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TGA3647 Fram Tough Guard Air Filter Reviews
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Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Automotive Applications
BUICKCentury19824-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKCentury19834-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKCentury19844-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKCentury19854-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKCentury19864-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKCentury19874-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKCentury19884-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKCentury19894-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKCentury19904-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKCentury19914-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKCentury19924-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKSkyhawk19824-1.8L F/inj. (O)
BUICKSkyhawk19834-1.8L F/inj. (O)
BUICKSkyhawk19834-2.0L F/inj. (P)
BUICKSkyhawk19844-1.8L F/inj. (O)
BUICKSkyhawk19844-2.0L F/inj. (P)
BUICKSkyhawk19854-1.8L F/inj. (O)
BUICKSkyhawk19854-2.0L F/inj. (P)
BUICKSkyhawk19864-1.8L F/inj. (O)
BUICKSkyhawk19864-2.0L F/inj. (P)
BUICKSkyhawk19874-2.0L F/inj. (K)
BUICKSkyhawk19884-2.0L F/inj. (K)
BUICKSkylark19824-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKSkylark19834-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKSkylark19844-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKSkylark19854-2.5L F/inj. (R)
BUICKSkylark19864-2.5L F/inj. (R) CAN
BUICKSkylark19864-2.5L F/inj. (U)
BUICKSkylark19874-2.5L F/inj. (U)
BUICKSkylark19884-2.5L F/inj. (U)
BUICKSkylark19894-2.5L F/inj. (U)
BUICKSkylark19904-2.5L F/inj. (U)
BUICKSkylark19914-2.5L F/inj. (U)
BUICKSomerset19854-2.5L F/inj. (U)
BUICKSomerset19864-2.5L F/inj. (R) CAN
BUICKSomerset19864-2.5L F/inj. (U)
BUICKSomerset19874-2.5L F/inj. (U)
BUICKSomerset19884-2.5L F/inj. (U)
BUICKSomerset19894-2.5L F/inj. (U)
CADILLACCimarron19834-2.0L F/inj. (P)
CADILLACCimarron19844-2.0L F/inj. (P)
CADILLACCimarron19854-2.0L F/inj. (P)
CADILLACCimarron19864-2.0L F/inj. (P)
CHEVROLETBeretta19904-2.2L F/inj. (G)
CHEVROLETBeretta19914-2.2L F/inj. (G)
CHEVROLETCamaro19824-2.5L F/inj. (2)
CHEVROLETCamaro19834-2.5L F/inj. (2)
CHEVROLETCamaro19844-2.5L F/inj. (2)
CHEVROLETCamaro19854-2.5L F/inj. (2)
CHEVROLETCamaro19864-2.5L F/inj. (2)
CHEVROLETCavalier19834-2.0L F/inj. (P)
CHEVROLETCavalier19844-2.0L F/inj. (P)
CHEVROLETCavalier19854-2.0L F/inj. (P)
CHEVROLETCavalier19864-2.0L F/inj. (P)
CHEVROLETCavalier19904-2.2L F/inj. (G)
CHEVROLETCavalier19914-2.2L F/inj. (G)
CHEVROLETCelebrity19824-2.5L F/inj. (R)
CHEVROLETCelebrity19834-2.5L F/inj. (R)
CHEVROLETCelebrity19844-2.5L F/inj. (R)
CHEVROLETCelebrity19854-2.5L F/inj. (R)
CHEVROLETCelebrity19864-2.5L F/inj. (R)
CHEVROLETCelebrity19874-2.5L F/inj. (R)
CHEVROLETCelebrity19884-2.5L F/inj. (R)
CHEVROLETCelebrity19894-2.5L F/inj. (R)
CHEVROLETCelebrity19904-2.5L F/inj. (R)
CHEVROLETCitation19824-2.5L F/inj. (R)
CHEVROLETCitation19834-2.5L F/inj. (R)
CHEVROLETCitation19844-2.5L F/inj. (R)
CHEVROLETCitation19854-2.5L F/inj. (R)
CHEVROLETCorsica19904-2.2L F/inj. (G)
CHEVROLETCorsica19914-2.2L F/inj. (G)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKAstro19854-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKAstro19864-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKAstro19874-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKAstro19884-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKAstro19894-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKAstro19904-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKJimmy19854-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKJimmy19864-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKJimmy19874-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKJimmy19884-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKJimmy19894-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKJimmy19904-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKPickup19914-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKPickup19914-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKPickup19924-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKPickup19934-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKPostal Service Van19874-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKPostal Service Van19884-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKPostal Service Van19894-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKPostal Service Van19904-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKPostal Service Van19914-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKPostal Service Van19914-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKPostal Service Van19924-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKPostal Service Van19934-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T1019854-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T1019864-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T1019874-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T1019884-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T1019894-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T1019904-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T10 Blazer19914-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T10 Blazer19914-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T10 Blazer19924-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS10/T10 Blazer19934-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Blazer19854-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Blazer19864-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Blazer19874-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Blazer19884-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Blazer19894-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Blazer19904-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Jimmy19914-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Jimmy19914-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Jimmy19924-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKS15/T15 Jimmy19934-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKSafari19854-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKSafari19864-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKSafari19874-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKSafari19884-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKSafari19894-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKSafari19904-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKSonoma19914-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKSonoma19914-2.5L F/inj. (E)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKSonoma19924-2.5L F/inj. (A)
CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCKSonoma19934-2.5L F/inj. (A)
OLDSMOBILECalais19854-2.5L F/inj. (U)
OLDSMOBILECalais19864-2.5L F/inj. (U)
OLDSMOBILECalais19874-2.5L F/inj. (U)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Calais19884-2.5L F/inj. (U)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Calais19894-2.5L F/inj. (U)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Calais19904-2.5L F/inj. (U)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Calais19914-2.5L F/inj. (U)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19824-2.5L F/inj. (R)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19834-2.5L F/inj. (R)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19844-2.5L F/inj. (R)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19854-2.5L F/inj. (R)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19864-2.5L F/inj. (R)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19874-2.5L F/inj. (R)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19884-2.5L F/inj. (R)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19894-2.5L F/inj. (R)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19904-2.5L F/inj. (R)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19914-2.5L F/inj. (R)
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19924-2.5L F/inj. (R)
OLDSMOBILEFirenza19824-1.8L F/inj. (0)
OLDSMOBILEFirenza19834-1.8L F/inj. (0)
OLDSMOBILEFirenza19834-2.0L F/inj. (P)
OLDSMOBILEFirenza19844-1.8L F/inj. (0)
OLDSMOBILEFirenza19844-2.0L F/inj. (P)
OLDSMOBILEFirenza19854-1.8L F/inj. (0)
OLDSMOBILEFirenza19854-2.0L F/inj. (P)
OLDSMOBILEFirenza19864-1.8L F/inj. (0)
OLDSMOBILEFirenza19864-2.0L F/inj. (P)
OLDSMOBILEFirenza19874-2.0L F/inj. (K)
OLDSMOBILEFirenza19884-2.0L F/inj. (K)
OLDSMOBILEOmega19824-2.5L F/inj. (R)
OLDSMOBILEOmega19834-2.5L F/inj. (R)
OLDSMOBILEOmega19844-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PASSPORTOptima (Canada)19884-2.0L F/inj. (K) CAN
PASSPORTOptima (Canada)19894-2.0L F/inj. (K) CAN
PASSPORTOptima (Canada)19904-2.0L F/inj. (K) CAN
PASSPORTOptima (Canada)19914-2.0L F/inj. (K) CAN
PONTIAC600019824-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIAC600019834-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIAC600019844-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIAC600019854-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIAC600019864-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIAC600019874-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIAC600019884-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIAC600019894-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIAC600019904-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIAC600019914-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIACAsuna (Canada)19884-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACAsuna (Canada)19894-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACAsuna (Canada)19904-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACFiero19844-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIACFiero19854-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIACFiero19864-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIACFiero19874-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIACFiero19884-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIACFirebird19824-2.5L F/inj. (2)
PONTIACFirebird19834-2.5L F/inj. (2)
PONTIACFirebird19844-2.5L F/inj. (2)
PONTIACFirebird19854-2.5L F/inj. (2)
PONTIACFirebird19864-2.5L F/inj. (2)
PONTIACGrand Am19854-2.5L F/inj. (U)
PONTIACGrand Am19864-2.5L F/inj. (U)
PONTIACGrand Am19874-2.5L F/inj. (U)
PONTIACGrand Am19884-2.5L F/inj. (U)
PONTIACGrand Am19894-2.5L F/inj. (U)
PONTIACGrand Am19904-2.5L F/inj. (U)
PONTIACGrand Am19914-2.5L F/inj. (U)
PONTIACJ200019824-1.8L F/inj. (0)
PONTIACJ200019834-1.8L F/inj. (0)
PONTIACJ200019834-2.0L F/inj. (P)
PONTIACJ200019844-1.8L F/inj. (0)
PONTIACJ200019844-2.0L F/inj. (P)
PONTIACLemans-FWD19884-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACLemans-FWD19894-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACLemans-FWD19904-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACOptima19884-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACOptima19894-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACOptima19904-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACPhoenix19824-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIACPhoenix19834-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIACPhoenix19844-2.5L F/inj. (R)
PONTIACSunbird19854-1.8L F/inj. (0)
PONTIACSunbird19854-2.0L F/inj. (P)
PONTIACSunbird19864-1.8L F/inj. (0)
PONTIACSunbird19864-2.0L F/inj. (P)
PONTIACSunbird19874-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACSunbird19884-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACSunbird19894-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACSunbird19904-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACSunbird19914-2.0L F/inj. (K)
PONTIACTempest (Canada)19904-2.2L F/inj. (G) CAN
PONTIACTempest (Canada)19914-2.2L F/inj. (G) CAN