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HP-1009 - K&N Oil Filter - VOLVO

HP-1009 - K&N Oil Filter - VOLVO
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Originally developed for demanding race applications, our premium Performance Gold® Oil Filter is rapidly becoming a favorite among consumers for its durability and easy removal. Most of our automotive and marine oil filters come with a 1" nut welded to the top of the canister so they can be easily wrenched-off with a standard tool. To satisfy the demands of racers, our oil filter has many features over and above the requirements of most vehicles. We use thicker canister walls for extra strength and durability which reduces the risk of damage from loose rocks and debris. The drilled hole on the nut provides for safety wire attachment. Our oil filters also use a resin impregnated cellulose filter media. This allows for higher flow rates while providing outstanding filtration.

Part HP-1009 Product Specifications

Product Style: Oil Filters
Height: 3.41 in (87 mm)
Outside Diameter: 3.64 in (92 mm)
Thread Inside Diameter: 0.75
Thread Number: 16UNF-2B
PSI Relief Valve: 11-17
Anti Drain Back Valve: Yes
Style: Canister
Weight: 1 lb (0.5 kg)
Product Box Length: 3.63 in (92 mm)
Product Box Width: 3.63 in (92 mm)
Product Box Height: 3.49 in (89 mm)

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
VOLVO122 S19621.8 L4
VOLVO122 S19631.8 L4
VOLVO122 S19641.8 L4
VOLVO122 S19651.8 L4
VOLVO122 S19661.8 L4
VOLVO122 S19671.8 L4
VOLVO122 S19681.8 L4
VOLVO14219702 L4
VOLVO14219712 L4
VOLVO14219722 L4
VOLVO14219732 L4
VOLVO14219742 L4
VOLVO142 E19712 L4
VOLVO142 E19722 L4
VOLVO142 GL19742 L4
VOLVO142 S19681.8 L4
VOLVO142 S19692 L4
VOLVO16419703 L6
VOLVO16419713 L6
VOLVO16419723 L6
VOLVO16419753 L6
VOLVO164 E19733 L6
VOLVO164 E19743 L6
VOLVO180019621.8 L4
VOLVO180019631.8 L4
VOLVO180019641.8 L4
VOLVO180019651.8 L4
VOLVO180019671.8 L4
VOLVO1800 S19681.8 L4
VOLVO24019902.3 L4
VOLVO24019912.3 L4
VOLVO24019922.3 L4
VOLVO24019932.3 L4
VOLVO240 DL19902.3 L4
VOLVO240 GL19922.3 L4
VOLVO240 SE19912.3 L4
VOLVO265 GL19792.7 V6
VOLVO54419621.8 L4
VOLVO54419631.8 L4
VOLVO54419641.8 L4
VOLVO54419651.8 L4
VOLVO74019852.3 L4
VOLVO74019892.3 L4
VOLVO74019902.3 L4
VOLVO74019902.3 L4
VOLVO74019912.3 L4
VOLVO74019922.3 L4
VOLVO74019922.3 L4
VOLVO740 GL19892.3 L4
VOLVO740 GL19902.3 L4
VOLVO740 GLE19852.3 L4
VOLVO740 GLE19852.3 L4
VOLVO740 GLE19862.3 L4
VOLVO740 GLE19862.3 L4
VOLVO740 GLE19872.3 L4
VOLVO740 GLE19872.3 L4
VOLVO740 GLE19882.3 L4
VOLVO740 GLE19882.3 L4
VOLVO740 GLE19892.3 L4
VOLVO740 GLE19892.3 L4
VOLVO740 GLE19902.3 L4
VOLVO740 SE19912.3 L4
VOLVO76019852.3 L4
VOLVO76019892.3 L4
VOLVO76019902.3 L4
VOLVO760 GLE19832.8 V6
VOLVO760 GLE19842.8 V6
VOLVO760 GLE19842.3 L4
VOLVO760 GLE19852.8 V6
VOLVO760 GLE19852.3 L4
VOLVO760 GLE19862.8 V6
VOLVO760 GLE19862.3 L4
VOLVO760 GLE19872.3 L4
VOLVO760 GLE19872.8 V6
VOLVO760 GLE19882.8 V6
VOLVO760 GLE19882.3 L4
VOLVO760 GLE19892.8 V6
VOLVO760 GLE19902.8 V6
VOLVO78019872.8 V6
VOLVO78019882.8 V6
VOLVO78019892.8 V6
VOLVO78019892.3 L4
VOLVO78019902.8 V6
VOLVO78019902.3 L4
VOLVO78019912.3 L4
VOLVO85019942.3 L5
VOLVO85019962.3 L5
VOLVO850 AWD19972.4 L5
VOLVO850 GLT19972.4 L5
VOLVO850 R19972.3 L5
VOLVO850 T-519972.3 L5
VOLVO850 T-5R19952.3 L5
VOLVO850 TURBO19952.3 L5
VOLVO94019912.3 L4
VOLVO94019922.3 L4
VOLVO94019932.3 L4
VOLVO94019932.3 L4
VOLVO94019942.3 L4
VOLVO94019942.3 L4
VOLVO94019952.3 L4
VOLVO94019952.3 L4
VOLVO940 GL19922.3 L4
VOLVO940 GLE19912.3 L4
VOLVO940 SE19912.3 L4
VOLVOS7019982.3 L5
VOLVOS7019982.4 L5
VOLVOS7019992.4 L5
VOLVOS7019992.4 L5
VOLVOS70 GLT19982.4 L5
VOLVOS9019982.9 L6
VOLVOV7019982.4 L5
VOLVOV7019982.4 L5
VOLVOV7019992.4 L5
VOLVOV7019992.4 L5
VOLVOV70 GLT19982.4 L5
VOLVOV70 R19982.3 L5
VOLVOV70 T519982.3 L5
VOLVOV70 X/C AWD19982.4 L5
VOLVOV70 X/C AWD19992.4 L5
VOLVOV9019982.9 L6