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CH222 - Fram Extra Guard Oil Filter Reviews
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Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Automotive Applications
TOYOTACorona19674-1.9L 2 bbl. 3R-C
TOYOTACorona19674-1.9L 2 bbl. 8R
TOYOTACorona19674-1.9L 2 bbl. 8R-C
TOYOTACorona19684-1.9L 2 bbl. 3R-C
TOYOTACorona19684-1.9L 2 bbl. 8R
TOYOTACorona19684-1.9L 2 bbl. 8R-C
TOYOTACorona19694-1.9L 2 bbl. 3R-C
TOYOTACorona19694-1.9L 2 bbl. 8R
TOYOTACorona19694-1.9L 2 bbl. 8R-C
TOYOTACorona19704-1.9L 2 bbl. 3R-C
TOYOTACorona19704-1.9L 2 bbl. 8R
TOYOTACorona19704-1.9L 2 bbl. 8R-C