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Bendix MKD2B - TitaniuMetallic II Semi-Metallic Front Brake Pad Set

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TitaniuMetallic™ II is a Bendix® exclusive, providing unmatched braking performance right out of the box. By virtually eliminating the need for the traditional break-in period, there's more time for profitable service work.

Our completely reformulated TitaniuMetallic™ II blue coating is more effective than ever before in the initial break-in period. This patented blue coating works by accelerating the pad/rotor burnishing (break-in) process. And, while some manufacturers claim that their pads are 'oven-cured' or 'post-cured' so they don't require burnishing, the fact remains that all disc pads require this process to help ensure optimum performance following disc pad replacement.

Instead of the traditional break-in period of 200 stops, the TitaniuMetallic™II coating wears away after approximately 50 stops, leaving a premium quality Bendix® semi-metallic brake pad that provides miles of outstanding performance across a wide range of operating conditions.

TitaniuMetallic™ II brake pads provide greater stopping power from the very first stop and shorter stopping distances with less pedal effort. They feature an all-new premium quality Bendix® semi-metallic friction formulation, blue TitaniuMetallic™ II coating, high quality shims for quiet braking, TitaniuMetallic™ II also uses both riveted and integrally molded attachment that mirrors the original equipment design.


Dust has become one of the key factors in North American OE brake development - especially with the growing popularity of alloy wheels on high performance vehicles. High performance means higher dust levels and more unsightly black build-up on those wheels. As a result, we're constantly working to lower dust generation. Our new, cleaner friction formulas were developed using Design-of-Experiment (DOE) techniques, which allow our engineers to select the appropriate raw materials to reduce rotor wear - the main cause of brake dust. We studied material composition, particle size, and chemistry - and, then chose the right mix of materials to minimize brake dust.

The result: Using colorometer testing/Pantone readings we were able to determine that dust generation in the new formula family was significantly reduced. All due to the material compounding and processing work that was done.


Bendix® is doing research in noise technology that's unheard of in the industry. Brake noise itself is caused by vibration. To measure vibration, we use advanced modeling techniques, including Finite Modal Analysis. By suspending a brake pad, attaching a small three-axis accelerometer to it and then tapping it with a small force hammer, we're able to get a computer-generated readout on how the pad is vibrating. Our engineers can take this information and create an accurate computer model of the pad. From there, we design chamfer, slot, and shim (insulator) configurations to minimize the audible noise frequencies

The result: Noise is the number one reason for customer comebacks after they have brake work done. Our new, noise-free friction formulas have been further enhanced after years of rigorous testing and development on Original Equipment platforms. These formulas offer a 79% reduction in noise compared to our competitors.

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications