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TG2870A Fram Tough Guard Oil Filter

TG2870A Fram Tough Guard Oil Filter
Price: $7.14
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Quantity Available: 11


No matter how harsh the driving conditions, Fram® Tough Guard® oil filter offers advanced features that provide protection for any vehicle you drive.

99% Multi-Pass Efficiency
  • Combination synthetic glass and cellulose media provides exceptional filtration for the life of the filter.
Screen-Over By-Pass Valve*
  • Provides back-up filtration during cold start-ups and added protection against larger particles of dirt.
Silicon Anti-Drainback Valve
  • Protects your engine by retaining oil when engine is off so your engine benefits from a full liter at start-up.

* feature only available on models with a by-pass valve.

Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Automotive Applications
AMCAMX19784-121CID 2 bbl. (G)
AMCAMX19794-121CID 2 bbl. (G)
AMCConcord19784-121CID 2 bbl. (G)
AMCConcord19794-121CID 2 bbl. (G)
AMCGremlin19774-121CID 2 bbl. (G)
AMCGremlin19774-121CID 2 bbl. (K)
AMCGremlin19784-121CID 2 bbl. (G)
AMCSpirit19794-121CID 2 bbl. (G)
AUDI10019895-2.3L F/inj. (10V) SOHC NF
AUDI10019905-2.3L F/inj. (10V) SOHC NF
AUDI10019915-2.3L F/inj. NF
AUDI1001992V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDI10019935-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI1001993V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDI1001994V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDI100 LS19694-1.9L 2 bbl.
AUDI100 LS19704-1.8L 2 bbl.
AUDI100 LS19714-1.8L 2 bbl.
AUDI100 LS19724-1.9L 2 bbl.
AUDI100 LS19734-1.9L 2 bbl.
AUDI100 LS19744-1.9L 2 bbl.
AUDI100 LS19754-1.9L F/inj.
AUDI100 LS19764-1.9L F/inj.
AUDI100 LS19774-1.9L F/inj.
AUDI100 Quattro19895-2.3L F/inj. (10V) SOHC NF
AUDI100 Quattro19905-2.3L F/inj. (10V) SOHC NF
AUDI100 Quattro19915-2.3L F/inj. NF
AUDI100 Quattro1992V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDI100 Quattro1993V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDI100 Quattro1994V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDI20019895-2.2L F/inj. (10V) SOHC MC Turbo
AUDI20019905-2.2L F/inj. (10V) SOHC MC Turbo
AUDI20019915-2.2L F/inj. (10V) SOHC MC Turbo
AUDI200 Quattro19895-2.2L F/inj. (10V) SOHC MC Turbo
AUDI200 Quattro19905-2.2L F/inj. (10V) SOHC MC Turbo
AUDI200 Quattro19915-2.2L F/inj. (10V) SOHC MC Turbo
AUDI200 Quattro19915-2.2L F/inj. (20V) DOHC 3B Turbo
AUDI400019804-1.6L F/inj.
AUDI400019805-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI400019814-1.7L F/inj.
AUDI400019815-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI400019824-1.7L F/inj.
AUDI400019825-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI400019834-1.7L F/inj.
AUDI400019835-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI400019844-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI400019844-1.8L F/inj. CAN
AUDI400019845-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI400019854-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI400019855-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI400019864-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI400019865-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI400019874-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI400019875-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19804-1.6L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19805-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19814-1.7L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19815-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19824-1.7L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19825-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19834-1.7L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19835-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19844-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19844-1.8L F/inj. CAN
AUDI4000CS19845-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19854-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19855-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19864-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19865-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19874-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS19875-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS Quattro19845-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS Quattro19854-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS Quattro19855-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS Quattro19864-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS Quattro19865-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS Quattro19874-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000CS Quattro19875-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000S19804-1.6L F/inj.
AUDI4000S19805-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000S19814-1.7L F/inj.
AUDI4000S19815-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000S19824-1.7L F/inj.
