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CH6002 - Fram Extra Guard Motorcycle Oil Filter

CH6002 - Fram Extra Guard Motorcycle Oil Filter
Price: $4.95
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America's Favorite Motorcycle Oil Filter

Keep your bike running at it's best with FRAM® and!

Oil Filtration
Fram® Extra Guard® filter media provides market leading single pass efficiency of 96%.

Oil Filter Style: Cartridge

Oil Filter Diameter: 3.95"

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Motorcycle Applications
YAMAHAVMX12 V-Max 19851200cc
YAMAHAVMX12 V-Max 19861200cc
YAMAHAVMX12 V-Max 19871200cc
YAMAHAVMX12 V-Max 19881200cc
YAMAHAVMX12 V-Max 19891200cc
YAMAHAVMX12 V-Max 19901200cc
YAMAHAVMX12 V-Max 19911200cc
YAMAHAVMX12 V-Max 19921200cc
YAMAHAVMX12 V-Max 19931200cc
YAMAHAVMX12 V-Max 19941200cc
YAMAHAVMX12 V-Max 19951200cc
YAMAHAXJ1100 Maxim 19821100cc
YAMAHAXS1100 Venture 19781100cc
YAMAHAXS1100 Venture 19791100cc
YAMAHAXS1100 Venture 19801100cc
YAMAHAXS1100 Venture 19811100cc
YAMAHAXVZ12 Venture Royal 19831200cc
YAMAHAXVZ12 Venture Royal 19841200cc
YAMAHAXVZ12 Venture Royal 19851200cc
YAMAHAXVZ13 Royal Star 19861300cc
YAMAHAXVZ13 Royal Star 19871300cc
YAMAHAXVZ13 Royal Star 19881300cc
YAMAHAXVZ13 Royal Star 19891300cc
YAMAHAXVZ13 Royal Star 19901300cc
YAMAHAXVZ13 Royal Star 19911300cc
YAMAHAXVZ13 Royal Star 19921300cc
YAMAHAXVZ13 Royal Star 19931300cc