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AP606 Autolite Platinum Spark Plug

AP606 Autolite Platinum Spark  Plug
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AP606 Autolite Platinum Spark Plug

The AP606 Autolite Platinum Spark Plug provides a center wire platinum firing tip. Benefits include: reduced gap, erosion, fewer misfires, better performance and more durability. Guaranteed for 3 years.

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
BUICKAllure20053.8 V6
BUICKAllure20063.8 V6
BUICKAllure20073.8 V6
BUICKAllure20083.8 V6
BUICKAllure20093.8 V6
BUICKCentury19933.3 V6
BUICKCentury19963.1 V6
BUICKCentury19973.1 V6
BUICKCentury19983.1 V6
BUICKCentury19993.1 V6
BUICKCentury20003.1 V6
BUICKCentury20013.1 V6
BUICKCentury20023.1 V6
BUICKCentury20033.1 V6
BUICKCentury20043.1 V6
BUICKCentury20053.1 V6
BUICKLaCrosse20053.8 V6
BUICKLaCrosse20063.8 V6
BUICKLaCrosse20073.8 V6
BUICKLaCrosse20083.8 V6
BUICKLaCrosse20093.8 V6
BUICKLeSabre19933.8 V6
BUICKLeSabre19943.8 V6
BUICKLeSabre19953.8 V6
BUICKLeSabre19963.8 V6
BUICKLeSabre19973.8 V6
BUICKLeSabre19983.8 V6
BUICKLeSabre19993.8 V6
BUICKLeSabre20003.8 V6
BUICKLeSabre20013.8 V6
BUICKLeSabre20023.8 V6
BUICKLeSabre20033.8 V6
BUICKLeSabre20043.8 V6
BUICKLeSabre20053.8 V6
BUICKLucerne20063.8 V6
BUICKLucerne20073.8 V6
BUICKLucerne20083.8 V6
BUICKLucerne20093.9 V6
BUICKLucerne20093.9 V6
BUICKLucerne20103.9 V6
BUICKLucerne20103.9 V6
BUICKLucerne20113.9 V6
BUICKPark Avenue19923.8 V6
BUICKPark Avenue19933.8 V6
BUICKPark Avenue19943.8 V6
BUICKPark Avenue19953.8 V6
BUICKPark Avenue19963.8 V6
BUICKPark Avenue19973.8 V6
BUICKPark Avenue19983.8 V6
BUICKPark Avenue19993.8 V6
BUICKPark Avenue20003.8 V6
BUICKPark Avenue20013.8 V6
BUICKPark Avenue20023.8 V6
BUICKPark Avenue20033.8 V6
BUICKPark Avenue20043.8 V6
BUICKPark Avenue20053.8 V6
BUICKRegal19933.8 V6
BUICKRegal19943.8 V6
BUICKRegal19953.8 V6
BUICKRegal19963.1 V6
BUICKRegal19963.8 V6
BUICKRegal19973.8 V6
BUICKRegal19983.8 V6
BUICKRegal19993.8 V6
BUICKRegal20003.8 V6
BUICKRegal20013.8 V6
BUICKRegal20023.8 V6
BUICKRegal20033.8 V6
BUICKRegal20043.8 V6
BUICKRendezvous20023.4 V6
BUICKRendezvous20033.4 V6
BUICKRendezvous20043.4 V6
BUICKRendezvous20053.4 V6
BUICKRendezvous20063.5 V6
BUICKRendezvous20073.5 V6
BUICKRiviera19933.8 V6
BUICKRiviera19953.8 V6
BUICKRiviera19963.8 V6
BUICKRiviera19973.8 V6
BUICKRiviera19983.8 V6
BUICKRiviera19993.8 V6
BUICKSkylark19933.3 V6
BUICKSkylark19963.1 V6
BUICKSkylark19973.1 V6
BUICKSkylark19983.1 V6
BUICKTerraza20053.5 V6
BUICKTerraza20063.5 V6
BUICKTerraza20063.9 V6
BUICKTerraza20073.9 V6
BUICKTerraza20073.9 V6
CADILLAC60 Special19934.9 V8
CADILLACDeVille19934.9 V8
CADILLACDeVille19944.9 V8
CADILLACDeVille19954.9 V8
CADILLACEldorado19934.9 V8
CADILLACSeville19934.9 V8
CHEVROLETBeretta19963.1 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro19953.8 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro19963.8 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro19973.8 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro19983.8 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro19993.8 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro20003.8 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro20013.8 V6
CHEVROLETCamaro20023.8 V6
CHEVROLETCorsica19963.1 V6
CHEVROLETEquinox20053.4 V6
CHEVROLETEquinox20063.4 V6
CHEVROLETEquinox20073.4 V6
CHEVROLETEquinox20083.4 V6
CHEVROLETEquinox20093.4 V6
CHEVROLETExpress 150020104.3 V6
CHEVROLETExpress 150020114.3 V6
CHEVROLETExpress 150020124.3 V6
CHEVROLETExpress 150020134.3 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20003.4 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20003.8 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20013.4 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20013.8 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20023.4 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20023.8 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20033.4 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20033.8 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20043.4 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20043.8 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20053.4 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20053.8 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20063.5 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20063.9 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20073.5 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20073.9 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20083.9 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20083.5 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20093.9 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20093.5 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20103.9 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20103.5 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20113.9 V6
