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CF8045 Fram Cabin Air Filter

CF8045 Fram Cabin Air Filter
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CF8045 FRAM® Cabin Air Filter

The FRAM Cabin Air Filter helps keep the air fresh in your vehicle by removing contaminants that may enter your vehicle's ventilation system such as pollen, exhaust gases, bacteria, and dust. Fram Cabin Air Filters feature charcoal impregnated media to help control odors.

The FRAM Cabin Air Filter Features

  • Charcoal impregnated media to control odors
  • Helps remove contaminants from your vehicle's cabin before you breathe them
Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Automotive Applications
LINCOLNContinental1995V8-4.6L F/inj. (32V) DOHC (V)
LINCOLNContinental1996V8-4.6L F/inj. (32V) DOHC (V)
LINCOLNContinental1997V8-4.6L F/inj. (32V) DOHC (V)