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BA3812 Fram Breather Air Filter

BA3812 Fram Breather Air Filter
Price: $1.71
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BA3812 FRAM® Breather Air Filter

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Automotive Applications
AMCAMX19804-151CID 2 bbl. (B)
AMCAMX19806-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
AMCConcord19804-151CID 2 bbl. (B)
AMCConcord19806-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
AMCConcord19814-151CID 2 bbl. (B)
AMCConcord19816-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
AMCConcord19824-2.5L 2 bbl. (B)
AMCConcord19826-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
AMCConcord19834-2.5L 2 bbl. (B)
AMCConcord19836-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
AMCEagle19806-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
AMCEagle19814-151CID 2 bbl. (B)
AMCEagle19816-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
AMCEagle19824-2.5L 2 bbl. (B)
AMCEagle19826-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
AMCEagle19834-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
AMCEagle19834-2.5L 2 bbl. (B)
AMCEagle19836-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
AMCEagle19844-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
AMCEagle19846-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
AMCEagle19854-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
AMCEagle19856-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
AMCEagle19866-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
AMCEagle19876-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
AMCEagle19886-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
AMCKammback19834-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
AMCKammback19836-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
AMCPacer19806-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
AMCSpirit19804-151CID 2 bbl. (B)
AMCSpirit19806-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
AMCSpirit19814-151CID 2 bbl. (B)
AMCSpirit19816-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
AMCSpirit19824-2.5L 2 bbl. (B)
AMCSpirit19826-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
AMCSpirit19836-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
EAGLEMedallion19894-2.2L F/inj. (F)
EAGLEPremier19894-2.5L F/inj. (H)
EAGLEPremier1989V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
JEEP TRUCKCherokee - Full Size19806-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKCherokee - Full Size1980V8-360CID 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKCherokee - Full Size19816-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKCherokee - Full Size1981V8-360CID 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKCherokee - Full Size19826-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKCherokee - Full Size1982V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKCherokee - Full Size19836-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKCherokee - Full Size1983V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKCherokee - Mid Size19844-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
JEEP TRUCKCherokee - Mid Size19854-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19804-151CID 2 bbl. (B)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19806-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series1980V8-304CID 2 bbl. (H)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19814-151CID 2 bbl. (B)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19816-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series1981V8-304CID 2 bbl. (H)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19824-2.5L 2 bbl. (B)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19826-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19834-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19834-2.5L 2 bbl. (B)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19836-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19844-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19846-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19854-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19856-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19864-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
JEEP TRUCKCJ Series19866-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKGrand Wagoneer19846-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKGrand Wagoneer1984V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKGrand Wagoneer19856-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKGrand Wagoneer1985V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKGrand Wagoneer19866-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKGrand Wagoneer1986V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup19806-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup1980V8-360CID 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup19816-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup1981V8-360CID 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup19826-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup1982V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup19836-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup1983V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup19846-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup1984V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup19856-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup1985V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup19866-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup1986V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup19876-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ10 Pickup19886-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup19806-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup1980V8-360CID 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup19816-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup1981V8-360CID 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup19826-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup1982V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup19836-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup1983V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup19846-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup1984V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup19856-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup1985V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup19866-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup1986V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup19876-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKJ20 Pickup19886-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19804-151CID 2 bbl. (B)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19806-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler1980V8-304CID 2 bbl. (H)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19814-151CID 2 bbl. (B)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19816-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler1981V8-304CID 2 bbl. (H)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19824-2.5L 2 bbl. (B)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19826-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19834-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19834-2.5L 2 bbl. (B)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19836-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19844-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19846-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19854-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19856-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19864-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
JEEP TRUCKScrambler19866-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKTJ (Canada)19876-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKTJ (Canada)19886-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKTJ (Canada)19896-4.2L 2 bbl. (M)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size19806-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size1980V8-360CID 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size19816-258CID 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size1981V8-360CID 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size19826-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size1982V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size19836-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size1983V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size19844-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size19846-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size1984V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size19854-2.5L 1 bbl. (U)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size19856-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKWagoneer-Full Size1985V8-5.9L 2 bbl. (N)
JEEP TRUCKWrangler19876-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKWrangler19886-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKWrangler19896-4.2L 2 bbl. (M)
JEEP TRUCKYJ19876-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKYJ19886-4.2L 2 bbl. (C)
JEEP TRUCKYJ19896-4.2L 2 bbl. (M)
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