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CS3504 - FRAM Fuel Filter

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Efficient Fuel Injection Performance demands this high volume accessory. FRAM® offers exceptional Domestic and Import Fuel Filter Coverage - all from a single source. The FRAM® Fuel Filter line includes Conventional Spin-on and Plastic Conductive Fuel Filters to meet the needs of virtually all engine configurations.

  • Designed for Today's Fuel Injection Systems and Oxygenated Fuels.
  • High Technology Filtration.
Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Heavy Duty Applications
CHAMPION710All YearsCummins 6BT5.9 Eng.
CHAMPION710AAll YearsCummins 6BT5.9 Eng.
CHAMPION716AAll YearsCummins 6BT5.9 Eng.
CHAMPION720All YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION720AAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION720A VHPAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION720VHPAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION726AAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION726A VHPAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION730All YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION730AAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION736AAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION740All YearsCummins LT10C Eng.
CHAMPION740AAll YearsCummins LT10C Eng.
CHAMPION750All YearsCummins LT10C Eng.
CHAMPION750AAll YearsCummins LT10C Eng.
CHAMPION780All YearsCummins LT10C Eng.
CHAMPION780AAll YearsCummins LT10C Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS710All YearsCummins 6BT5.9 Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS710AAll YearsCummins 6BT5.9 Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS716AAll YearsCummins 6BT5.9 Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS720All YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS720AAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS720A VHPAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS720VHPAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS726AAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS726A VHPAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS730All YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS730AAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS736AAll YearsCummins 6CT8.3 Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS740All YearsCummins LT10C Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS740AAll YearsCummins LT10C Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS750All YearsCummins LT10C Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS750AAll YearsCummins LT10C Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS780All YearsCummins LT10C Eng.
CHAMPION-GRADERS780AAll YearsCummins LT10C Eng.
INTERNATIONAL25541992Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL25541993Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL25541994Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL25541995Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL25541996Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL25541997Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL25741992Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL25741993Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL25741994Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL25741995Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL25741996Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL25741997Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL26541992Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL26541993Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL26541994Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL26541995Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL26541996Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL26541997Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL26741992Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL26741993Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL26741994Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL26741995Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL26741996Cat. Eng.
INTERNATIONAL26741997Cat. Eng.