CHEVROLETImpala20113.5 V6
CHEVROLETLumina19963.1 V6
CHEVROLETLumina19973.1 V6
CHEVROLETLumina19983.8 V6
CHEVROLETLumina19983.1 V6
CHEVROLETLumina19993.8 V6
CHEVROLETLumina19993.1 V6
CHEVROLETLumina20003.1 V6
CHEVROLETLumina20013.1 V6
CHEVROLETLumina APV19933.8 V6
CHEVROLETLumina APV19943.8 V6
CHEVROLETLumina APV19953.8 V6
CHEVROLETLumina APV19963.4 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu19973.1 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu19983.1 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu19992.4 L4
CHEVROLETMalibu19993.1 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu20003.1 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu20013.1 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu20023.1 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu20033.1 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu20043.5 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu20053.5 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu20063.5 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu20063.9 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu20073.9 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu20073.5 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu20083.5 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu20093.5 V6
CHEVROLETMalibu20103.5 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo19963.1 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo19973.1 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo19983.8 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo19983.1 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo19993.8 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo19993.1 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20003.8 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20003.4 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20013.4 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20013.8 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20023.4 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20023.8 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20033.4 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20033.8 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20043.4 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20043.8 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20053.4 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20053.8 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20063.5 V6
CHEVROLETMonte Carlo20073.5 V6
CHEVROLETSilverado 150020104.3 V6
CHEVROLETSilverado 150020114.3 V6
CHEVROLETSilverado 150020124.3 V6
CHEVROLETSilverado 150020134.3 V6
CHEVROLETUplander20053.5 V6
CHEVROLETUplander20063.5 V6
CHEVROLETUplander20063.9 V6
CHEVROLETUplander20073.9 V6
CHEVROLETUplander20073.9 V6
CHEVROLETUplander20083.9 V6
CHEVROLETUplander20083.9 V6
CHEVROLETUplander20093.9 V6
CHEVROLETUplander20093.9 V6
CHEVROLETVenture19973.4 V6
CHEVROLETVenture19983.4 V6
CHEVROLETVenture19993.4 V6
CHEVROLETVenture20003.4 V6
CHEVROLETVenture20013.4 V6
CHEVROLETVenture20023.4 V6
CHEVROLETVenture20033.4 V6
CHEVROLETVenture20043.4 V6
CHEVROLETVenture20053.4 V6
GMCSavana 150020104.3 V6
GMCSavana 150020114.3 V6
GMCSavana 150020124.3 V6
GMCSavana 150020134.3 V6
GMCSavana 150020144.3 V6
GMCSierra 150020104.3 V6
GMCSierra 150020114.3 V6
GMCSierra 150020124.3 V6
GMCSierra 150020134.3 V6
OLDSMOBILE8819933.8 V6
OLDSMOBILE8819943.8 V6
OLDSMOBILE8819953.8 V6
OLDSMOBILE8819963.8 V6
OLDSMOBILE8819973.8 V6
OLDSMOBILE8819983.8 V6
OLDSMOBILE8819993.8 V6
OLDSMOBILE9819933.8 V6
OLDSMOBILE9819943.8 V6
OLDSMOBILE9819953.8 V6
OLDSMOBILE9819963.8 V6
OLDSMOBILEAchieva19933.3 V6
OLDSMOBILEAchieva19963.1 V6
OLDSMOBILEAchieva19973.1 V6
OLDSMOBILEAchieva19983.1 V6
OLDSMOBILEAlero19993.4 V6
OLDSMOBILEAlero20003.4 V6
OLDSMOBILEAlero20013.4 V6
OLDSMOBILEAlero20023.4 V6
OLDSMOBILEAlero20033.4 V6
OLDSMOBILEAlero20043.4 V6
