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TG3531 Fram Tough Guard Oil Filter

TG3531 Fram Tough Guard Oil Filter
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No matter how harsh the driving conditions, Fram® Tough Guard® oil filter offers advanced features that provide protection for any vehicle you drive.

99% Multi-Pass Efficiency
  • Combination synthetic glass and cellulose media provides exceptional filtration for the life of the filter.
Screen-Over By-Pass Valve*
  • Provides back-up filtration during cold start-ups and added protection against larger particles of dirt.
Silicon Anti-Drainback Valve
  • Protects your engine by retaining oil when engine is off so your engine benefits from a full liter at start-up.

* feature only available on models with a by-pass valve.

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Automotive Applications
ACURAIntegra19864-1.6L F/inj. (16V) DOHC D16A1
ACURAIntegra19874-1.6L F/inj. (16V) DOHC D16A1
HONDA1500 S19874-1.3L 2 bbl. D13A2
HONDA1500 S19874-1.5L 2 bbl. D15A2
HONDA1500 S19874-1.5L 3 bbl. D15B2
HONDA1500 S19874-1.5L F/inj. D15A3
HONDAAccord19794-1.8L 3 bbl. EK1
HONDAAccord19804-1.6L 3 bbl. EF1 CAN
HONDAAccord19804-1.8L 3 bbl. EK1
HONDAAccord19814-1.8L 3 bbl. EK1
HONDAAccord19824-1.6L CAN
HONDAAccord19824-1.8L 3 bbl. EK1
HONDAAccord19834-1.6L CAN
HONDAAccord19834-1.8L 3 bbl. EK1
HONDACivic19804-1.3L 2 bbl. EN
HONDACivic19804-1.3L 3 bbl. EJ1
HONDACivic19804-1.5L 3 bbl. EM1
HONDACivic19814-1.3L 2 bbl. EN
HONDACivic19814-1.3L 3 bbl. EJ1
HONDACivic19814-1.5L 3 bbl. EM1
HONDACivic19824-1.3L 2 bbl. EN
HONDACivic19824-1.3L 3 bbl. EJ1
HONDACivic19824-1.5L 3 bbl. EM1
HONDACivic19834-1.3L 2 bbl. EN
HONDACivic19834-1.3L 3 bbl. EJ1
HONDACivic19834-1.5L 3 bbl. EM1
HONDACivic19834-1.5L CAN
HONDACivic19844-1.3L 3 bbl. EV1
HONDACivic19844-1.5L 3 bbl. EW1
HONDACivic19854-1.3L 2 bbl. EV2
HONDACivic19854-1.3L 3 bbl. EV1
HONDACivic19854-1.5L 2 bbl. EW2
HONDACivic19854-1.5L 3 bbl. EW1
HONDACivic19854-1.5L F/inj. EW4
HONDACivic19864-1.3L 2 bbl. EV2
HONDACivic19864-1.3L 3 bbl. EV1
HONDACivic19864-1.5L 2 bbl. EW2
HONDACivic19864-1.5L 3 bbl. EW1
HONDACivic19864-1.5L F/inj. EW4
HONDACivic19874-1.3L 2 bbl. D13A2
HONDACivic19874-1.5L 2 bbl. D15A2
HONDACivic19874-1.5L 3 bbl. D15B2
HONDACivic19874-1.5L F/inj. D15A3
HONDACRX19844-1.3L 3 bbl. EV1
HONDACRX19844-1.5L 3 bbl. EW1
HONDACRX19854-1.5L 3 bbl. EW1
HONDACRX19854-1.5L F/inj. EW3
HONDACRX19864-1.5L 3 bbl. EW1
HONDACRX19864-1.5L F/inj. EW4
HONDACRX19874-1.5L 3 bbl. D15A2
HONDACRX19874-1.5L F/inj. D15A3
HONDADX (Canada)19854-1.3L 2 bbl. EV2
HONDADX (Canada)19854-1.3L 3 bbl. EV1
HONDADX (Canada)19854-1.5L 2 bbl. EW2
HONDADX (Canada)19854-1.5L 3 bbl. EW1
HONDADX (Canada)19854-1.5L F/inj. EW4
HONDADX (Canada)19864-1.3L 2 bbl. EV2
HONDADX (Canada)19864-1.3L 3 bbl. EV1
HONDADX (Canada)19864-1.5L 2 bbl. EW2
HONDADX (Canada)19864-1.5L 3 bbl. EW1
HONDADX (Canada)19864-1.5L F/inj. EW4
HONDADX (Canada)19874-1.3L 2 bbl. D13A2
HONDADX (Canada)19874-1.5L 2 bbl. D15A2
HONDADX (Canada)19874-1.5L 3 bbl. D15B2
HONDADX (Canada)19874-1.5L F/inj. D15A3
HONDAPrelude19794-1.8L 3 bbl. EK1
HONDAPrelude19804-1.6L CAN
HONDAPrelude19804-1.8L 3 bbl. EK1
HONDAPrelude19814-1.8L 3 bbl. EK1
HONDAPrelude19824-1.8L 3 bbl. EK1
HONDAWagovan19824-1.3L 2 bbl. EN
HONDAWagovan19824-1.3L 3 bbl. EJ1
HONDAWagovan19824-1.5L 3 bbl. EM1
HONDAWagovan19834-1.3L 2 bbl. EN
HONDAWagovan19834-1.3L 3 bbl. EJ1
HONDAWagovan19834-1.5L 3 bbl. EM1
HONDAWagovan19834-1.5L CAN
HONDAWagovan19844-1.3L 3 bbl. EV1
HONDAWagovan19844-1.5L 3 bbl. EW1
HONDAWagovan19854-1.3L 2 bbl. EV2
HONDAWagovan19854-1.3L 3 bbl. EV1
HONDAWagovan19854-1.5L 2 bbl. EW2
HONDAWagovan19854-1.5L 3 bbl. EW1
HONDAWagovan19854-1.5L F/inj. EW4
HONDAWagovan19864-1.3L 2 bbl. EV2
HONDAWagovan19864-1.3L 3 bbl. EV1
HONDAWagovan19864-1.5L 2 bbl. EW2
HONDAWagovan19864-1.5L 3 bbl. EW1
HONDAWagovan19864-1.5L F/inj. EW4
HONDAWagovan19874-1.3L 2 bbl. D13A2
HONDAWagovan19874-1.5L 2 bbl. D15A2
HONDAWagovan19874-1.5L 3 bbl. D15B2
HONDAWagovan19874-1.5L F/inj. D15A3