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Bosch Oxygen Sensor

Bosch oxygen sensors are original equipment on hundreds of vehicles. carries Bosch O2 wire sensors for almost every vehicle made. A new Bosch oxygen sensor will restore like-new performance to your import or domestic car, truck, van, or SUV. And with Bosch, you know you’re getting an oxygen sensor that is made to the rigorous specifications of your original equipment oxygen sensor.

The oxygen sensor is regarded as the most sensitive and crucial component on the engine of a car. More specifically, an oxygen sensor is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen in the gas or liquid. It is constantly measuring the air fuel mixture while idling, accelerating, and cruising. Bosch was the first to manufacture O2 sensors. It is because of the automotive oxygen sensor (AKA lambda sensor or O2 sensor) that electronic fuel injection and emission control is possible. Since 1962, Bosh has consistently designed the highest, and best quality oxygen sensors in the auto industry.

Bosch oxygen sensors will restore your car’s performance, help prevent air pollution, promote the life of your catalytic converter, and ultimately, allow your car to pass smog inspection! If you are experiencing some of the below symptoms, it might be time to buy new Bosch oxygen sensors:

  • Surging and hesitation of your engine.
  • Excessive exhaust emissions.
  • Inability to pass smog testing.
  • Premature catalytic converter failure.
  • Poor fuel mileage.


C3800WS Bosch Cabin AIr Filter

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P3600WS Bosch Cabin AIr Filter

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