OLDSMOBILECutlass19973.1 V6
OLDSMOBILECutlass19983.1 V6
OLDSMOBILECutlass19993.1 V6
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19933.3 V6
OLDSMOBILECutlass Ciera19963.1 V6
OLDSMOBILECutlass Cruiser19933.3 V6
OLDSMOBILECutlass Supreme19963.1 V6
OLDSMOBILECutlass Supreme19973.1 V6
OLDSMOBILEIntrigue19983.8 V6
OLDSMOBILEIntrigue19993.8 V6
OLDSMOBILERegency19973.8 V6
OLDSMOBILERegency19983.8 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette19933.8 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette19943.8 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette19953.8 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette19963.4 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette19973.4 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette19983.4 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette19993.4 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette20003.4 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette20013.4 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette20023.4 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette20033.4 V6
OLDSMOBILESilhouette20043.4 V6
PONTIACAztek20013.4 V6
PONTIACAztek20023.4 V6
PONTIACAztek20033.4 V6
PONTIACAztek20043.4 V6
PONTIACAztek20053.4 V6
PONTIACBonneville19943.8 V6
PONTIACBonneville19953.8 V6
PONTIACBonneville19963.8 V6
PONTIACBonneville19973.8 V6
PONTIACBonneville19983.8 V6
PONTIACBonneville19993.8 V6
PONTIACBonneville20003.8 V6
PONTIACBonneville20013.8 V6
PONTIACBonneville20023.8 V6
PONTIACBonneville20033.8 V6
PONTIACBonneville20043.8 V6
PONTIACBonneville20053.8 V6
PONTIACFirebird19953.8 V6
PONTIACFirebird19963.8 V6
PONTIACFirebird19973.8 V6
PONTIACFirebird19983.8 V6
PONTIACFirebird19993.8 V6
PONTIACFirebird20003.8 V6
PONTIACFirebird20013.8 V6
PONTIACFirebird20023.8 V6
PONTIACG620053.5 V6
PONTIACG620063.9 V6
PONTIACG620063.5 V6
PONTIACG620073.5 V6
PONTIACG620073.9 V6
PONTIACG620083.9 V6
PONTIACG620083.5 V6
PONTIACG620093.9 V6
PONTIACG620093.5 V6
PONTIACG620103.5 V6
PONTIACGrand Am19933.3 V6
PONTIACGrand Am19963.1 V6
PONTIACGrand Am19973.1 V6
PONTIACGrand Am19983.1 V6
PONTIACGrand Am19992.4 L4
PONTIACGrand Am19993.4 V6
PONTIACGrand Am20003.4 V6
PONTIACGrand Am20013.4 V6
PONTIACGrand Am20023.4 V6
PONTIACGrand Am20033.4 V6
PONTIACGrand Am20043.4 V6
PONTIACGrand Am20053.4 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix19963.1 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix19973.8 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix19973.1 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix19983.8 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix19983.1 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix19993.8 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix19993.1 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix20003.8 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix20003.1 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix20013.8 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix20013.1 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix20023.8 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix20023.1 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix20033.8 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix20033.1 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix20043.8 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix20053.8 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix20063.8 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix20073.8 V6
PONTIACGrand Prix20083.8 V6
PONTIACMontana19993.4 V6
PONTIACMontana20003.4 V6
PONTIACMontana20013.4 V6
PONTIACMontana20023.4 V6
PONTIACMontana20033.4 V6
PONTIACMontana20043.4 V6
PONTIACMontana20053.5 V6
PONTIACMontana20053.4 V6
PONTIACMontana20063.9 V6
PONTIACMontana20063.5 V6
PONTIACMontana20073.9 V6
PONTIACMontana20083.9 V6
PONTIACMontana20083.9 V6
PONTIACMontana20083.9 V6
PONTIACMontana20093.9 V6
PONTIACMontana20093.9 V6
PONTIACTorrent20063.4 V6
PONTIACTorrent20073.4 V6
PONTIACTorrent20083.4 V6
PONTIACTorrent20093.4 V6
PONTIACTrans Sport19943.8 V6
PONTIACTrans Sport19953.8 V6
PONTIACTrans Sport19963.4 V6
PONTIACTrans Sport19973.4 V6
PONTIACTrans Sport19983.4 V6
PONTIACTrans Sport19993.4 V6
SATURNAura20073.5 V6
SATURNAura20083.5 V6
SATURNRelay20053.5 V6
SATURNRelay20063.5 V6
SATURNVue20083.5 V6
SATURNVue20093.5 V6
SATURNVue20103.5 V6
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