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Pentius PAB10022 Air Filter

Pentius PAB10022 Air Filter
Price: $13.30
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Pentius UltraFlow Filters Feature:

*Advanced filtration technology
*Superior quality for today's high tech vehicles
*Are highly efficient in providing greater protection
*Prevent harmful contaminants from causing premature wear and/or damage
Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
BMW525i20042.5 L6
BMW525i20052.5 L6
BMW525i20063.0 L6
BMW525i20073.0 L6
BMW525xi20063.0 L6
BMW525xi20073.0 L6
BMW528i20083.0 L6
BMW528i20093.0 L6
BMW528i20103.0 L6
BMW528i20113.0 L6
BMW528i xDrive20093.0 L6
BMW528i xDrive20103.0 L6
BMW528xi20083.0 L6
BMW530i20043.0 L6
BMW530i20053.0 L6
BMW530i20063.0 L6
BMW530i20073.0 L6
BMW530xi20063.0 L6
BMW530xi20073.0 L6
BMWZ420073.2 L6
BMWZ420083.2 L6