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Pentius PAB10015 Air Filter

Pentius PAB10015 Air Filter
Price: $10.73
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Pentius UltraFlow Filters Feature:

*Advanced filtration technology
*Superior quality for today's high tech vehicles
*Are highly efficient in providing greater protection
*Prevent harmful contaminants from causing premature wear and/or damage
Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
HONDARidgeline20063.5 V6
HONDARidgeline20073.5 V6
HONDARidgeline20083.5 V6
HONDARidgeline20093.5 V6
HONDARidgeline20103.5 V6
HONDARidgeline20113.5 V6
HONDARidgeline20123.5 V6
HONDARidgeline20133.5 V6
HONDARidgeline20143.5 V6