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If you are having trouble finding a filter for your application, please check here first as we publish all of the answers for questions we have received in the past. Often times we receive similar requests and you may save yourself some time but reviewing this section of our knowdedge base. If you are not able to find an answer, please send us your request for assistance using:
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I checked and couldn't find anything for your Euro part numbers. There were quite a few hits for the AF 302, but without the manufacturer, I would not know what to recommend. Our eventual goal is to stock the European Fram numbers too, but we just aren't quite there yet.

I found this as a cross-reference to theCA643PL that might work for you, take a look at the picture here:

I have an old Fram" Filtronic air filter cartridge" oval in shape. approx 11-1/4" x 6-1/2" and 2-1/4" in height. It has perforated metal around the outside of the paper element, and fine mesh around the inside of the filter. The orange rubber "oval" is approx. 1" in width. The only numbers that I can barely see stenciled on the inside, are CA-183 PL? or maybe CA--163 PL? It came originally on an English Motorcycle from 1969, so it's most likely a European auto Fram Number..I've been told that it looks like a filter from a Ford Transit from that era {65-70?} and that the replacement is a CA643PL which is round, but should take the oval shape .But the filter I have, is definitely an oval filter not a re-shaped round one.--I also have a second filter that is identical, but with no BRAND NAME. It clearly has the stenciled number AF 302 AIR FILTER on the inside. North American Fram, was unable to help me on the phone and claimed it was a different company in Europe with different numbers.Can you help me find a current number?