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TG3600 Fram Tough Guard Oil Filter

TG3600 Fram Tough Guard Oil Filter
Price: $7.14
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Quantity Available: 13


No matter how harsh the driving conditions, Fram® Tough Guard® oil filter offers advanced features that provide protection for any vehicle you drive.

99% Multi-Pass Efficiency
  • Combination synthetic glass and cellulose media provides exceptional filtration for the life of the filter.
Screen-Over By-Pass Valve*
  • Provides back-up filtration during cold start-ups and added protection against larger particles of dirt.
Silicon Anti-Drainback Valve
  • Protects your engine by retaining oil when engine is off so your engine benefits from a full liter at start-up.

* feature only available on models with a by-pass valve.

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Automotive Applications
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20034-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (G)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20044-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (8)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20044-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (G)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20054-1.6L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (E)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20054-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (8)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20054-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (G)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20054-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (S)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20064-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (8)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20064-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (E)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20064-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (G)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20064-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (S)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20074-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (8)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20074-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (E)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20074-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (G)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20074-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (S)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20084-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (8)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20084-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (E)
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser20094-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (8)
DODGENeon20034-2.4L F/inj. DOHC Turbo (S)
DODGENeon20044-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (S)
DODGENeon20054-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (S)
DODGENeon20064-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (S)
DODGESRT-420034-2.4L F/inj. DOHC Turbo (S)
DODGESRT-420044-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (S)
DODGESRT-420054-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (S)
DODGESRT-420064-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (S)
DODGESX 2.0 (Canada)20034-2.4L F/inj. DOHC Turbo (S)
DODGESX 2.0 (Canada)20044-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (S)
DODGESX 2.0 (Canada)20054-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (S)
DODGESX 2.0 (Canada)20064-2.4L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo HO (S)
DODGE TRUCKDakota2004V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKDakota2005V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKDakota2006V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKDakota2007V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKDakota2008V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKDurango2004V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKDurango2005V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKDurango2006V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKDurango2007V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKDurango2008V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKNitro2007V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKNitro2008V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKRam 1500-3500 Pickup2002V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKRam 1500-3500 Pickup2003V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKRam 1500-3500 Pickup2004V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKRam 1500-3500 Pickup2005V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKRam 1500-3500 Pickup2006V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKRam 1500-3500 Pickup2007V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
DODGE TRUCKRam 1500-3500 Pickup2008V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
FORDEscort19814-98CID 2 bbl. (2)
FORDEscort19824-1.6L 2 bbl. (2)
FORDEscort19824-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
FORDEscort19834-1.6L 2 bbl. (2)
FORDEscort19834-1.6L 2 bbl. Flex Fuel (7)
FORDEscort19834-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
FORDEscort19834-1.6L F/inj. (5)
FORDEscort19844-1.6L 2 bbl. (2)
FORDEscort19844-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
FORDEscort19844-1.6L F/inj. (5)
FORDEscort19854-1.6L 2 bbl. (2)
FORDEscort19854-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
FORDEscort19854-1.6L F/inj. (5)
FORDEscort19854-1.9L 2 bbl. (9)
FORDEscort19864-1.9L 2 bbl. (9)
FORDEscort19864-1.9L F/inj. HO (J)
FORDEscort19874-1.9L F/inj. (9)
FORDEscort19874-1.9L F/inj. HO (J)
FORDEscort19884-1.9L F/inj. (9)
FORDEscort19884-1.9L F/inj. HO (J)
FORDEscort19894-1.9L F/inj. (9)
FORDEscort19894-1.9L F/inj. HO (J)
FORDEscort19904-1.9L F/inj. (9)
FORDEscort19904-1.9L F/inj. HO (J)
FORDEscort19914-1.9L F/inj. HO (J)
FORDEscort19924-1.9L F/inj. (J)
FORDEscort19934-1.9L F/inj. (J)
FORDEscort19944-1.9L F/inj. (J)
FORDEscort19954-1.9L F/inj. (J)
FORDEscort19964-1.9L F/inj. (J)
FORDEscort19974-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDEscort19984-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDEscort19994-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDEscort20004-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDEscort20014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDEscort20024-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDEscort20034-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDEXP19814-98CID 2 bbl.
