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4162 Autolite Copper Core Spark Plug Reviews
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Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
BMWM320053.2 L6
BMWM320063.2 L6
BMWZ420063.2 L6
BMWZ420073.2 L6
BMWZ420083.2 L6
BMWZ420093.0 L6
FERRARI456 GT19955.5 V12
FERRARI456 GT19965.5 V12
FERRARI456 GT19975.5 V12
FERRARI456 GT19985.5 V12
FERRARI456 GTA19975.5 V12
FERRARI456 GTA19985.5 V12
FERRARI456 M19995.5 V12
FERRARI456 M20005.5 V12
FERRARI456 M20015.5 V12
FERRARI456 M GT20025.5 V12
FERRARI456 M GT20035.5 V12
FERRARI456 M GT20045.5 V12
FERRARI456 M GTA20025.5 V12
FERRARI456 M GTA20035.5 V12
FERRARI456 M GTA20045.5 V12
FERRARI550 Maranello19975.5 V12
FERRARI550 Maranello19985.5 V12
FERRARI550 Maranello19995.5 V12
FERRARI550 Maranello20005.5 V12
FERRARI550 Maranello20015.5 V12
FERRARI550 Maranello20025.5 V12
FERRARI612 Scaglietti20055.7 V12
FERRARI612 Scaglietti20065.7 V12
FERRARI612 Scaglietti20075.7 V12
FERRARI612 Scaglietti20085.7 V12
FERRARI612 Scaglietti20095.7 V12
FERRARI612 Scaglietti20105.7 V12