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TG3950 - Fram Tough Guard Oil Filter

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TG3950 Fram Tough Guard Oil Filter

TG3950 Fram Tough Guard Oil Filter
Price: $6.96
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Quantity Available: 7


No matter how harsh the driving conditions, Fram® Tough Guard® oil filter offers advanced features that provide protection for any vehicle you drive.

99% Multi-Pass Efficiency
  • Combination synthetic glass and cellulose media provides exceptional filtration for the life of the filter.
Screen-Over By-Pass Valve*
  • Provides back-up filtration during cold start-ups and added protection against larger particles of dirt.
Silicon Anti-Drainback Valve
  • Protects your engine by retaining oil when engine is off so your engine benefits from a full liter at start-up.

* feature only available on models with a by-pass valve.

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Automotive Applications
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKJimmy19824-1.9L 2 bbl. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKJimmy19834-1.9L 2 bbl. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKJimmy19844-1.9L 2 bbl. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKJimmy19854-1.9L 2 bbl. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKLuv19764-110CID 2 bbl. (N)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKLuv19774-110CID 2 bbl. (N)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKLuv19784-110CID 2 bbl. (N)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKLuv19794-110CID 2 bbl. (N)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKLuv19804-110CID 2 bbl. (N)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKLuv19814-110CID 2 bbl. (N)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKLuv19824-110CID 2 bbl. (N)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T1019824-1.9L 2 bbl. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T1019834-1.9L 2 bbl. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T1019844-1.9L 2 bbl. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T1019854-1.9L 2 bbl. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Blazer19824-1.9L 2 bbl. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Blazer19834-1.9L 2 bbl. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Blazer19844-1.9L 2 bbl. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Blazer19854-1.9L 2 bbl. (A)
CHRYSLERConquest19874-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (H) CAN
CHRYSLERConquest19874-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (N) CAN
CHRYSLERConquest19884-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (H)
CHRYSLERConquest19884-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (N)
CHRYSLERConquest19894-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (H)
CHRYSLERConquest19894-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (N)
CHRYSLERLeBaron - K Body19824-2.6L 2 bbl. (D)
CHRYSLERLeBaron - K Body19834-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
CHRYSLERLeBaron - K Body19844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
CHRYSLERLeBaron - K Body19854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
CHRYSLERNew Yorker19834-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
CHRYSLERNew Yorker19844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
CHRYSLERNew Yorker19854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
CHRYSLERTown & Country19824-2.6L 2 bbl. (D)
CHRYSLERTown & Country19834-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
CHRYSLERTown & Country19844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
CHRYSLERTown & Country19854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE02419784-105CID 2 bbl. (A)
DODGE2000 GTX19894-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC (R) CAN
DODGE2000 GTX19894-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (V) CAN
DODGE2000 GTX19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC (R) CAN
DODGE2000 GTX19904-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC (V) CAN
DODGE40019824-2.6L 2 bbl. (7) CAN
DODGE40019824-2.6L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGE40019834-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE60019834-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE60019844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE60019854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGEAries19814-159CID 2 bbl. (D)
DODGEAries19824-2.6L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGEAries19834-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGEAries19844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGEAries19854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGEChallenger19784-158.6CID 2 bbl. (F)
DODGEChallenger19784-97.6CID 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEChallenger19794-158.6CID 2 bbl. (F)
DODGEChallenger19794-97.6CID 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEChallenger19804-158.6CID 2 bbl. (F)
DODGEChallenger19814-159CID 2 bbl. (7)
DODGEChallenger19824-2.6L 2 bbl. (7)
DODGEChallenger19834-2.6L 2 bbl. (7)
DODGECharger19784-105CID 2 bbl. (A)