FORDEXP19824-1.6L 2 bbl. (2)
FORDEXP19824-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
FORDEXP19834-1.6L 2 bbl. (2)
FORDEXP19834-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
FORDEXP19834-1.6L F/inj. (5)
FORDEXP19844-1.6L 2 bbl. (2)
FORDEXP19844-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
FORDEXP19844-1.6L F/inj. (5)
FORDEXP19854-1.6L 2 bbl. (2)
FORDEXP19854-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
FORDEXP19864-1.9L 2 bbl. (9)
FORDEXP19864-1.9L F/inj. HO (J)
FORDEXP19874-1.9L F/inj. (9)
FORDEXP19874-1.9L F/inj. HO (J)
FORDEXP19884-1.9L F/inj. (9)
FORDEXP19884-1.9L F/inj. HO (J)
FORDFive Hundred2008V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V)
FORDFocus20004-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDFocus20014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDFocus20024-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDFocus20034-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDFocus20044-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDMustang1994V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORDMustang1995V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORDMustang1996V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORDMustang1997V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORDMustang1998V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORDMustang1999V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORDMustang2000V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORDMustang2001V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORDMustang2002V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORDMustang2003V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORDMustang2004V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORDMustang2004V6-3.9L F/inj. OHV (6)
FORDPinto19714-98CID 1 bbl. (W)
FORDPinto19724-98CID 1 bbl. (W)
FORDPinto19734-98CID 1 bbl. (W)
FORDProbe1990V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORDProbe1991V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORDProbe1992V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORDTaurus1986V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1987V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1988V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1988V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDTaurus1989V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1989V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC SHO (Y)
FORDTaurus1989V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDTaurus1990V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1990V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC SHO (Y)
FORDTaurus1990V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDTaurus1991V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1991V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC SHO (Y)
FORDTaurus1991V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDTaurus1992V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1992V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC SHO (Y)
FORDTaurus1992V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDTaurus1993V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1993V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (1)
FORDTaurus1993V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC SHO (Y)
FORDTaurus1993V6-3.2L F/inj. (24V) DOHC SHO (P)
FORDTaurus1993V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDTaurus1994V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1994V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (1)
FORDTaurus1994V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC SHO (Y)
FORDTaurus1994V6-3.2L F/inj. (24V) DOHC SHO (P)
FORDTaurus1994V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDTaurus1995V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1995V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (1)
FORDTaurus1995V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC SHO (Y)
FORDTaurus1995V6-3.2L F/inj. (24V) DOHC SHO (P)
FORDTaurus1995V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDTaurus1996V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1996V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (1)
FORDTaurus1996V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
FORDTaurus1996V8-3.4L F/inj. SHO (N)
FORDTaurus1997V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1997V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (1)
FORDTaurus1997V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
FORDTaurus1997V8-3.4L F/inj. SHO (N)
FORDTaurus1998V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1998V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (1)
FORDTaurus1998V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
FORDTaurus1998V8-3.4L F/inj. SHO (N)
FORDTaurus1999V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus1999V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (1)
FORDTaurus1999V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
FORDTaurus1999V8-3.4L F/inj. SHO (N)
FORDTaurus2000V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus2000V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (1)
FORDTaurus2000V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
FORDTaurus2001V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus2001V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (1)
FORDTaurus2001V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
FORDTaurus2002V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus2002V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (1)
FORDTaurus2002V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
FORDTaurus2003V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus2003V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
FORDTaurus2004V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus2004V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
FORDTaurus2005V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus2005V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
FORDTaurus2006V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus2006V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
FORDTaurus2007V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORDTaurus2007V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
FORDTaurus2008V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (W)
FORDTaurus2009V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (W)
FORDTempo1992V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORDTempo1993V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORDTempo1994V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORDThunderbird1988V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDThunderbird1989V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDThunderbird1989V6-3.8L F/inj. SC (R)
FORDThunderbird1990V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDThunderbird1990V6-3.8L F/inj. SC (R)
FORDThunderbird1991V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDThunderbird1991V6-3.8L F/inj. SC (R)
