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13245 - Bosch OE Identical O2 Sensor 3 Wire

13245 - Bosch OE Identical O2 Sensor 3 Wire
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Original equipment on a wide variety of European, Asian and domestic vehicles, Bosch is the #1 best selling brand in the oxygen sensor aftermarket. Making sure your vehicle has a properly functioning oxygen sensors is critical when it comes to your vehicle's fuel efficiency and reducing harmful exhaust emissions. Replacing a worn-out oxygen sensor is an important part of every routine vehicle tune-up. Replacing a worn-out oxygen sensor saves money in fuel costs, improves engine performance, reduces air pollution and prevents premature failure of the catalytic converter.

Why Bosch Oxygen Sensors?

  • Fast and Easy Installation
    • The pre-greased thread allows you to replace the oxygen sensor quickly and easily, saving you work and time
    • Made-to-measure cable lengths make the sensor suitable for every type of vehicle
    • The original connector fits perfectly, just like in the original equipment
  • Original equipment expertise for virtually every vehicle
    • All Bosch Oxygen Sensors feature original equipment quality: in other words, they are subject to the same strict test criteria as the original part. The quality of the replacement oxygen sensor is therefore guaranteed to remain constant.
    • That's why vehicle manufacturers worldwide put their trust in oxygen sensors from Bosch - the Number 1 for oxygen sensors for original equipment and the aftermarket.
  • Regular oxygen sensor checking and replacement is well worthwhile
    • Up to 15 % savings in fuel costs
    • Improved engine power
    • Reduced CO 2 emissions
Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
SAAB900 S19942.3 L4
SAAB900 S19952.3 L4
SAAB900 SE TURBO19952 L4
SAAB900019922.3 L4
SAAB900019922.3 L4
SAAB9000 CD19922.3 L4
SAAB9000 CD19922.3 L4
SAAB9000 CD19932.3 L4
SAAB9000 CDE19932.3 L4
SAAB9000 CS19932.3 L4
SAAB9000 CSE19932.3 L4
SAAB9000 S19922.3 L4