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Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Automotive Applications
DODGECharger2009V6-2.7L F/inj. EER (D)
LEXUSES3502007V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FE
LEXUSES3502008V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FE
LEXUSES3502009V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FE
LEXUSGS3002006V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) QOHC 3GRFSE
LEXUSGS3502007V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FSE
LEXUSGS3502008V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FSE
LEXUSGS3502009V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FSE
LEXUSGS4302006V8-4.3L F/inj. (32V) QOHC 3UZFE
LEXUSGS4302007V8-4.3L F/inj. (32V) QOHC 3UZFE
LEXUSGS450h Hybrid2007V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FSE
LEXUSGS450h Hybrid2008V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FSE
LEXUSGS450h Hybrid2009V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FSE
LEXUSGS4602009V8-4.6L F/inj. (32V) QOHC 1URFSE
LEXUSIS2502006V6-2.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 4GR-FSE
LEXUSIS2502007V6-2.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 4GR-FSE
LEXUSIS2502008V6-2.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 4GR-FSE
LEXUSIS2502008V6-2.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 4GR-FSE
LEXUSIS2502009V6-2.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 4GR-FSE
LEXUSIS3502006V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FSE
LEXUSIS3502007V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FSE
LEXUSIS3502008V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FSE
LEXUSIS3502008V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FSE
LEXUSIS3502009V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FSE
LEXUSIS3502010V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FSE
LEXUS TRUCKLX5702009V8-5.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC 3URFE
LEXUS TRUCKRX3502010V6-3.5L D.I. (24V) QOHC 2GR-FE
LEXUS TRUCKRX450H Hybrid2010V6-3.5L F/inj.
SCIONxB20084-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FE
SCIONxB20094-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FE
SCIONxD20084-1.8L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2ZR-FE (U)
SCIONxD20094-1.8L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2ZR-FE (U)
TOYOTAAvalon2005V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTAAvalon2006V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTAAvalon2007V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTAAvalon2008V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTAAvalon2009V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTACamry20074-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FE
TOYOTACamry2007V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTACamry20084-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FE
TOYOTACamry2008V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTACamry20094-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FE (E)
TOYOTACamry2009V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTACamry20104-2.5L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AR-FE
TOYOTACamry2010V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTACamry Hybrid20074-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FXE
TOYOTACamry Hybrid20084-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FXE
TOYOTACamry Hybrid20094-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FXE
TOYOTACamry Hybrid20104-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FXE
TOYOTASolara20064-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FE
TOYOTASolara2006V6-3.3L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 3MZ-FE
TOYOTASolara20094-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FE
TOYOTASolara2009V6-3.3L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 3MZ-FE
TOYOTAVenza20094-2.7L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 1AR-FE
TOYOTAVenza2009V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTAVenza20104-2.7L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 1AR-FE
TOYOTAVenza2010V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTAYaris (Canada)20064-1.5L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 1NZ-FE
TOYOTAYaris (Canada)20074-1.5L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 1NZ-FE
TOYOTAYaris (Canada)20084-1.5L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 1NZ-FE
TOYOTAYaris (Canada)20084-1.5L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 1NZ-FE
TOYOTAYaris (Canada)20094-1.5L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 1NZ-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKHighlander2008V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE (S)
TOYOTA TRUCKHighlander20094-2.7L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 1AR-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKHighlander2009V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE (S)
TOYOTA TRUCKLand Cruiser2008V8-5.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC 3URFE
TOYOTA TRUCKLand Cruiser2009V8-5.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC 3URFE
TOYOTA TRUCKRAV420064-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKRAV420074-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKRAV42007V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKRAV420084-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 2AZ-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKRAV42008V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKRAV42008V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKRAV420094-2.5L F/inj. 2AR-FE (F)
TOYOTA TRUCKRAV42009V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 2GR-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKSequoia2009V8-4.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC 2UZ-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKSequoia2009V8-5.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC 3URFE
TOYOTA TRUCKSequoia2009V8-5.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC Flex Fuel 3URFBE
TOYOTA TRUCKSequoia2010V8-4.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC 2UZ-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKSequoia2010V8-5.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC 3URFE
TOYOTA TRUCKSequoia2010V8-5.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC Flex Fuel 3URFBE
TOYOTA TRUCKTundra2008V6-4.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 1GR-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKTundra2008V8-4.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC 2UZ-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKTundra2008V8-5.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC 3URFE
TOYOTA TRUCKTundra2009V6-4.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC 1GR-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKTundra2009V8-4.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC 2UZ-FE
TOYOTA TRUCKTundra2009V8-5.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC 3URFE
TOYOTA TRUCKTundra2009V8-5.7L F/inj. (32V) DOHC Flex Fuel 3URFBE