FORDThunderbird1992V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDThunderbird1992V6-3.8L F/inj. SC (R)
FORDThunderbird1993V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDThunderbird1993V6-3.8L F/inj. SC (R)
FORDThunderbird1994V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDThunderbird1994V6-3.8L F/inj. SC (R)
FORDThunderbird1995V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDThunderbird1995V6-3.8L F/inj. SC (R)
FORDThunderbird1996V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDThunderbird1997V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
FORDZX219984-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDZX219994-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDZX220004-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDZX220014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDZX220024-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORDZX220034-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (P)
FORD TRUCKAerostar1986V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORD TRUCKAerostar1987V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORD TRUCKAerostar1988V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORD TRUCKAerostar1989V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORD TRUCKAerostar1990V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORD TRUCKAerostar1991V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORD TRUCKAerostar1992V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORD TRUCKAerostar1993V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORD TRUCKAerostar1994V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORD TRUCKAerostar1995V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORD TRUCKAerostar1996V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORD TRUCKAerostar1997V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501997V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501998V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501999V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKE150-3502000V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKE150-3502001V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKE150-3502002V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKE150-3502003V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKE150-3502004V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKE150-3502005V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKEdge2007V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (C)
FORD TRUCKEdge2008V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (C)
FORD TRUCKEdge2009V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (C)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501997V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501998V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501999V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502000V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502001V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502002V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502003V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502004V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502004V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (6)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502004V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (W)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502005V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502005V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (W)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502005V8-5.4L F/inj. (24V) SOHC (5)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502006V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502006V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (W)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502006V8-5.4L F/inj. (24V) SOHC (5)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502007V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502007V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (W)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502008V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKF150-3502008V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (W)
FORD TRUCKFlex2009V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (C)
FORD TRUCKFreestar2004V6-3.9L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (6)
FORD TRUCKFreestar2004V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKFreestar2005V6-3.9L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (6)
FORD TRUCKFreestar2005V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKFreestar2006V6-3.9L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (6)
FORD TRUCKFreestar2006V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKFreestar2007V6-3.8L F/inj.
FORD TRUCKFreestar2007V6-3.9L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (6)
FORD TRUCKFreestar2007V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
FORD TRUCKRanger1991V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger1992V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger1993V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger1994V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger1995V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger1996V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger1997V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger19984-2.5L F/inj. SOHC (C)
FORD TRUCKRanger1998V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger19994-2.5L F/inj. SOHC (C)
FORD TRUCKRanger1999V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger1999V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (V)
FORD TRUCKRanger20004-2.5L F/inj. SOHC (C)
FORD TRUCKRanger2000V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger2000V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (V)
FORD TRUCKRanger20014-2.3L F/inj. DOHC (D)
FORD TRUCKRanger20014-2.5L F/inj. SOHC (C)
FORD TRUCKRanger2001V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger2001V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (V)
FORD TRUCKRanger20024-2.3L F/inj. DOHC (D)
FORD TRUCKRanger20024-2.5L F/inj. SOHC (C)
FORD TRUCKRanger2002V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger2002V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (V)
FORD TRUCKRanger20034-2.3L F/inj. DOHC (D)
FORD TRUCKRanger2003V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger2003V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (V)
FORD TRUCKRanger2004V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger2004V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (V)
FORD TRUCKRanger2005V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger2005V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (V)
FORD TRUCKRanger2006V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger2006V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (V)
FORD TRUCKRanger2007V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKRanger2008V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKTaurus X2008V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (W)
