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Hands Free Oil Funnel

Hands Free Oil Funnel
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Patented funnel is designed to eliminate the need for holding it while pouring liquid from one container to another. Your hands are free to hold the container you are emptying from, greatly reducing the risk of spills and tip-overs.

Convenience and Safety Features Include:

  • Extended Wide Mouth Neck: The neck of the funnel is a little wider than you'll find in ordinary funnels. It fits securely into most one gallon collection containers like milk jugs, bleach or anti-freeze style bottles.
  • Vented Design: A series of ribs or vents along the neck ensures that fluids flow quickly through the funnel and into the collection container. Transferring even thick liquids is fast and easy.
  • 1.75 Pint Capacity: The body of the funnel is tall and wide and can hold up to 28oz of fluid. It is also big enough to accommodate a typical oil filter.