DODGEColt19714-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19724-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19734-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19744-122CID 2 bbl. (U)
DODGEColt19744-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19754-122CID 2 bbl. (U)
DODGEColt19754-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19764-122CID 2 bbl. (U)
DODGEColt19764-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19774-122CID 2 bbl. (U)
DODGEColt19774-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19784-122CID 2 bbl. (U)
DODGEColt19784-159CID 2 bbl. (F)
DODGEColt19784-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19794-159CID 2 bbl. (F)
DODGEColt19794-85CID 2 bbl. (J)
DODGEColt19794-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19804-159CID 2 bbl. (F)
DODGEColt19804-85CID 2 bbl. (J)
DODGEColt19804-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19804-98CID 2 bbl. (Z)
DODGEColt19814-86CID 2 bbl. (2)
DODGEColt19814-98CID 2 bbl. (3)
DODGEColt19824-1.4L 2 bbl. (2)
DODGEColt19824-1.6L 2 bbl. (3)
DODGEColt19834-1.4L 2 bbl. (2)
DODGEColt19834-1.6L 2 bbl. (3)
DODGEColt19844-1.4L 2 bbl. (A)
DODGEColt19844-1.6L 2 bbl. (B)
DODGEColt19844-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
DODGEColt19844-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGEColt19854-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19854-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
DODGEColt19854-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGEColt19864-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19864-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
DODGEColt19864-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGEColt19874-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19874-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
DODGEColt19874-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGEColt19884-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt19884-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
DODGEColt19884-2.0L F/inj. (D)
DODGEColt19894-1.5L 2 bbl. (K) CAN
DODGEColt19894-1.5L F/inj. (X) CAN
DODGEColt19894-1.6L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (Z) CAN
DODGEColt19894-1.6L F/inj. (Y) CAN
DODGEColt19894-1.8L F/inj. (T)
DODGEColt19894-2.0L F/inj. (V)
DODGEColt19904-1.5L 2 bbl. (K) CAN
DODGEColt19904-1.5L F/inj. (X)
DODGEColt19904-1.6L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (F) CAN
DODGEColt19904-1.6L F/inj. (Y)
DODGEColt19904-1.8L F/inj. (T)
DODGEColt19924-2.4L F/inj. (16V) (W) CAN
DODGEColt Vista19844-1.4L 2 bbl. (A)
DODGEColt Vista19844-1.6L 2 bbl. (B)
DODGEColt Vista19844-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
DODGEColt Vista19844-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGEColt Vista19854-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt Vista19854-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
DODGEColt Vista19854-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGEColt Vista19864-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt Vista19864-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
DODGEColt Vista19864-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGEColt Vista19874-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt Vista19874-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
DODGEColt Vista19874-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGEColt Vista19884-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
DODGEColt Vista19884-1.5L F/inj. (P)
DODGEColt Vista19884-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
DODGEColt Vista19884-2.0L F/inj. (D)
DODGEColt Vista19894-2.0L F/inj. (V)
DODGEColt Vista19904-2.0L F/inj. (V)
DODGEColt Vista19914-2.0L F/inj. (V)
DODGEColt Vista19924-2.4L F/inj. (16V) (W)
DODGEConquest19844-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (H)
DODGEConquest19854-2.6L F/inj. T/Intrcld (H)
DODGEConquest19854-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (N)
DODGEConquest19864-2.6L F/inj. T/Intrcld (H)
DODGEConquest19864-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (N)
DODGEOmni19784-105CID 2 bbl. (A)
DODGE TRUCKCaravan19844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKCaravan19854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKCaravan19864-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKCaravan19874-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKD5019794-122CID 1 bbl. (U)
DODGE TRUCKD5019794-156CID 2 bbl. (W)
DODGE TRUCKD5019804-122CID 1 bbl. (U)
DODGE TRUCKD5019804-156CID 2 bbl. (W)
DODGE TRUCKD5019814-122CID 2 bbl. (5)
DODGE TRUCKD5019814-156CID 2 bbl. (7)
DODGE TRUCKD5019814-86CID 1 bbl. (2)
DODGE TRUCKD5019814-98CID 2 bbl. (3)
DODGE TRUCKD5019824-1.4L 1 bbl. (2)
DODGE TRUCKD5019824-1.6L 2 bbl. (3)
DODGE TRUCKD5019824-2.0L 1 bbl. (5)
DODGE TRUCKD5019824-2.6L 2 bbl. (7)
DODGE TRUCKD5019834-2.0L 2 bbl. (5)
DODGE TRUCKD5019834-2.6L 2 bbl. (7)
DODGE TRUCKD5019844-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGE TRUCKD5019844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKD5019854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKD5019864-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKD5019874-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKD5019884-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGE TRUCKD5019884-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKD5019894-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGE TRUCKD5019894-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKD5019904-2.4L F/inj. (W)
