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If you are having trouble finding a filter for your application, please check here first as we publish all of the answers for questions we have received in the past. Often times we receive similar requests and you may save yourself some time but reviewing this section of our knowdedge base. If you are not able to find an answer, please send us your request for assistance using:
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FRAM P1656
The FRAM cross reference for your filter is a FRAM P1656. It is something we don't normally carry but we can special order for you. The price would be $10.95 each and would take about a week to get to our warehouse. We are also currently running a promotion with free shipping on orders over $50 so if you could use a few you could save a few bucks on freight costs. Please let me know if you would like to place an order and I would be happy to add the product to our website or give you a call to get your info over the phone.