FORD TRUCKTaurus X2009V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (W)
FORD TRUCKWindstar1995V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKWindstar1995V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORD TRUCKWindstar1996V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKWindstar1996V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORD TRUCKWindstar1997V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKWindstar1997V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORD TRUCKWindstar1998V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKWindstar1998V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORD TRUCKWindstar1999V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKWindstar1999V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORD TRUCKWindstar2000V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKWindstar2000V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORD TRUCKWindstar2001V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
FORD TRUCKWindstar2001V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORD TRUCKWindstar2002V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
FORD TRUCKWindstar2003V6-3.8L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (4)
JAGUARR2003V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (T)
JAGUARR2004V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (T)
JAGUARR2005V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (T)
JAGUARR2006V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC
JAGUARR2007V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC
JAGUARR2008V6-2.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC
JAGUARR2008V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (A)
JAGUARS Type2003V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (T)
JAGUARS Type2004V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (T)
JAGUARS Type2005V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (T)
JAGUARS Type2006V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC
JAGUARS Type2007V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC
JAGUARS Type2008V6-2.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC
JAGUARS Type2008V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (A)
JAGUARS-Type2000V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (F)
JAGUARS-Type2001V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (F)
JAGUARS-Type2002V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (F)
JAGUARSportwagon2005V6-2.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (D)
JAGUARSportwagon2005V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (C)
JAGUARSportwagon2006V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (C)
JAGUARSportwagon2007V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (A)
JAGUARSportwagon2008V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (A)
JAGUARX-Type2002V6-2.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (D)
JAGUARX-Type2002V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (F)
JAGUARX-Type2003V6-2.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (D)
JAGUARX-Type2003V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (F)
JAGUARX-Type2004V6-2.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (D)
JAGUARX-Type2004V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (F)
JAGUARX-Type2005V6-2.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (D)
JAGUARX-Type2005V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (C)
JAGUARX-Type2006V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (C)
JAGUARX-Type2007V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (A)
JAGUARX-Type2008V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (A)
JEEP TRUCKCommander2006V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
JEEP TRUCKCommander2007V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
JEEP TRUCKCommander2008V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
JEEP TRUCKGrand Cherokee2005V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
JEEP TRUCKGrand Cherokee2006V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
JEEP TRUCKGrand Cherokee2007V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
JEEP TRUCKGrand Cherokee2008V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
JEEP TRUCKLiberty2002V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (K)
JEEP TRUCKLiberty2003V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (K)
JEEP TRUCKLiberty2004V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (K)
JEEP TRUCKLiberty2005V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (K)
JEEP TRUCKLiberty2006V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (K)
JEEP TRUCKLiberty2007V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (K)
JEEP TRUCKLiberty2008V6-3.7L F/inj. (K)
LINCOLNContinental1988V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
LINCOLNContinental1989V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
LINCOLNContinental1990V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
LINCOLNContinental1991V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
LINCOLNContinental1992V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
LINCOLNContinental1993V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
LINCOLNContinental1994V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
LINCOLNLS2000V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (S)
LINCOLNLS2001V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (S)
LINCOLNLS2002V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (S)
LINCOLNLS2003V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (S)
LINCOLNLS2004V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (S)
LINCOLNLS2005V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (S)
LINCOLNLS2006V6-3.0L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (S)
LINCOLNMKS2009V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (R)
LINCOLNMKS2010V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (R)
LINCOLNMKZ2007V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (T)
LINCOLNMKZ2008V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (T)
LINCOLNMKZ2009V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (T)
LINCOLN TRUCKMKX2007V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (C)
LINCOLN TRUCKMKX2008V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (C)
LINCOLN TRUCKMKX2009V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (C)
MAZDAMazda62009V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) (B)
MAZDAMazda62010V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) (B)
MAZDA TRUCKB-230020014-2.3L F/inj. (16V) DOHC (D)
MAZDA TRUCKB-230020024-2.3L F/inj. (16V) DOHC (D)
MAZDA TRUCKB-230020034-2.3L F/inj. (16V) DOHC (D)
MAZDA TRUCKB-250019984-2.5L F/inj. SOHC (C)
MAZDA TRUCKB-250019994-2.5L F/inj. SOHC (C)
MAZDA TRUCKB-250020004-2.5L F/inj. SOHC (C)
MAZDA TRUCKB-250020014-2.5L F/inj. SOHC (C)