DODGE TRUCKD5019904-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKD501990V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKD5019914-2.4L F/inj. (W)
DODGE TRUCKD501991V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKD5019924-2.4L F/inj. (W)
DODGE TRUCKD501992V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKD501993V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKMini-Ram19844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKMini-Ram19854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKMini-Ram19864-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKMini-Ram19874-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019794-122CID 1 bbl. (U)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019794-156CID 2 bbl. (W)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019804-122CID 1 bbl. (U)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019804-156CID 2 bbl. (W)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019814-122CID 2 bbl. (5)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019814-156CID 2 bbl. (7)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019814-86CID 1 bbl. (2)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019814-98CID 2 bbl. (3)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019824-1.4L 1 bbl. (2)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019824-1.6L 2 bbl. (3)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019824-2.0L 1 bbl. (5)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019824-2.6L 2 bbl. (7)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019834-2.0L 2 bbl. (5)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019834-2.6L 2 bbl. (7)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019844-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019864-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019874-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019884-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019884-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019894-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019894-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019904-2.4L F/inj. (W)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019904-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 501990V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019914-2.4L F/inj. (W)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 501991V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 5019924-2.4L F/inj. (W)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 501992V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKPower Ram 501993V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKRaider19874-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKRaider19884-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKRaider19894-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKRaider1989V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKRaider19904-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKRaider1990V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019794-122CID 1 bbl. (U)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019794-156CID 2 bbl. (W)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019804-122CID 1 bbl. (U)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019804-156CID 2 bbl. (W)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019814-122CID 2 bbl. (5)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019814-156CID 2 bbl. (7)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019814-86CID 1 bbl. (2)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019814-98CID 2 bbl. (3)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019824-1.4L 1 bbl. (2)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019824-1.6L 2 bbl. (3)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019824-2.0L 1 bbl. (5)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019824-2.6L 2 bbl. (7)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019834-2.0L 2 bbl. (5)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019834-2.6L 2 bbl. (7)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019844-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019864-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019874-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019884-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019884-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019894-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019894-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019904-2.4L F/inj. (W)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019904-2.6L 2 bbl. (E)
DODGE TRUCKRam 501990V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019914-2.4L F/inj. (W)
DODGE TRUCKRam 501991V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKRam 5019924-2.4L F/inj. (W)
DODGE TRUCKRam 501992V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKRam 501993V6-3.0L F/inj. (S)