AUDI4000S19825-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000S19834-1.7L F/inj.
AUDI4000S19835-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000S (Canada)19844-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000S (Canada)19844-1.8L F/inj. CAN
AUDI4000S (Canada)19845-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000S (Canada)19854-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000S (Canada)19855-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000S (Canada)19864-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000S (Canada)19865-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000S (Canada)19874-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000S (Canada)19875-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000S Quattro19845-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000S Quattro19854-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000S Quattro19855-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000S Quattro19864-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000S Quattro19865-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI4000S Quattro19874-1.8L F/inj.
AUDI4000S Quattro19875-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI500019785-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI500019795-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI500019805-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI500019815-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI500019815-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI500019825-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI500019835-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI500019835-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI500019865-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI500019875-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI500019875-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI500019875-2.3L F/inj.
AUDI500019875-2.3L F/inj. Turbo CAN
AUDI500019885-2.3L F/inj.
AUDI5000 (Canada)19845-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000 (Canada)19855-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000 Turbo19805-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000 Turbo19815-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000 Turbo19825-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000 Turbo19835-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000 Turbo19845-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000 Turbo19855-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000CS Quattro19885-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000CS Turbo19865-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000CS Turbo19875-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000CS Turbo19885-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000S19805-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S19815-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S19815-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000S19825-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S19835-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S19835-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000S19845-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S19855-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S19865-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S19875-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S19875-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000S19875-2.3L F/inj.
AUDI5000S19875-2.3L F/inj. Turbo CAN
AUDI5000S19885-2.3L F/inj.
AUDI5000S Quattro19805-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S Quattro19815-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S Quattro19815-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000S Quattro19825-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S Quattro19835-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S Quattro19835-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000S Quattro19845-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S Quattro19855-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S Quattro19865-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S Quattro19875-2.2L F/inj.
AUDI5000S Quattro19875-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDI5000S Quattro19875-2.3L F/inj.
AUDI5000S Quattro19875-2.3L F/inj. Turbo CAN
AUDI5000S Quattro19885-2.3L F/inj.
AUDI8019884-2.0L F/inj. 3A
AUDI8019894-2.0L F/inj. 3A
AUDI8019904-2.0L F/inj. 3A
AUDI8019915-2.3L F/inj. (10V) NG
AUDI8019925-2.3L F/inj. (10V) NG
AUDI80 Quattro19885-2.3L F/inj. (10V) SOHC NG
AUDI80 Quattro19895-2.3L F/inj. (10V) SOHC NG
AUDI80 Quattro19905-2.3L F/inj. (10V) SOHC NG
AUDI80 Quattro19915-2.3L F/inj. (10V) NG
AUDI80 Quattro19925-2.3L F/inj. (10V) NG
AUDI9019884-2.0L F/inj. 3A
AUDI9019885-2.3L F/inj. (10V) SOHC NG
AUDI9019894-2.0L F/inj. 3A
AUDI9019895-2.3L F/inj. (10V) SOHC NG
AUDI9019905-2.3L F/inj. (10V) SOHC NG
AUDI9019915-2.3L F/inj. (10V) NG
AUDI901993V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDI901994V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDI901994V6-2.8L F/inj. SOHC AFC
AUDI901995V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDI901995V6-2.8L F/inj. SOHC AFC
AUDI90 Quattro19885-2.3L F/inj. (10V) SOHC NG
AUDI90 Quattro19895-2.3L F/inj. (10V) SOHC NG
AUDI90 Quattro19905-2.3L F/inj. (20V) DOHC 7A
AUDI90 Quattro19915-2.3L F/inj. (20V) DOHC 7A
AUDI90 Quattro1993V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDI90 Quattro1994V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDI90 Quattro1995V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDIA419974-1.8L F/inj. DOHC AEB Turbo
AUDIA619955-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDIA61995V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDIA61995V6-2.8L F/inj. SOHC AFC
AUDIA619965-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDIA619975-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDICabriolet1994V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDICabriolet1995V6-2.8L F/inj. SOHC AFC
AUDICoupe19815-2.2L F/inj.
