4
MERCURYMonterey20064.2 V6
MERCURYMonterey20074.2 V6
MERCURYTracer19911.9 L4
MERCURYTracer19921.9 L4
MERCURYTracer19931.9 L4
MERCURYTracer19941.9 L4
MERCURYTracer19951.9 L4
MERCURYTracer19961.9 L4
MERCURYTracer19972.0 L4
MERCURYTracer19982.0 L4
MERCURYTracer19992.0 L4