DODGE TRUCKRoyal19844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKRoyal19854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKRoyal19864-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
DODGE TRUCKRoyal19874-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
EAGLE2000GTX19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (U) CAN
EAGLE2000GTX19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (R) CAN
EAGLE2000GTX19914-2.0L F/inj. (V) CAN
EAGLE2000GTX19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (U) CAN
EAGLE2000GTX19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (R) CAN
EAGLE2000GTX19924-2.0L F/inj. (V) CAN
EAGLE2000GTX19934-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (U) CAN
EAGLE2000GTX19934-2.0L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (R) CAN
EAGLE2000GTX19934-2.0L F/inj. (D) CAN
EAGLE2000GTX19944-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC Turbo (U) CAN
EAGLE2000GTX19944-2.0L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (R) CAN
EAGLESummit19894-1.5L F/inj. (X)
EAGLESummit19894-1.6L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (Y) CAN
EAGLESummit19904-1.5L F/inj. (X)
EAGLESummit19904-1.6L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (Y)
EAGLESummit19914-1.5L F/inj. (A)
EAGLESummit19914-1.6L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (Y)
EAGLESummit19924-1.6L F/inj. (16V) EJG Turbo
EAGLESummit19924-2.4L F/inj. (16V) (W)
EAGLETalon19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V) (R)
EAGLETalon19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (U)
EAGLETalon19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) (R)
EAGLETalon19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (U)
EAGLETalon19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) (R)
EAGLETalon19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (U)
EAGLETalon19934-1.8L F/inj. (B)
EAGLEVista (Canada)19884-1.5L F/inj. (K) CAN
EAGLEVista (Canada)19894-2.0L F/inj. (V) CAN
EAGLEVista (Canada)19904-1.5L F/inj. (K) CAN
EAGLEVista (Canada)19904-2.0L F/inj. (V) CAN
EAGLEVista (Canada)19914-1.5L F/inj. (K) CAN
EAGLEVista (Canada)19914-2.0L F/inj. (V) CAN
EAGLEVista (Canada)19924-2.0L F/inj. (V) CAN
HYUNDAIDeluxe19894-2.4L F/inj. SOHC G4CS
HYUNDAIElantra19924-1.6L F/inj. (16V) DOHC G4CR
HYUNDAIExcel19864-1.5L 2 bbl. SOHC G4DJ
HYUNDAIExcel19874-1.5L 2 bbl. SOHC G4DJ
HYUNDAIExcel19884-1.5L 2 bbl. SOHC G4DJ
HYUNDAIExcel19894-1.5L 2 bbl. SOHC G4DJ
HYUNDAIExcel19904-1.5L F/inj. SOHC G4DJ
HYUNDAIExcel19914-1.5L F/inj. CAN
HYUNDAIExcel19914-1.5L F/inj. SOHC G4DJ
HYUNDAIExcel19924-1.5L F/inj. SOHC G4DJ
HYUNDAIGL (Canada)19924-1.6L F/inj. (16V) DOHC G4CR
HYUNDAIL (Canada)19914-1.5L F/inj. CAN
HYUNDAIL (Canada)19914-1.5L F/inj. SOHC G4DJ
HYUNDAIL (Canada)19924-1.5L F/inj. SOHC G4DJ
HYUNDAIPony (Canada)19834-1.4L CAN
HYUNDAIPony (Canada)19834-1.6L CAN
HYUNDAIPony (Canada)19844-1.4L CAN
HYUNDAIPony (Canada)19844-1.6L CAN
HYUNDAIPony (Canada)19854-1.4L CAN
HYUNDAIPony (Canada)19854-1.6L CAN
HYUNDAIPony (Canada)19864-1.4L CAN
HYUNDAIPony (Canada)19864-1.5L CAN
HYUNDAIPony (Canada)19864-1.6L CAN
HYUNDAIPony (Canada)19874-1.4L CAN
HYUNDAIPony (Canada)19874-1.6L CAN
HYUNDAIPony (Canada)19884-1.4L CAN
HYUNDAIPony (Canada)19884-1.6L CAN
HYUNDAIScoupe19914-1.5L F/inj. SOHC G4DJ
HYUNDAIScoupe19924-1.5L F/inj. SOHC G4DJ
HYUNDAISonata19894-2.4L F/inj. SOHC G4CS
HYUNDAISonata19904-2.4L F/inj. SOHC G4CS
HYUNDAISonata19914-2.4L F/inj. SOHC G4CS
HYUNDAISonata19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC G4CP
HYUNDAISport Deluxe (Canada)19894-2.4L F/inj. SOHC G4CS
HYUNDAIStellar (Canada)19854-1.4L 2 bbl. CAN
HYUNDAIStellar (Canada)19854-1.6L 2 bbl. CAN
HYUNDAIStellar (Canada)19864-1.4L 2 bbl. CAN
HYUNDAIStellar (Canada)19864-1.5L 2 bbl. CAN
HYUNDAIStellar (Canada)19864-1.6L 2 bbl. CAN
HYUNDAIStellar (Canada)19874-1.6L 2 bbl. CAN
HYUNDAIStellar (Canada)19874-2.0L 2 bbl. 4G63 CAN
HYUNDAIStellar (Canada)19884-2.0L 2 bbl. 4G63 CAN
ISUZUI-Mark19814-1.8L 2 bbl. G180Z
ISUZUI-Mark19824-1.8L 2 bbl. G180Z
ISUZUI-Mark19834-1.8L 2 bbl. G180Z
ISUZUI-Mark19844-1.8L 2 bbl. G180Z
ISUZUI-Mark19854-1.8L 2 bbl. G180Z
ISUZUImpulse19834-1.9L 2 bbl. G200Z
ISUZUImpulse19844-1.9L 2 bbl. G200Z
ISUZUImpulse19854-1.9L 2 bbl. G200Z
ISUZUImpulse19854-2.0L F/inj. 4ZC1 Turbo
ISUZUImpulse19864-1.9L 2 bbl. G200Z
ISUZUImpulse19864-2.0L F/inj. 4ZC1 Turbo
ISUZUImpulse19874-1.9L 2 bbl. G200Z
ISUZUImpulse19874-2.0L F/inj. 4ZC1 Turbo
ISUZUImpulse19884-2.0L F/inj. 4ZC1 Turbo
ISUZUImpulse19884-2.3L F/inj. 4ZD1
ISUZUImpulse19894-2.0L F/inj. 4ZC1 Turbo
ISUZUImpulse19894-2.3L F/inj. 4ZD1
ISUZU TRUCKPickup19814-1.8L 2 bbl. G180Z
ISUZU TRUCKPickup19824-1.8L 2 bbl. G180Z
ISUZU TRUCKPickup19834-1.9L 2 bbl. G200Z
ISUZU TRUCKPickup19844-1.9L 2 bbl. G200Z
ISUZU TRUCKPickup19854-1.9L 2 bbl. G200Z
ISUZU TRUCKPickup19864-1.9L 2 bbl. G200Z
ISUZU TRUCKPickup19864-2.3L 2 bbl. 4ZD1
ISUZU TRUCKPickup19874-1.9L 2 bbl. G200Z
ISUZU TRUCKPickup19874-2.3L 2 bbl. 4ZD1
ISUZU TRUCKTrooper19844-1.9L 2 bbl. G200Z
ISUZU TRUCKTrooper19854-1.9L 2 bbl. G200Z
ISUZU TRUCKTrooper19864-2.3L 2 bbl. 4ZD1
ISUZU TRUCKTrooper19864-2.3L F/inj. 4ZD1
ISUZU TRUCKTrooper19874-2.3L 2 bbl. 4ZD1
MAZDA62619844-2.0L Diesel
MAZDA62619854-2.0L Diesel
MAZDA TRUCKB-260019874-2.6L 2 bbl.
