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CA7688 - FRAM Heavy Duty Air Filter

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FRAM® Heavy Duty air filters offer extensive coverage for both on - and - off - highway applications with both traditional and radial seal designs. High efficiency heavy duty filter media dramatically reduces the amount of dirt passing through the filter, stops more dirt during the initial break-in period and provides exceptional overall contaminant removal.

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Heavy Duty Applications
FORD7000 & 4X41991Ford V8-429 Gas Eng. (K)
FORD7000 & 4X41991Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41992Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41992Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41993Ford V8-429 Gas Eng. (J)
FORD7000 & 4X41993Ford V8-429 LPG Eng. (8)
FORD7000 & 4X41994Ford V8-429 Gas Eng. (J)
FORD7000 & 4X41994Ford V8-429 LPG Eng. (8)
FORD7000 & 4X41995Ford V8-429 Gas Eng. (J)
FORD7000 & 4X41995Ford V8-429 LPG Eng. (8)
FORD7000 & 4X41996Ford V8-429 Gas Eng. (J)
FORD7000 & 4X41996Ford V8-429 LPG Eng. (8)
FORD7000 & 4X41997Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41997Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41998Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41998Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001991Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001991Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001992Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001992Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001993Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001993Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001994Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001994Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001995Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001995Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001996Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001996Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF7001991Ford V8-429 Gas Eng. (K)
FORDF7001991Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF7001992Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF7001992Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF7001993Ford V8-429 Gas Eng. (J)
FORDF7001993Ford V8-429 LPG Eng. (8)
FORDF7001994Ford V8-429 Gas Eng. (J)
FORDF7001994Ford V8-429 LPG Eng. (8)
FORDF7001995Ford V8-429 Gas Eng. (J)
FORDF7001995Ford V8-429 LPG Eng. (8)
FORDF7001996Ford V8-429 Gas Eng. (J)
FORDF7001996Ford V8-429 LPG Eng. (8)
FORDF7001997Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF7001997Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF7001998Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF7001998Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001991Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001991Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001992Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001992Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001993Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001993Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001994Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001994Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001995Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001995Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001996Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001996Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001997Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001997Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001991Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001991Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001992Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001992Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001993Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001993Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001994Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001994Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001995Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001995Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001996Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001996Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001997Ford V8-429 Gas Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001997Ford V8-429 LPG Eng.