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CH6070 - Fram Extra Guard Motorcycle Oil Filter

CH6070 - Fram Extra Guard Motorcycle Oil Filter
Price: $5.62
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Quantity Available: 7

America's Favorite Motorcycle Oil Filter

Keep your bike running at it's best with FRAM® and!

Oil Filtration
Fram® Extra Guard® filter media provides market leading single pass efficiency of 96%.

Oil Filter Style: Cartridge

Oil Filter Diameter: 2.19"

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Motorcycle Applications
KAWASAKIKEF300 Lakota 3001995300cc
KAWASAKIKEF300 Lakota 3001996300cc
KAWASAKIKEF300 Lakota 3001997300cc
KAWASAKIKEF300 Lakota 3001998300cc
KAWASAKIKEF300 Lakota 3001999300cc
KAWASAKIKEF300 Lakota 3002000300cc
KAWASAKIKEF300 Lakota Sport2001300cc
KAWASAKIKEF300 Lakota Sport2002300cc
KAWASAKIKEF300 Lakota Sport2003300cc
KAWASAKIKFX250 Mojave 2502004250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1985250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1986250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1987250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1988250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1989250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1990250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1991250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1992250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1993250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1994250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1995250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1996250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1997250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1998250cc
KAWASAKIKL250 KLR250 1999250cc
KAWASAKIKL250D KLR250 2000250cc
KAWASAKIKL250D KLR250 2001250cc
KAWASAKIKL250D KLR250 2002250cc
KAWASAKIKL600 KLR1984600cc
KAWASAKIKL600 KLR1985600cc
KAWASAKIKL600 KLR1986600cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6501987650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6501988650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6501989650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6501990650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6501991650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6501992650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6501993650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6501994650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6501995650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6501996650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6501997650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6501998650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6501999650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6502000650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6502001650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6502002650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6502003650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6502004650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6502005650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6502006650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6502007650cc
KAWASAKIKL650 KLR6502008650cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2201988220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2201989220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2201990220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2201991220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2201992220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2201993220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2201994220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2201995220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2201996220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2201997220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2201998220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2201999220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2202000220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2202001220cc
KAWASAKIKLF220 Bayou 2202002220cc
KAWASAKIKLF250 Bayou 2502003250cc
KAWASAKIKLF250 Bayou 2502004250cc
KAWASAKIKLF250 Bayou 2502005250cc
KAWASAKIKLF250 Bayou 2502006250cc
KAWASAKIKLF250 Bayou 2502007250cc
KAWASAKIKLF250 Bayou 2502008250cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41986300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41987300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41988300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41989300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41990300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41991300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41992300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41993300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41994300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41995300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41996300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41997300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41998300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x41999300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x42000300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x42001300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x42002300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x42003300cc
KAWASAKIKLF300 Bayou 300, 4x42004300cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2501987250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2501988250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2501989250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2501990250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2501991250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2501992250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2501993250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2501994250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2501995250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2501996250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2501997250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2501998250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2501999250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2502000250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2502001250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2502002250cc
KAWASAKIKSF250 Mojave 2502003250cc