MAZDA TRUCKB-260019884-2.6L 2 bbl.
MITSUBISHICordia19834-1.8L 2 bbl. G62B (4)
MITSUBISHICordia19844-1.8L 2 bbl. G62B (4)
MITSUBISHICordia19844-1.8L F/inj. G62B Turbo (G)
MITSUBISHICordia19844-2.0L 2 bbl. G62B (D)
MITSUBISHICordia19854-1.8L F/inj. G62B Turbo (G)
MITSUBISHICordia19854-2.0L 2 bbl. G62B (D)
MITSUBISHICordia19864-1.8L F/inj. G62B Turbo (G)
MITSUBISHICordia19864-2.0L 2 bbl. G62B (D)
MITSUBISHICordia19874-1.8L F/inj. G62B Turbo (G)
MITSUBISHICordia19874-2.0L 2 bbl. G62B (D)
MITSUBISHICordia19884-1.8L F/inj. G62B Turbo (G)
MITSUBISHICordia19884-2.0L 2 bbl. G62B (D)
MITSUBISHIEclipse19894-1.8L F/inj. SOHC 4G37 (T)
MITSUBISHIEclipse19894-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 (R)
MITSUBISHIEclipse19894-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 Turbo (U)
MITSUBISHIEclipse19904-1.8L F/inj. SOHC 4G37 (T)
MITSUBISHIEclipse19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 (R)
MITSUBISHIEclipse19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 Turbo (U)
MITSUBISHIEclipse19914-1.8L F/inj. SOHC 4G37 (T)
MITSUBISHIEclipse19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 (R)
MITSUBISHIEclipse19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 Turbo (U)
MITSUBISHIEclipse19924-1.8L F/inj. SOHC 4G37 (T)
MITSUBISHIEclipse19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 (R)
MITSUBISHIEclipse19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 Turbo (U)
MITSUBISHIGalant19854-2.4L F/inj. SOHC 4G64 (L)
MITSUBISHIGalant19864-2.4L F/inj. SOHC 4G64 (L)
MITSUBISHIGalant19874-2.4L F/inj. SOHC 4G64 (L)
MITSUBISHIGalant19894-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 (R)
MITSUBISHIGalant19894-2.0L F/inj. SOHC 4G63 (V)
MITSUBISHIGalant19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 (R)
MITSUBISHIGalant19904-2.0L F/inj. SOHC 4G63 (V)
MITSUBISHIGalant19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 (R)
MITSUBISHIGalant19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 Turbo (U)
MITSUBISHIGalant19914-2.0L F/inj. SOHC 4G63 (V)
MITSUBISHIGalant19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 (R)
MITSUBISHIGalant19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 Turbo (U)
MITSUBISHIGalant19924-2.0L F/inj. SOHC 4G63 (V)
MITSUBISHIGalant19934-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 (R)
MITSUBISHIGalant19934-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G63 Turbo (U)
MITSUBISHIGalant19934-2.0L F/inj. SOHC 4G63 (V)
MITSUBISHIMirage19854-1.5L 2 bbl. 4G15 (K)
MITSUBISHIMirage19854-1.6L F/inj. G32B Turbo (F)
MITSUBISHIMirage19864-1.5L 2 bbl. 4G15 (K)
MITSUBISHIMirage19864-1.6L F/inj. G32B Turbo (F)
MITSUBISHIMirage19874-1.5L 2 bbl. 4G15 (K)
MITSUBISHIMirage19874-1.6L F/inj. G32B Turbo (F)
MITSUBISHIMirage19884-1.5L 2 bbl. 4G15 (K)
MITSUBISHIMirage19884-1.6L F/inj. G32B Turbo (F)
MITSUBISHIMirage19894-1.5L F/inj. (12V) SOHC 4G15 (X)
MITSUBISHIMirage19894-1.6L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G61 Turbo (Z)
MITSUBISHIMirage19904-1.5L F/inj. (12V) SOHC 4G15 (X)
MITSUBISHIMirage19904-1.6L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G61 Turbo (Z)
MITSUBISHIMirage19914-1.5L F/inj. (12V) SOHC 4G15 (A)
MITSUBISHIMirage19914-1.6L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 4G61 Turbo (Y)
MITSUBISHIPrecis19874-1.5L 2 bbl. G4DJ (J)
MITSUBISHIPrecis19884-1.5L 2 bbl. G4DJ (J)
MITSUBISHIPrecis19894-1.5L 2 bbl. G4DJ (J)
MITSUBISHIPrecis19904-1.5L F/inj. G4DJ (J)
MITSUBISHIPrecis19914-1.5L F/inj. G4DJ (J)
MITSUBISHIPrecis19924-1.5L F/inj. G4DJ (J)
MITSUBISHIStarion19834-2.6L F/inj. G54B Turbo
MITSUBISHIStarion19844-2.6L F/inj. G54B Turbo
MITSUBISHIStarion19854-2.6L F/inj. G54B Turbo
MITSUBISHIStarion19864-2.6L F/inj. G54B Turbo
MITSUBISHIStarion19874-2.6L F/inj. G54B Turbo
MITSUBISHIStarion19884-2.6L F/inj. G54B Turbo
MITSUBISHIStarion19894-2.6L F/inj. G54B Turbo
MITSUBISHITredia19834-1.8L 2 bbl. G62B (4)
MITSUBISHITredia19844-1.8L F/inj. G62B Turbo (G)
MITSUBISHITredia19844-2.0L 2 bbl. G63B (D)
