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FV294 Fram PCV Valve

FV294 Fram PCV Valve
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FV294 FRAM® PCV Valve

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Automotive Applications
FORDMustang1988V8-5.0L F/inj. HO (E)
FORD TRUCKBronco1987V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKBronco1988V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKBronco1989V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKBronco1990V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKBronco1991V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKBronco1992V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKBronco1993V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKBronco1994V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKBronco1995V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKBronco1996V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501987V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501988V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501989V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501990V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501991V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501992V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501993V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501994V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501995V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKE150-3501996V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKExplorer1996V8-5.0L F/inj. (P)
FORD TRUCKExplorer1997V8-5.0L F/inj. (P)
FORD TRUCKExplorer1998V8-5.0L F/inj. (P)
FORD TRUCKExplorer1999V8-5.0L F/inj. (P)
FORD TRUCKExplorer2000V8-5.0L F/inj. (P)
FORD TRUCKExplorer2001V8-5.0L F/inj. (P)
FORD TRUCKExplorer2002V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (W)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501987V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501988V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501989V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501990V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501991V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501992V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501993V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501994V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501995V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
FORD TRUCKF150-3501996V8-5.0L F/inj. (N)
MERCURY TRUCKMountaineer1997V8-5.0L F/inj. (P)
MERCURY TRUCKMountaineer1998V8-5.0L F/inj. (P)
MERCURY TRUCKMountaineer1999V8-5.0L F/inj. (P)
MERCURY TRUCKMountaineer2000V8-5.0L F/inj. (P)
MERCURY TRUCKMountaineer2001V8-5.0L F/inj. (P)
MERCURY TRUCKMountaineer2002V8-4.6L F/inj. (16V) SOHC (W)
Heavy Duty Applications
FORD (Gasoline)V8-302 (5.0L)1987All Engines
FORD (Gasoline)V8-302 (5.0L)1990All Engines
FORD (Gasoline)V8-302 (5.0L)1991All Engines
FORD (Gasoline)V8-302 (5.0L)1992All Engines
FORD (Gasoline)V8-302 (5.0L)1993All Engines
FORD (Gasoline)V8-302 (5.0L)1994All Engines
FORD (Gasoline)V8-302 (5.0L)1995All Engines
FORD (Gasoline)V8-302 (5.0L)1996All Engines
FORD (Gasoline)V8-302 (5.0L)1997All Engines
FORD (Gasoline)V8-302 (5.0L)1998All Engines
FORD (Gasoline)V8-302 (5.0L)1999All Engines
FORD (Gasoline)V8-302 (5.0L)2000All Engines
FORD (Gasoline)V8-302 (5.0L)2001All Engines
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