AUDICoupe19825-2.2L F/inj.
AUDICoupe19835-2.2L F/inj.
AUDICoupe19845-2.2L F/inj.
AUDICoupe19855-2.2L F/inj.
AUDICoupe19864-1.8L F/inj.
AUDICoupe19865-2.2L F/inj.
AUDICoupe19874-1.8L F/inj.
AUDICoupe19875-2.2L F/inj.
AUDICoupe19875-2.3L F/inj.
AUDICoupe Quattro19905-2.3L F/inj. (10V) SOHC NG
AUDICoupe Quattro19905-2.3L F/inj. (20V) DOHC 7A
AUDICoupe Quattro19915-2.3L F/inj. (20V) DOHC 7A
AUDIFox19734-1.5L 2 bbl.
AUDIFox19744-1.5L 2 bbl.
AUDIFox19754-1.6L F/inj.
AUDIFox19764-1.6L F/inj.
AUDIFox19774-1.6L F/inj.
AUDIFox19784-1.6L F/inj.
AUDIFox19794-1.6L F/inj.
AUDIQuattro19825-2.2L F/inj.
AUDIQuattro19835-2.2L F/inj.
AUDIQuattro19835-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDIQuattro19845-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDIQuattro19855-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDIQuattro19865-2.2L F/inj.
AUDIQuattro19865-2.2L F/inj. Turbo CAN
AUDIQuattro19875-2.2L F/inj.
AUDIQuattro19875-2.3L F/inj. Turbo
AUDIQuattro19875-2.3L F/inj. Turbo CAN
AUDIQuattro19955-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDIQuattro1995V6-2.8L F/inj. AAH
AUDIQuattro1995V6-2.8L F/inj. SOHC AFC
AUDIQuattro19965-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDIQuattro19974-1.8L F/inj. DOHC AEB Turbo
AUDIQuattro19975-2.2L F/inj. Turbo
AUDIQuattro20004-1.8L F/inj. DOHC ATC Turbo
AUDIQuattro20014-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC ATC Turbo
AUDIQuattro20014-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
AUDIQuattro20024-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AMU Turbo
AUDIQuattro20024-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
AUDIQuattro20034-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
AUDIQuattro20044-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
AUDIQuattro20044-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC BEA Turbo HO
AUDIQuattro20054-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
AUDIQuattro20054-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC BEA Turbo HO
AUDIQuattro20064-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
AUDIQuattro20064-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC BEA Turbo HO
AUDIS419925-2.2L F/inj. AAN Turbo
AUDIS419935-2.2L F/inj. AAN Turbo
AUDIS419945-2.2L F/inj. AAN Turbo
AUDIS6 (Canada)19955-2.2L F/inj. AAN Turbo
AUDIS6 (Canada)19965-2.2L F/inj. AAN Turbo
AUDIS6 (Canada)19975-2.2L F/inj. AAN Turbo
AUDISuper 9019694-1.8L 2 bbl.
AUDISuper 9019704-1.8L 2 bbl.
AUDISuper 9019714-1.8L 2 bbl.
AUDISuper 9019724-1.8L 2 bbl.
