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PS8187 - FRAM Hydraulic Filter

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PS8187 - FRAM Hydraulic Filter

Price: $36.40
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Quantity Available: 4

PS8187 FRAM Hydraulic Filter

  • Engineered high strength thread plate for maximum performance.
  • Gasket materials that meet the needs of the hydraulic system.
  • High efficiency media designed to remove damaging particles.
  • High strength spiral center tubes resist internal pressure buildup preventing collapse.
Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Heavy Duty Applications
BLUE BIRDConventionalAll YearsFord 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41991Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41992Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41993Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41994Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41995Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41996Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41997Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORD7000 & 4X41997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORD8670All YearsAll Engines
FORD8770All YearsAll Engines
FORD8870All YearsAll Engines
FORD8970All YearsAll Engines
FORDB600 & 60001991Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB600 & 60001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDB600 & 60001992Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB600 & 60001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDB600 & 60001993Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB600 & 60001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDB600 & 60001994Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB600 & 60001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDB600 & 60001995Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB600 & 60001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDB600 & 60001996Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB600 & 60001996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDB600 & 60001997Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB600 & 60001997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001991Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001992Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001993Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001994Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001995Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001996Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001997Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDB700 & 70001997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001991Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001992Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001993Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001994Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001995Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001996Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001997Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF700 & 70001997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF800 & 80001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF800 & 80001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF800 & 80001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF800 & 80001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF800 & 80001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF800 & 80001996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCF800 & 80001997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCFT800 & 80001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCFT800 & 80001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCFT800 & 80001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCFT800 & 80001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCFT800 & 80001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCFT800 & 80001996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDCFT800 & 80001997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001991Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001992Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001993Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001994Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001995Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001996Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF600 & 60001996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001991Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001992Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001993Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001994Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001995Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001996Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001997Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF7001997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001991Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001992Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001993Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001994Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001995Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001996Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001997Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDF800 & 80001997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001991Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001992Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001993Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001994Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001995Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001996Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001997Ford 6.6L Diesel Eng.
FORDFT900 & 90001997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDL1997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN800 & 80001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN800 & 80001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN800 & 80001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN800 & 80001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN800 & 80001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN800 & 80001996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN800 & 80001997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN900 & 90001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN900 & 90001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN900 & 90001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN900 & 90001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN900 & 90001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN900 & 90001996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLN900 & 90001997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLNT800 & 80001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLNT800 & 80001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLNT800 & 80001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLNT800 & 80001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLNT800 & 80001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLNT800 & 80001996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLNT800 & 80001997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLT1991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLT1991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLT1992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLT1992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLT1993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLT1993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLT1994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLT1994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLT1995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLT1995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLT1996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLT1997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLTS800 & 80001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLTS800 & 80001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLTS800 & 80001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLTS800 & 80001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLTS800 & 80001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLTS800 & 80001996Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLTS800 & 80001997Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLTS900 & 90001991Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLTS900 & 90001992Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLTS900 & 90001993Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLTS900 & 90001994Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORDLTS900 & 90001995Ford 7.8L Diesel Eng.
FORD (Diesel)6-401 (6.6L) Diesel engineAll YearsAll Engines
FORD (Diesel)6-474 (7.8L) Diesel engineAll YearsAll Engines
FORD-TRACTORS8670All YearsAll Engines
FORD-TRACTORS8770All YearsAll Engines
FORD-TRACTORS8870All YearsAll Engines
FORD-TRACTORS8970All YearsAll Engines
HINO TRUCKSFA15171998Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFA15171998Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFA15171999Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFA15171999Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFA15172000Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFA15172000Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFA15172001Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFA15172001Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFA15172002Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFA15172002Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFA15172003Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFA15172003Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFA15172004Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFA15172004Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18171998Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18171998Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18171999Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18171999Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18172000Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18172000Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18172001Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18172001Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18172002Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18172002Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18172003Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18172003Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18172004Hino J05C-TB Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFB18172004Hino J05C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22201998Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22201998Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22201999Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22201999Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22202000Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22202000Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22202001Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22202001Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22202002Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22202002Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22202003Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22202003Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22202004Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFD22202004Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26201998Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26201998Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26201999Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26201999Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26202000Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26202000Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26202001Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26202001Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26202002Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26202002Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26202003Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26202003Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26202004Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFE26202004Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30201998Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30201998Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30201999Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30201999Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30202000Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30202000Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30202001Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30202001Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30202002Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30202002Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30202003Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30202003Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30202004Hino J08C-TD Eng.
HINO TRUCKSFF30202004Hino J08C-TP Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33201998Hino J08C-TE Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33201998Hino J08C-TR Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33201999Hino J08C-TE Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33201999Hino J08C-TR Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33202000Hino J08C-TE Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33202000Hino J08C-TR Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33202001Hino J08C-TE Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33202001Hino J08C-TR Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33202002Hino J08C-TE Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33202002Hino J08C-TR Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33202003Hino J08C-TE Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33202003Hino J08C-TR Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33202004Hino J08C-TE Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33202004Hino J08C-TR Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33251998Hino J08C-TR Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33251999Hino J08C-TR Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33252000Hino J08C-TR Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33252001Hino J08C-TR Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33252002Hino J08C-TR Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33252003Hino J08C-TR Eng.
HINO TRUCKSSG33252004Hino J08C-TR Eng.
INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER (Diesel)7.3 LiterAll YearsAll Engines
THOMAS BUSConventionalAll YearsFord 6.6L Diesel Eng.
WARD-AMTRANConventionalAll YearsFord 6.6L Diesel Eng.

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