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BA3525 Fram Breather Air Filter

BA3525 Fram Breather Air Filter
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BA3525 FRAM® Breather Air Filter

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Automotive Applications
FORDCountry Squire1978V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
FORDCountry Squire1978V8-460CID 4 bbl. (A)
FORDCountry Squire1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDCountry Squire1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORDCountry Squire1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
FORDCrown Victoria1994V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (W)
FORDCrown Victoria1995V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (W)
FORDCrown Victoria1996V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (6)
FORDCrown Victoria1996V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (W)
FORDCrown Victoria1997V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (6)
FORDCrown Victoria1997V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (W)
FORDCrown Victoria1997V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC CNG (9)
FORDCrown Victoria1998V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (W)
FORDCrown Victoria1998V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC CNG (9)
FORDFairmont1978V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDFairmont1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDFairmont1980V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
FORDFairmont1980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDFairmont1981V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
FORDFairmont1982V8-4.2L 2 bbl. (D)
FORDFairmont1982V8-4.2L VV (D)
FORDGranada1978V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDGranada1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDGranada1980V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
FORDGranada1980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDGranada1981V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
FORDGranada1982V8-4.2L 2 bbl. (D) CAN
FORDLTD - Full Size1978V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDLTD - Full Size1978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORDLTD - Full Size1978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
FORDLTD - Full Size1978V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
FORDLTD - Full Size1978V8-460CID 4 bbl. (A)
FORDLTD - Full Size1978V8-460CID 4 bbl. Police (C)
FORDLTD - Full Size1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDLTD - Full Size1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORDLTD - Full Size1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
FORDLTD - Full Size1980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDLTD - Full Size1980V8-351CID 2 bbl. (G)
FORDLTD - Full Size1981V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
FORDLTD - Full Size1981V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDLTD - Full Size1981V8-302CID VV (F)
FORDLTD - Full Size1981V8-351CID 2 bbl. (G)
FORDLTD - Full Size1981V8-351CID VV HO (G)
FORDLTD - Full Size1982V8-4.2L 2 bbl. (D)
FORDLTD - Full Size1982V8-4.2L VV (D)
FORDLTD - Full Size1982V8-5.0L VV (F)
FORDLTD - Full Size1982V8-5.8L VV HO (G)
FORDLTD - Full Size1983V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
FORDLTD - Full Size1983V8-5.8L VV Police (G)
FORDLTD - Full Size1984V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORDLTD - Full Size1984V8-5.0L 4 bbl. HO (M)
FORDLTD - Full Size1984V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
FORDLTD - Full Size1984V8-5.8L VV Police (G)
FORDLTD - Full Size1985V8-5.0L 4 bbl. HO (M)
FORDLTD - Full Size1985V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
FORDLTD - Full Size1985V8-5.8L VV Police (G)
FORDLTD - Full Size1986V8-5.8L VV Police (G)
FORDLTD - Mid Size1984V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORDLTD - Mid Size1984V8-5.0L 4 bbl. HO (M)
FORDLTD - Mid Size1984V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
FORDLTD - Mid Size1985V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
FORDLTD - Mid Size1985V8-5.0L F/inj. HO (M)
FORDLTD Crown Victoria1987V8-5.8L VV Police (G)
FORDLTD Crown Victoria1988V8-5.8L VV Police (G)
FORDLTD Crown Victoria1989V8-5.8L VV Police (G)
FORDLTD Crown Victoria1990V8-5.8L VV Police (G)
FORDLTD Crown Victoria1991V8-5.8L VV Police (G)
FORDLTD II1978V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDLTD II1978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORDLTD II1978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
FORDLTD II1978V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
FORDLTD II1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDLTD II1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORDLTD II1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
FORDMustang1978V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDMustang1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDMustang1980V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
FORDMustang1981V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
FORDMustang1982V8-4.2L 2 bbl. (D)
FORDMustang1982V8-4.2L VV (D)
FORDMustang1982V8-5.0L VV HO (F)
FORDMustang1983V8-5.0L 4 bbl. HO (F)
FORDMustang1984V8-5.0L 4 bbl. HO (M)
FORDMustang1984V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
FORDMustang1985V8-5.0L 4 bbl. HO (M)
FORDMustang1985V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
FORDThunderbird1978V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDThunderbird1978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORDThunderbird1978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
FORDThunderbird1978V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
FORDThunderbird1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDThunderbird1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORDThunderbird1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
FORDThunderbird1980V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
FORDThunderbird1980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDThunderbird1981V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
FORDThunderbird1981V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORDThunderbird1981V8-302CID VV (F)
FORDThunderbird19826-3.3L 1 bbl. (B)
FORDThunderbird1982V8-4.2L 2 bbl. (D)
FORDThunderbird1982V8-4.2L VV (D)
FORDThunderbird1982V8-5.0L VV (F) CAN
FORDThunderbird1983V8-5.0L F/inj. HO (F)
FORDThunderbird1984V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
FORDThunderbird1985V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
FORD TRUCKBronco1978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORD TRUCKBronco1978V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
FORD TRUCKBronco1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORD TRUCKBronco1979V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
FORD TRUCKBronco1980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKBronco1980V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (G)