AUDITT20004-1.8L F/inj. DOHC ATC Turbo
AUDITT20014-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC ATC Turbo
AUDITT20014-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
AUDITT20024-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AMU Turbo
AUDITT20024-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
AUDITT20034-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
AUDITT20044-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
AUDITT20044-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC BEA Turbo HO
AUDITT20054-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
AUDITT20054-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC BEA Turbo HO
AUDITT20064-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
AUDITT20064-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC BEA Turbo HO
BMW300 Series19846-2.7L F/inj. M20
BMW300 Series19856-2.7L F/inj. M20
BMW300 Series19866-2.7L F/inj. M20
BMW300 Series19876-2.5L F/inj. (12V) SOHC M20
BMW300 Series19876-2.7L F/inj. M20
BMW300 Series19886-2.5L F/inj. (12V) SOHC M20
BMW300 Series19886-2.7L F/inj. M20
BMW300 Series19896-2.5L F/inj. (12V) SOHC M20
BMW300 Series19906-2.5L F/inj. (12V) SOHC M20
BMW300 Series19916-2.5L F/inj. (12V) SOHC M20
BMW300 Series19916-2.5L F/inj. (24V) DOHC M50
BMW300 Series19926-2.5L F/inj. (12V) SOHC M20
BMW300 Series19936-2.5L F/inj. (12V) SOHC M20
BMW500 Series19826-2.7L F/inj. M20
BMW500 Series19836-2.7L F/inj. M20
BMW500 Series19846-2.7L F/inj. M20
BMW500 Series19856-2.7L F/inj. M20
BMW500 Series19866-2.7L F/inj. M20
BMW500 Series19876-2.7L F/inj. M20
BMW500 Series19886-2.7L F/inj. M20
BMW500 Series19896-2.5L F/inj. (12V) SOHC M20
BMW500 Series19906-2.5L F/inj. (12V) SOHC M20
LOTUSElan19684-1.6L 2-1bbl. DOHC
LOTUSElan19694-1.6L 2-1bbl. DOHC
LOTUSElan19704-1.6L 2-1bbl. DOHC
LOTUSElan19714-1.6L 2-1bbl. DOHC
LOTUSElan19724-1.6L 2-1bbl. DOHC
LOTUSElan19734-1.6L 2-1bbl. DOHC
LOTUSElan19744-1.6L 2-1bbl. DOHC
LOTUSElan19754-1.6L 2-1bbl. DOHC
LOTUSSeven19684-1.6L 2 bbl. OHV
LOTUSSeven19694-1.6L 2 bbl. OHV
LOTUSSeven19704-1.6L 2 bbl. OHV
LOTUSSeven19714-1.6L 2 bbl. OHV
LOTUSSeven19724-1.6L 2 bbl. OHV
LOTUSSeven19734-1.6L 2 bbl. OHV
LOTUSSeven19744-1.6L 2 bbl. OHV
LOTUSSeven19754-1.6L 2 bbl. OHV
MASERATIMerak1976V6-3.0L 3-2bbl. QOHC
MASERATIMerak1977V6-3.0L 3-2bbl. QOHC
MASERATIMerak/SS1978V6-3.0L 3-2bbl. QOHC
MASERATIMerak/SS1979V6-3.0L 3-2bbl. QOHC
MASERATIMerak/SS1980V6-3.0L 3-2bbl. QOHC
MASERATIMerak/SS1981V6-3.0L 3-2bbl. QOHC
MASERATIMerak/SS1982V6-3.0L 3-2bbl. QOHC
MASERATIMerak/SS1983V6-3.0L 3-2bbl. QOHC
MASERATIMerak/SS1984V6-3.0L 3-2bbl. QOHC
PONTIAC TRUCKAsuna Sunrunner (Canada)19954-1.6L F/inj. (6) CAN
PONTIAC TRUCKAsuna Sunrunner (Canada)19964-1.6L F/inj. (6) CAN
PONTIAC TRUCKAsuna Sunrunner (Canada)19974-1.6L F/inj. (6) CAN
PORSCHE92419774-2.0L F/inj.
PORSCHE92419784-2.0L F/inj.
PORSCHE92419794-2.0L F/inj.
PORSCHE92419804-2.0L F/inj.
PORSCHE92419804-2.0L F/inj. Turbo
PORSCHE92419814-2.0L F/inj.
PORSCHE92419814-2.0L F/inj. Turbo
PORSCHE92419824-2.0L F/inj.
