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Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen sensors are critical parts of the emissions control system and feed data to the car’s engineer management computer. O2 sensors help the engine run efficiently and produce as little emissions as possible. They prevent pollution by continuously regulating the residual fuel / air ratio post combustion. Producing a too rich gasoline to oxygen mixture will not only cause your catalytic converter to fail prematurely, it will increase harmful emissions and pollution.

Variables that affect the amount of oxygen an engine can pull include altitude, air temperature, engine temperature, air pressure and engine load, etc. Without oxygen sensors, your engine is unable to sense the air/fuel ratio and will use more fuel than necessary. Symptoms of failing oxygen sensors are:

  • Rough idling.
  • Stalling.
  • Hesitation on acceleration.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Flashing indicator light.
  • Increased emissions (inability to pass smog!) carries Bosch and Denso oxygen sensors. Both brands are leaders in their class and produce the finest quality O2 sensors. Using our simple to use part finder, youâ??ll find your carâ??s appropriate oxygen sensor fast and easily, and always at the best price!

Questions about how to replace your O2 sensors? Here is a DIY video showing how to diagnose and replace your oxygen sensors yourself.