FORD TRUCKBronco1980V8-400CID 2 bbl. (Z)
FORD TRUCKBronco1981V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKBronco1981V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (G)
FORD TRUCKBronco1982V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKBronco1982V8-5.8L 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKBronco1983V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKBronco1983V8-5.8L 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKBronco1984V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKBronco1984V8-5.8L 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKBronco1984V8-5.8L 4 bbl. (H)
FORD TRUCKBronco1985V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKBronco1985V8-5.8L 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKBronco1985V8-5.8L 4 bbl. (H)
FORD TRUCKBronco1986V8-5.8L 4 bbl. HO (H)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501978V8-460CID 4 bbl. (A)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501979V8-460CID 4 bbl. (A)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501980V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (G)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501980V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (G)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501980V8-400CID 2 bbl. (Z)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501980V8-460CID 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501981V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501981V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (G)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501981V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (G)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501981V8-400CID 2 bbl. (Z)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501981V8-460CID 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501982V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501982V8-5.8L 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501982V8-6.6L 2 bbl. (Z)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501982V8-7.5L 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501983V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501983V8-5.8L 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501983V8-7.5L 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501984V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501984V8-5.8L 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501984V8-5.8L 4 bbl. (H)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501984V8-7.5L 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501985V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501985V8-5.8L 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501985V8-5.8L 4 bbl. (H)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501985V8-7.5L 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501986V8-5.8L 4 bbl. HO (H)
FORD TRUCKE100-3501986V8-7.5L 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501987V8-5.8L 4 bbl. HO (H)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501987V8-7.5L 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501978V8-302CID 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501978V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501978V8-460CID 4 bbl. (A)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501978V8-460CID 4 bbl. (J)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501979V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501979V8-460CID 4 bbl. (A)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501979V8-460CID 4 bbl. (J)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501980V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (G)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501980V8-400CID 2 bbl. (Z)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501980V8-460CID 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501981V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501981V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (G)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501981V8-400CID 2 bbl. (Z)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501982V8-4.2L 2 bbl. (D)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501982V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501982V8-5.8L 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501982V8-6.6L 2 bbl. (Z)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501983V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501983V8-5.8L 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKF100-3501983V8-7.5L 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501984V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501984V8-5.8L 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501984V8-5.8L 4 bbl. (H)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501984V8-7.5L 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501985V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501985V8-5.8L 2 bbl. (G)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501985V8-5.8L 4 bbl. (H)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501985V8-7.5L 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501986V8-5.8L 4 bbl. HO (H)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501986V8-7.5L 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501987V8-5.8L 4 bbl. HO (H)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501987V8-7.5L 4 bbl. (L)
FORD TRUCKRanchero1978V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKRanchero1978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORD TRUCKRanchero1978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
FORD TRUCKRanchero1978V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
FORD TRUCKRanchero1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
FORD TRUCKRanchero1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
FORD TRUCKRanchero1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
LINCOLNContinental1978V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
LINCOLNContinental1979V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
LINCOLNContinental1980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
LINCOLNContinental1980V8-302CID F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNContinental1980V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (G)
LINCOLNContinental1981V8-302CID F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNContinental1982V6-3.8L 2 bbl. (3)
LINCOLNContinental1982V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNContinental1983V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNContinental1984V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNContinental1985V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNMark V1978V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
LINCOLNMark V1979V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
LINCOLNMark VI1980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