PORSCHE92419824-2.0L F/inj. Turbo
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19784-1.6L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19794-1.6L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19984-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AEG
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19994-1.8L F/inj. DOHC APH Turbo
VOLKSWAGENBeetle19994-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AEG
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20004-1.8L F/inj. DOHC APH Turbo
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20004-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AEG
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20014-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWV Turbo
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AEG
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AVH
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AZG
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20024-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC Turbo
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20024-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AVH
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20024-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AZG
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20024-2.0L F/inj. Turbo (C)
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20034-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20034-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWV Turbo HO
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20034-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AVH
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20034-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC BDC
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20044-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20044-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWV Turbo HO
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20044-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC BEV
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20044-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC BGD
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20054-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20054-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWV Turbo HO
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20054-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC BEV
VOLKSWAGENBeetle20054-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC BGD
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19854-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19854-1.8L F/inj. JH
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19864-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19864-1.8L F/inj. JH
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19874-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19874-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19874-1.8L F/inj. (8V)
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19874-1.8L F/inj. (8V) JH
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19884-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19884-1.8L F/inj. (8V)
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19884-1.8L F/inj. JH
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19894-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19894-1.8L F/inj. (8V)
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19894-1.8L F/inj. JH
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19904-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19904-1.8L F/inj. 2H
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19914-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19914-1.8L F/inj. 2H
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19924-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19924-1.8L F/inj. 2H
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19934-1.8L F/inj. 2H
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19934-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19934-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19944-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19944-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19964-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19964-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19974-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19974-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19984-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19984-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet19994-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet20004-2.0L F/inj. SOHC ABA
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet20014-2.0L F/inj. SOHC
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet20024-2.0L F/inj. SOHC
VOLKSWAGENCabriolet (Canada)19954-2.0L F/inj. SOHC ABA CAN
VOLKSWAGENCity Golf (Canada)20074-2.0L F/inj. (16V) SOHC BEV CAN
VOLKSWAGENCity Golf (Canada)20084-2.0L F/inj. (16V) SOHC BEV CAN
VOLKSWAGENCity Golf (Canada)20094-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENCity Golf (Canada)20094-2.0L F/inj. (16V) SOHC BEV CAN
VOLKSWAGENCity Jetta (Canada)20074-2.0L F/inj. (16V) SOHC BEV CAN
VOLKSWAGENCity Jetta (Canada)20084-2.0L F/inj. (16V) SOHC BEV CAN
VOLKSWAGENCity Jetta (Canada)20094-2.0L F/inj. (16V) SOHC BEV CAN
VOLKSWAGENCorrado19894-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENCorrado19904-1.8L F/inj. PG SC
VOLKSWAGENCorrado19914-1.8L F/inj. PG SC
VOLKSWAGENCorrado19924-1.8L F/inj. PG SC
VOLKSWAGENDasher19744-1.5L 1 bbl.
VOLKSWAGENDasher19754-1.5L 2 bbl.
VOLKSWAGENDasher19764-1.6L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENDasher19774-1.6L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENDasher19784-1.6L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENDasher19794-1.6L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENDasher19804-1.6L F/inj. YH
VOLKSWAGENDasher19814-1.6L F/inj. YH
VOLKSWAGENFox19874-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENFox19884-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENFox19894-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENFox19904-1.8L F/inj. ABG
VOLKSWAGENFox19914-1.8L F/inj. ABG
VOLKSWAGENFox19924-1.8L F/inj. ABG
VOLKSWAGENFox19934-1.8L F/inj. ABG
VOLKSWAGENGL19944-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGL (Canada)19934-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENGL (Canada)19934-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGL (Canada)19944-1.8L F/inj. CAN
VOLKSWAGENGL (Canada)19944-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENGLX VR6 (Canada)19954-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC ABA CAN
VOLKSWAGENGolf19854-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGolf19864-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGolf19874-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENGolf19874-1.8L F/inj. (8V)
VOLKSWAGENGolf19884-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENGolf19884-1.8L F/inj. (8V)
VOLKSWAGENGolf19894-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENGolf19894-1.8L F/inj. (8V)