MITSUBISHITredia19854-1.8L F/inj. G62B Turbo (G)
MITSUBISHITredia19854-2.0L 2 bbl. G63B (D)
MITSUBISHITredia19864-1.8L F/inj. G62B Turbo (G)
MITSUBISHITredia19864-2.0L 2 bbl. G63B (D)
MITSUBISHITredia19874-1.8L F/inj. G62B Turbo (G)
MITSUBISHITredia19874-2.0L 2 bbl. G63B (D)
MITSUBISHITredia19884-1.8L F/inj. G62B Turbo (G)
MITSUBISHITredia19884-2.0L 2 bbl. G63B (D)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKExpo19924-2.4L F/inj. SOHC 4G64 (W)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKExpo19934-2.4L F/inj. SOHC 4G64 (G)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKExpo-LRV19934-2.4L F/inj. SOHC 4G64 (G)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKMontero19834-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (7)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKMontero19844-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (E)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKMontero19854-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (E)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKMontero19864-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (E)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKMontero19874-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (E)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKMontero19884-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (E)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKMontero19894-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (E)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKMontero1989V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC 6G72 (S)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKMontero1990V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC 6G72 (S)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKMontero1991V6-3.0L F/inj. (12V) SOHC 6G72
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19834-2.0L 2 bbl. SOHC G63B (5)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19834-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (7)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19844-2.0L 2 bbl. SOHC G63B (D)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19844-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (E)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19854-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (E)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19864-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (E)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19874-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (E)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19884-2.0L 2 bbl. SOHC G63B (D)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19884-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (E)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19894-2.0L 2 bbl. SOHC G63B (D)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19894-2.6L 2 bbl. SOHC G54B (E)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19904-2.4L F/inj. (16V) SOHC 4G64 (W)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup1990V6-3.0L F/inj. SOHC 6G72 (S)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19914-2.4L F/inj. (16V) SOHC 4G64 (W)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup1991V6-3.0L F/inj. SOHC 6G72 (S)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup19924-2.4L F/inj. (16V) SOHC 4G64 (W)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKPickup1992V6-3.0L F/inj. SOHC 6G72 (S)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKVan/Wagon19874-2.4L F/inj. (16V) SOHC 4G64 (L)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKVan/Wagon19884-2.4L F/inj. (16V) SOHC 4G64 (L)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKVan/Wagon19894-2.4L F/inj. (16V) SOHC 4G64 (W)
MITSUBISHI TRUCKVan/Wagon19904-2.4L F/inj. (16V) SOHC 4G64 (W)
OPELCoupe19774-1.8L 2 bbl. (B)
OPELCoupe19784-1.8L 2 bbl. (B)
OPELCoupe19794-1.8L 2 bbl.
