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PH2865A - Fram Extra Guard Oil Filter

PH2865A - Fram Extra Guard Oil Filter
Price: $15.88
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Advanced Oil Filter Media Gives FRAM The Advantage

With an ideal balance of dirt-trapping efficiency and dirt-holding capacity, every FRAM oil filter uses a special blend of fibers and resin providing a proprietary filter media that delivers excellent engine protection.

Oil Filtration
  • The most commonly used filter media is cellulose, which is a natural material that presents a random and irregular field of fibers to the oil. By itself, it can only deliver about 80% dirt-trapping efficiency.
  • By adding microscopic synthetic fibers, small windows are created that trap the smaller dirt particles without affecting the flow of oil. Blending synthetic fibers with cellulose increases a filter's dirt-trapping efficiency and its dirt-holding capacity for higher levels of engine protection and longer filter life.
  • SureGRIP® No-Slip Feature: No matter how oily things get the filter stays in your hand.

Diameter: 3.78"

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Automotive Applications
HONDAAccord19764-1.6L 3 bbl. EF1
HONDAAccord19774-1.5L 2 bbl.
HONDAAccord19774-1.5L 3 bbl.
HONDAAccord19774-1.6L 3 bbl. EF1
HONDAAccord19784-1.5L 2 bbl.
HONDAAccord19784-1.5L 3 bbl.
HONDAAccord19784-1.6L 3 bbl. EF1
HONDACivic19734-1.2L 2 bbl. EB1
HONDACivic19744-1.2L 2 bbl. EB2
HONDACivic19754-1.2L 2 bbl. EB2
HONDACivic19754-1.5L 2 bbl. ED3
HONDACivic19754-1.5L 3 bbl. ED1
HONDACivic19754-1.5L 3 bbl. ED2
HONDACivic19764-1.2L 2 bbl. EB2
HONDACivic19764-1.5L 2 bbl. ED3
HONDACivic19764-1.5L 3 bbl. ED4
HONDACivic19774-1.2L 2 bbl. EB2
HONDACivic19774-1.5L 2 bbl. ED3
HONDACivic19774-1.5L 3 bbl. ED4
HONDACivic19784-1.2L 2 bbl. EB3
HONDACivic19784-1.5L 2 bbl. ED3
HONDACivic19784-1.5L 3 bbl. ED4
HONDACivic19794-1.2L 2 bbl. EB3
HONDACivic19794-1.5L 2 bbl. ED3
HONDACivic19794-1.5L 3 bbl. ED4
HONDACVCC19734-1.2L 2 bbl. EB1
HONDACVCC19744-1.2L 2 bbl. EB2
HONDACVCC19754-1.2L 2 bbl. EB2
HONDACVCC19754-1.5L 2 bbl. ED3
HONDACVCC19754-1.5L 3 bbl. ED1
HONDACVCC19754-1.5L 3 bbl. ED2
HONDACVCC19764-1.2L 2 bbl. EB2
HONDACVCC19764-1.5L 2 bbl. ED3
HONDACVCC19764-1.5L 3 bbl. ED4
HONDACVCC19774-1.2L 2 bbl. EB2
HONDACVCC19774-1.5L 2 bbl. ED3
HONDACVCC19774-1.5L 3 bbl. ED4
HONDACVCC19784-1.2L 2 bbl. EB3
HONDACVCC19784-1.5L 2 bbl. ED3
HONDACVCC19784-1.5L 3 bbl. ED4
HONDACVCC19794-1.2L 2 bbl. EB3
HONDACVCC19794-1.5L 2 bbl. ED3
HONDACVCC19794-1.5L 3 bbl. ED4
Heavy Duty Applications
FORD1100All YearsAll Engines
FORD1110All YearsAll Engines
FORD1200All YearsAll Engines
FORD1300All YearsAll Engines
FORD1510All YearsAll Engines
FORD-TRACTORS1100All YearsAll Engines
FORD-TRACTORS1110All YearsAll Engines
FORD-TRACTORS1200All YearsAll Engines
FORD-TRACTORS1300All YearsAll Engines
FORD-TRACTORS1510All YearsAll Engines
LUGGER (Marine)L802All YearsAll Engines
LUGGER (Marine)M802All YearsAll Engines
NORTHERN LIGHTS6.5 KWAll YearsIH Diesel Eng.