VOLKSWAGENGolf19904-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGolf19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENGolf19914-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGolf19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENGolf19924-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGolf19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENGolf19934-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENGolf19934-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGolf19944-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENGolf19944-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGolf19954-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENGolf19954-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGolf19964-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENGolf19964-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGolf19974-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENGolf19974-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGolf19984-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENGolf19984-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGolf19994-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGolf20004-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWD Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGolf20004-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWW Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGolf20004-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AEG
VOLKSWAGENGolf20014-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWD Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGolf20014-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWW Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGolf20014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AEG
VOLKSWAGENGolf20014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AVH
VOLKSWAGENGolf20024-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGolf20024-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AVH
VOLKSWAGENGolf20024-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AZG
VOLKSWAGENGolf20034-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGolf20034-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AVH
VOLKSWAGENGolf20044-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGolf20044-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC BEV
VOLKSWAGENGolf20054-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGolf20054-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC BEV
VOLKSWAGENGolf20064-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGolf20064-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AVH
VOLKSWAGENGolf20064-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC BEV
VOLKSWAGENGTI19854-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGTI19864-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGTI19874-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENGTI19874-1.8L F/inj. (8V)
VOLKSWAGENGTI19884-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENGTI19884-1.8L F/inj. (8V)
VOLKSWAGENGTI19894-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENGTI19894-1.8L F/inj. (8V)
VOLKSWAGENGTI19904-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGTI19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENGTI19914-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGTI19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENGTI19924-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGTI19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENGTI19934-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGTI19964-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGTI19974-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGTI19984-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGTI19994-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGTI20004-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWD Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGTI20004-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWW Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGTI20014-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWD Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGTI20014-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWW Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGTI20024-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGTI20034-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGTI20044-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGTI20054-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGTI20064-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENGTI (Canada19954-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENGTI (Canada19954-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENGTI (Canada)19944-1.8L F/inj. ACC CAN
VOLKSWAGENGTI (Canada)19944-2.0L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta19804-1.6L F/inj. EJ
VOLKSWAGENJetta19814-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENJetta19824-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENJetta19834-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENJetta19844-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENJetta19844-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta19854-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta19864-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta19874-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENJetta19874-1.8L F/inj. (8V)
VOLKSWAGENJetta19884-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta19884-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENJetta19894-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENJetta19894-1.8L F/inj. (8V)
VOLKSWAGENJetta19904-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V) 9A
VOLKSWAGENJetta19914-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) 9A
VOLKSWAGENJetta19924-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) 9A
VOLKSWAGENJetta19934-1.8L F/inj. CAN
VOLKSWAGENJetta19934-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENJetta19944-1.8L F/inj. CAN
VOLKSWAGENJetta19944-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENJetta19954-1.8L F/inj. CAN
VOLKSWAGENJetta19954-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENJetta19964-1.8L F/inj. CAN
VOLKSWAGENJetta19964-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENJetta19964-2.0L F/inj. ABA (L) CAN
VOLKSWAGENJetta19974-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENJetta19984-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENJetta19994-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENJetta19994-2.0L F/inj. AEG
VOLKSWAGENJetta20004-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWD Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta20004-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWW Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta20004-2.0L F/inj. AEG
VOLKSWAGENJetta20014-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWD Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta20014-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWW Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta20014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AEG
VOLKSWAGENJetta20014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AVH
VOLKSWAGENJetta20014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AZG
VOLKSWAGENJetta20024-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta20024-2.0L F/inj. (16V) SOHC
VOLKSWAGENJetta20034-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta20034-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC
VOLKSWAGENJetta20044-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta20044-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC
VOLKSWAGENJetta20054-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta20054-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19804-1.6L F/inj. EJ
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19814-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19824-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19834-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19844-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19844-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19854-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19864-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19874-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19874-1.8L F/inj. (8V)