OPELIsuzu19764-1.8L 2 bbl.
OPELSedan19774-1.8L 2 bbl. (B)
OPELSedan19784-1.8L 2 bbl. (B)
OPELSedan19794-1.8L 2 bbl.
PASSPORTImpulse (Canada)19894-2.0L F/inj. Turbo CAN
PASSPORTImpulse (Canada)19894-2.3L F/inj. CAN
PLYMOUTHArrow19764-122CID 2 bbl. (U)
PLYMOUTHArrow19764-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHArrow19774-122CID 2 bbl. (U)
PLYMOUTHArrow19774-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHArrow19784-122CID 2 bbl. (U)
PLYMOUTHArrow19784-159CID 2 bbl. (F)
PLYMOUTHArrow19784-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHArrow19794-122CID 2 bbl. (U)
PLYMOUTHArrow19794-159CID 2 bbl. (F)
PLYMOUTHArrow19794-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHArrow19804-159CID 2 bbl. (F)
PLYMOUTHArrow19804-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHCaravelle19854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G) CAN
PLYMOUTHCaravelle (Canada)19834-2.6L 2 bbl. (7) CAN
PLYMOUTHCaravelle (Canada)19834-2.6L 2 bbl. (G) CAN
PLYMOUTHCaravelle (Canada)19844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G) CAN
PLYMOUTHChamp19794-85CID 2 bbl. (J)
PLYMOUTHChamp19794-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHChamp19804-85CID 2 bbl. (J)
PLYMOUTHChamp19804-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHChamp19814-86CID 2 bbl. (2)
PLYMOUTHChamp19814-98CID 2 bbl. (3)
PLYMOUTHChamp19824-1.4L 2 bbl. (2)
PLYMOUTHChamp19824-1.6L 2 bbl. (3)
PLYMOUTHColt19764-122CID 2 bbl. (U) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19764-98CID 2 bbl. (K) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19774-122CID 2 bbl. (U) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19774-98CID 2 bbl. (K) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19784-122CID 2 bbl. (U) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19784-159CID 2 bbl. (F) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19784-98CID 2 bbl. (K) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19794-159CID 2 bbl. (F) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19794-85CID 2 bbl. (J) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19794-98CID 2 bbl. (K) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19804-159CID 2 bbl. (F) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19804-85CID 2 bbl. (J) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19804-98CID 2 bbl. (K) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19814-86CID 2 bbl. (2) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19814-98CID 2 bbl. (3) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19824-1.4L 2 bbl. (2) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19824-1.6L 2 bbl. (3) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19834-1.4L 2 bbl. (2)
PLYMOUTHColt19834-1.6L 2 bbl. (3)
PLYMOUTHColt19844-1.4L 2 bbl. (A)
PLYMOUTHColt19844-1.6L 2 bbl. (B)
PLYMOUTHColt19844-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
PLYMOUTHColt19844-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
PLYMOUTHColt19854-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHColt19854-1.6L 2 bbl. CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19854-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
PLYMOUTHColt19854-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
PLYMOUTHColt19864-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHColt19864-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
PLYMOUTHColt19864-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
PLYMOUTHColt19874-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHColt19874-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
PLYMOUTHColt19874-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
PLYMOUTHColt19884-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHColt19884-1.5L F/inj. (P)
PLYMOUTHColt19884-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
PLYMOUTHColt19884-2.0L F/inj. (D)
PLYMOUTHColt19894-1.5L F/inj. (X) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19894-1.6L 2 bbl. (Y) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19894-1.6L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (F) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19894-1.8L F/inj. (T)
PLYMOUTHColt19894-2.0L F/inj. (D)
PLYMOUTHColt19904-1.5L F/inj. (X)
PLYMOUTHColt19904-1.6L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (F) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt19904-1.6L F/inj. (Y)
