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Bendix D1258CT - CT-3 Front Ceramic Brake Pad Set

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Utilizing our OE experience, research and development efforts, Bendix® has taken aftermarket ceramic brake technology even higher. Specifically formulated for medium and heavy vehicle applications, while at the same time offering superior performance on light vehicle applications.

The unique blend of premium raw materials virtually eliminates noise and reduces dusting. Pads are 100% shimmed with thermally bonded premium insulators and feature angled chamfers and slots for superior noise abatement.

Bendix® CT-3® brake pads utilize advanced mechanical attachments to bond friction to steel on most models - an added measure of protection against edge lift caused by torque, heat and other extreme elements during braking operation.

  • Maximum noise abatement for ultra-quiet breaking
  • Long life and improved durability
  • Low dusting and reduced rotor wear for cleaner wheels

Beyond shorter braking distances, smoother stops and confidentpedal feel, Bendix® CT-3® pads deliver superior performance and are the ultimate in ceramic technology. Whether it is a light passenger car or heavy vehicle, technicians can be confident that Bendix® CT-3® will resolve NVH issues and dirty wheel complaints.

100 percent asbestos-free, Bendix® CT-3® brake pads offer superior stopping power, shorter stopping distances than competitors' products and fade-resistant performance. The pads are 100 percent insulated and equipped with angled chamfers and premium noise insulators.

These thermally bonded insulators include a noise-dampening system with a silicone core affixed between two layers of galvanized steel. They are rubber coated and attached with a silicone adhesive to absorb more noise than conventional products. Computer-designed, angled chamfers on the short sides of the pad improve contact profile and surface for smooth, ultra-quiet braking.

For the ultimate in durability, most Bendix® CT-3® models use an advanced mechanical attachment method to securely bond the friction material to the backing plate - an added measure of protection against edge lift caused by torque, heat and other extreme elements during braking operations.

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications