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Massey Ferguson compact tractor, model 1540 Oil Filter
I'm looking for an oil filter for my Massey Ferguson compact tractor, model 1540, 40hp, made in 2007. The AGCO oil filter # is 3757038M2. If you can cross reference this filter I will place an order. I currently pay about $15.00 per filter......thanks for your help. Jack

I searched high and low for a FRAM equivalent but was not able to come up with anything. It appears that most aftermarket filter manufacturers have not made a part to fit your tractor yet (I checked quite a few other filter suppliers). I came across quite a few folks on the internet asking the same question you are and the conclusion is that you may be stuck with the OEM filters for now. Check back in the near future as we get updates from FRAM on a monthly basis of new filters so there is a possibility that it may show up. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.