LINCOLNMark VI1980V8-302CID F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNMark VI1980V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (G)
LINCOLNMark VI1981V8-302CID F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNMark VI1982V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNMark VI1983V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNMark VII1984V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNMark VII1985V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNMark VII1985V8-5.0L F/inj. HO (M)
LINCOLNTown Car1981V8-302CID F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNTown Car1982V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNTown Car1983V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNTown Car1984V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNTown Car1985V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
LINCOLNVersailles1978V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
LINCOLNVersailles1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
LINCOLNVersailles1980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYCapri1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYCapri1980V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYCapri1981V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYCapri1982V8-4.2L 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYCapri1982V8-4.2L VV (D)
MERCURYCapri1982V8-5.0L VV (F)
MERCURYCapri1983V8-5.0L 4 bbl. HO (F)
MERCURYCapri1984V8-5.0L F/inj. HO (M)
MERCURYCapri1985V8-5.0L F/inj. HO (M)
MERCURYCapri1986V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
MERCURYColony Park1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYColony Park1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
MERCURYColony Park1980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYColony Park1980V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (G)
MERCURYColony Park1981V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYColony Park1981V8-302CID VV (F)
MERCURYColony Park1981V8-351CID 2 bbl. (G)
MERCURYColony Park1981V8-351CID VV HO (G)
MERCURYColony Park1982V8-5.0L VV (F)
MERCURYColony Park1984V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYColony Park1985V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
MERCURYCougar1978V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYCougar1978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
MERCURYCougar1978V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
MERCURYCougar1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYCougar1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
MERCURYCougar1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
MERCURYCougar1980V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYCougar1980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYCougar1981V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYCougar1981V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYCougar1981V8-302CID VV (F)
MERCURYCougar1982V8-4.2L 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYCougar1982V8-4.2L VV (D)
MERCURYCougar1983V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
MERCURYCougar1984V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
MERCURYCougar1985V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1978V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1978V8-460CID 4 bbl. (A)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1978V8-460CID 4 bbl. Police (C)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1980V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (G)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1981V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1981V8-302CID VV (F)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1981V8-351CID 2 bbl. (G)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1981V8-351CID VV HO (G)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1981V8-4.2L 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1982V8-4.2L 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1982V8-4.2L VV (D)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1982V8-5.0L VV (F)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1982V8-5.8L VV HO (G)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1983V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1983V8-5.8L VV Police (G) CAN
MERCURYGrand Marquis1984V8-5.0L 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1984V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1984V8-5.8L VV Police (G) CAN
MERCURYGrand Marquis1985V8-5.0L 2 bbl. CAN
MERCURYGrand Marquis1985V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1985V8-5.8L VV Police (G) CAN
MERCURYGrand Marquis1986V8-5.8L VV Police (G)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1990V8-5.8L VV Police (G)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1991V8-5.8L VV Police (G)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1994V8-4.6L F/inj. SOHC (W)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1995V8-4.6L F/inj. SOHC (W)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1996V8-4.6L F/inj. SOHC (W)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1997V8-4.6L F/inj. SOHC (W)
MERCURYGrand Marquis1998V8-4.6L F/inj. SOHC (W)
MERCURYMarquis1978V8-351CID 2 bbl. Modified (H)
MERCURYMarquis1978V8-400CID 2 bbl. (S)
MERCURYMarquis1978V8-460CID 4 bbl. (A)
MERCURYMarquis1978V8-460CID 4 bbl. Police (C)
MERCURYMarquis1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYMarquis1979V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (H)
MERCURYMarquis1980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYMarquis1980V8-351CID 2 bbl. Windsor (G)
MERCURYMarquis1981V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYMarquis1981V8-302CID VV (F)
MERCURYMarquis1981V8-351CID 2 bbl. (G)
MERCURYMarquis1981V8-351CID VV HO (G)
MERCURYMarquis1981V8-4.2L 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYMarquis1982V8-4.2L 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYMarquis1982V8-4.2L VV (D)
MERCURYMarquis1982V8-5.0L VV (F)
MERCURYMarquis1982V8-5.8L VV HO (G)
MERCURYMarquis1983V8-4.2L 2 bbl. CAN
MERCURYMarquis1983V8-5.0L 2 bbl. CAN
MERCURYMarquis1984V6-3.8L 2 bbl. (C)
MERCURYMarquis1984V6-3.8L F/inj. (3)
MERCURYMarquis1984V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
MERCURYMarquis1984V8-5.8L VV Police (G)
MERCURYMarquis1985V8-5.0L F/inj. (F)
MERCURYMarquis1985V8-5.0L F/inj. HO (M)
MERCURYMarquis1985V8-5.0L VV HO (G)
MERCURYMonarch1978V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYMonarch1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYMonarch1980V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYMonarch1980V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYZephyr1978V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYZephyr1979V8-302CID 2 bbl. (F)
MERCURYZephyr1980V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYZephyr1981V8-255CID 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYZephyr1982V8-4.2L 2 bbl. (D)
MERCURYZephyr1982V8-4.2L VV (D)