PLYMOUTHColt19904-1.8L F/inj. (T)
PLYMOUTHColt19904-2.0L F/inj. (D)
PLYMOUTHColt19924-2.4L F/inj. (16V) (W) CAN
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19844-1.4L 2 bbl. (A)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19844-1.6L 2 bbl. (B)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19844-1.6L 2 bbl. Turbo (F)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19844-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19854-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19854-1.6L 2 bbl. CAN
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19854-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19854-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19864-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19864-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19864-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19874-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19874-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19874-2.0L 2 bbl. (D)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19884-1.5L 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19884-1.5L F/inj. (P)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19884-1.6L F/inj. Turbo (F)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19884-2.0L F/inj. (D)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19894-2.0L F/inj. (V)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19904-2.0L F/inj. (V)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19914-2.0L F/inj. (V)
PLYMOUTHColt Vista19924-2.4L F/inj. (16V) (W)
PLYMOUTHColt Wagon19894-1.5L F/inj. (X)
PLYMOUTHColt Wagon19894-1.8L F/inj. (T)
PLYMOUTHConquest19844-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (H)
PLYMOUTHConquest19854-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (H)
PLYMOUTHConquest19854-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (N)
PLYMOUTHConquest19864-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (H)
PLYMOUTHConquest19864-2.6L F/inj. Turbo (N)
PLYMOUTHHorizon19834-1.6L 2 bbl. (3) CAN
PLYMOUTHLaser19894-1.8L F/inj. (T)
PLYMOUTHLaser19894-2.0L F/inj. (16V) (R)
PLYMOUTHLaser19894-2.0L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (U)
PLYMOUTHLaser19904-1.8L F/inj. (T)
PLYMOUTHLaser19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V) (R)
PLYMOUTHLaser19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (U)
PLYMOUTHLaser19914-1.8L F/inj. (T)
PLYMOUTHLaser19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) (R)
PLYMOUTHLaser19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (U)
PLYMOUTHLaser19924-1.8L F/inj. (T)
PLYMOUTHLaser19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) (R)
PLYMOUTHLaser19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) Turbo (U)
PLYMOUTHLaser19934-1.8L F/inj. (B)
PLYMOUTHReliant19814-156CID 2 bbl. (D)
PLYMOUTHReliant19824-2.6L 2 bbl. (7) CAN
PLYMOUTHReliant19824-2.6L 2 bbl. (D)
PLYMOUTHReliant19834-2.6L 2 bbl. (7) CAN
PLYMOUTHReliant19834-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
PLYMOUTHReliant19844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
PLYMOUTHReliant19854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
PLYMOUTHSapporo19784-159CID 2 bbl. (F)
PLYMOUTHSapporo19784-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHSapporo19794-159CID 2 bbl. (F)
PLYMOUTHSapporo19794-98CID 2 bbl. (K)
PLYMOUTHSapporo19804-159CID 2 bbl. (F)
PLYMOUTHSapporo19814-156CID 2 bbl. (7)
PLYMOUTHSapporo19824-2.6L 2 bbl. (7)
PLYMOUTHSapporo19834-2.6L 2 bbl. (7)
PLYMOUTHTurismo19834-1.6L 2 bbl. (3) CAN
PLYMOUTH TRUCKArrow Pickup19794-122CID 2 bbl. (U)
PLYMOUTH TRUCKArrow Pickup19794-159CID 2 bbl. (W)
PLYMOUTH TRUCKArrow Pickup19804-122CID 2 bbl. (U)
PLYMOUTH TRUCKArrow Pickup19804-159CID 2 bbl. (W)
PLYMOUTH TRUCKArrow Pickup19814-122CID 1 bbl. (5)
PLYMOUTH TRUCKArrow Pickup19814-156CID 2 bbl. (7)
PLYMOUTH TRUCKArrow Pickup19824-2.0L 2 bbl. (5)
PLYMOUTH TRUCKArrow Pickup19824-2.6L 2 bbl. (7)
PLYMOUTH TRUCKVoyager19844-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
PLYMOUTH TRUCKVoyager19854-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
PLYMOUTH TRUCKVoyager19864-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)
PLYMOUTH TRUCKVoyager19874-2.6L 2 bbl. (G)

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