MAZDA TRUCKB-250020024-2.5L F/inj. SOHC (C)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30001994V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30001995V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30001996V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30001997V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30001998V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30001999V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30001999V6-3.0L F/inj. Flex Fuel (V)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30002000V6-3.0L F/inj. OHV (U)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30002000V6-3.0L F/inj. OHV Flex Fuel (V)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30002001V6-3.0L F/inj. OHV (U)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30002001V6-3.0L F/inj. OHV Flex Fuel (V)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30002002V6-3.0L F/inj. OHV (U)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30002002V6-3.0L F/inj. OHV Flex Fuel (V)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30002003V6-3.0L F/inj. OHV (U)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30002003V6-3.0L F/inj. OHV Flex Fuel (V)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30002004V6-3.0L F/inj. OHV (U)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30002005V6-3.0L F/inj. OHV (U)
MAZDA TRUCKB-30002007V6-3.0L F/inj. OHV (U)
MAZDA TRUCKCX-92007V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC
MAZDA TRUCKCX-92008V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (A)
MAZDA TRUCKCX-92008V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (V)
MAZDA TRUCKCX-92009V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (A)
MAZDA TRUCKCX-92009V6-3.7L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (V)
MERCURYCapri19704-98CID 1 bbl. (L)
MERCURYCapri19714-98CID 1 bbl. (L)
MERCURYCapri19724-98CID 1 bbl. (L)
MERCURYCougar1988V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYCougar1989V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYCougar1989V6-3.8L F/inj. SC (C)
MERCURYCougar1989V6-3.8L F/inj. SC (R)
MERCURYCougar1990V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYCougar1990V6-3.8L F/inj. SC (R)
MERCURYCougar1991V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYCougar1992V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYCougar1993V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYCougar1994V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYCougar1995V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYCougar1996V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYCougar1997V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYLN719814-98CID 2 bbl. (2)
MERCURYLN719824-1.6L 2 bbl. (2)
MERCURYLN719824-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
MERCURYLN719834-1.6L 2 bbl. (2)
MERCURYLN719834-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
MERCURYLN719834-1.6L F/inj. (5)
MERCURYLynx19814-98CID 2 bbl. (2)
MERCURYLynx19824-1.6L 2 bbl. (2)
MERCURYLynx19824-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
MERCURYLynx19834-1.6L 2 bbl. (2) CAN
MERCURYLynx19834-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
MERCURYLynx19834-1.6L F/inj. (5)
MERCURYLynx19844-1.6L 2 bbl. (2)
MERCURYLynx19844-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
MERCURYLynx19844-1.6L F/inj. (5)
MERCURYLynx19854-1.6L 2 bbl. (2)
MERCURYLynx19854-1.6L 2 bbl. HO (4)
MERCURYLynx19854-1.6L F/inj. (5)
MERCURYLynx19854-1.9L 2 bbl. (9)
MERCURYLynx19864-1.9L 2 bbl. (9)
MERCURYLynx19864-1.9L F/inj. HO (J)
MERCURYLynx19874-1.9L F/inj. (9)
MERCURYLynx19874-1.9L F/inj. HO (J)
MERCURYSable1986V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
MERCURYSable1987V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
MERCURYSable1988V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
MERCURYSable1988V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYSable1989V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
MERCURYSable1989V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYSable1990V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable1990V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYSable1991V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable1991V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYSable1992V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable1992V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYSable1993V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable1993V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYSable1994V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable1994V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYSable1995V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable1995V6-3.8L F/inj. (4)
MERCURYSable1996V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable1997V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable1998V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable1999V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable2000V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable2001V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable2001V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
MERCURYSable2002V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable2002V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (1)
MERCURYSable2002V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
MERCURYSable2003V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable2003V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
MERCURYSable2004V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable2004V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
MERCURYSable2005V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (U)
MERCURYSable2005V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC Flex Fuel (2)
MERCURYSable2008V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (W)
MERCURYSable2009V6-3.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC (W)
MERCURYTopaz1992V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
MERCURYTopaz1993V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
MERCURYTopaz1994V6-3.0L F/inj. (U)
MERCURYTracer19914-1.9L F/inj. HO (J)
MERCURYTracer19924-1.9L F/inj. (J)
MERCURYTracer19934-1.9L F/inj. (J)
MERCURYTracer19944-1.9L F/inj. (J)
MERCURYTracer19954-1.9L F/inj. (J)
MERCURYTracer19964-1.9L F/inj. (J)
MERCURYTracer19974-2.0L F/inj. SOHC (P)
MERCURYTracer19984-2.0L F/inj. SOHC (P)
MERCURYTracer19994-2.0L F/inj. SOHC (P)
MERCURYTracer20004-2.0L F/inj. SOHC (P)
MERCURY TRUCKMonterey2004V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
MERCURY TRUCKMonterey2005V6-3.9L F/inj. (9)
MERCURY TRUCKMonterey2005V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
MERCURY TRUCKMonterey2006V6-3.9L F/inj. (9)
MERCURY TRUCKMonterey2006V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
MERCURY TRUCKMonterey2007V6-4.2L F/inj. (12V) SOHC (2)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKRaider2006V6-3.7L F/inj. (12V) SOHC EKG (K)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKRaider2007V6-3.7L F/inj. (12V) SOHC EKG (K)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKRaider2008V6-3.7L F/inj. (12V) SOHC EKG (K)