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19884-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19884-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19894-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19894-1.8L F/inj. (8V)
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19904-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V) 9A
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19914-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) 9A
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19924-1.8L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) 9A
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19934-1.8L F/inj. CAN
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19934-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19954-1.8L F/inj. CAN
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19954-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19964-1.8L F/inj. CAN
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19964-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19964-2.0L F/inj. ABA (L) CAN
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19974-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19984-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19994-2.0L F/inj. ABA
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI19994-2.0L F/inj. AEG
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20004-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWD Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20004-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWW Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20004-2.0L F/inj. AEG
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20014-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWD Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20014-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWW Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AEG
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AVH
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20014-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AZG
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20024-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20024-2.0L F/inj. (16V) SOHC
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20034-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20034-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20044-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20044-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20054-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC Turbo
VOLKSWAGENJetta GLI20054-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC
VOLKSWAGENPassat19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 9A
VOLKSWAGENPassat19914-1.8L F/inj. PG SC CAN
VOLKSWAGENPassat19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 9A
VOLKSWAGENPassat19924-1.8L F/inj. PG SC CAN
VOLKSWAGENPassat19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 9A
VOLKSWAGENPassat19934-1.8L F/inj. PG SC CAN
VOLKSWAGENPassat19934-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 9A
VOLKSWAGENPassat19944-1.8L F/inj. PG SC CAN
VOLKSWAGENPassat19944-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 9A CAN
VOLKSWAGENPassat19954-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC ABA CAN
VOLKSWAGENPassat19964-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC ABA
VOLKSWAGENPassat19974-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC ABA
VOLKSWAGENPassat2001V6-2.8L F/inj. (30V) DOHC ATQ
VOLKSWAGENQuantum19824-1.7L F/inj. WT
VOLKSWAGENQuantum19834-1.7L F/inj. WT
VOLKSWAGENQuantum19835-2.1L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENQuantum19844-1.8L F/inj. JN
VOLKSWAGENQuantum19845-2.2L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENQuantum19854-1.8L F/inj. JN
VOLKSWAGENQuantum19855-2.2L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENQuantum19865-2.2L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENQuantum19875-2.2L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENQuantum19885-2.2L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENQuantum Syncro19824-1.7L F/inj. WT
VOLKSWAGENQuantum Syncro19834-1.7L F/inj. WT
VOLKSWAGENQuantum Syncro19835-2.1L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENQuantum Syncro19844-1.8L F/inj. JN
VOLKSWAGENQuantum Syncro19845-2.2L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENQuantum Syncro19854-1.8L F/inj. JN
VOLKSWAGENQuantum Syncro19855-2.2L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENQuantum Syncro19865-2.2L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENQuantum Syncro19875-2.2L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENQuantum Syncro19885-2.2L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19754-1.5L 2 bbl.
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19764-1.6L 2 bbl.
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19774-1.6L 1 bbl.
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19774-1.6L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19784-1.5L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19784-1.6L 1 bbl.
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19784-1.6L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19794-1.5L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19804-1.5L 1 bbl. EH
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19804-1.6L F/inj. EJ
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19814-1.6L F/inj. EJ
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19814-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19824-1.7L 1 bbl. JF
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19824-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19834-1.7L 2 bbl. JF
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19834-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19834-1.8L F/inj. (16V) JH (C) CAN
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19844-1.7L 2 bbl. JF
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19844-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENRabbit19844-1.8L F/inj. JH
VOLKSWAGENRabbit Westmoreland19814-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19754-1.5L 2 bbl.
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19764-1.6L 2 bbl.
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19774-1.6L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19784-1.5L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19784-1.6L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19794-1.6L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19804-1.6L F/inj. EJ
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19814-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19824-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19834-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19834-1.8L F/inj. JH
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19844-1.8L F/inj. JH
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19854-1.8L F/inj. JH
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19864-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19864-1.8L F/inj. (8V) JH
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19874-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19874-1.8L F/inj. (8V) JH
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19884-1.8L F/inj. (16V)
VOLKSWAGENScirocco19884-1.8L F/inj. (8V) JH CAN
VOLKSWAGENScirocco (Canada)19894-1.8L F/inj. (16V) CAN
VOLKSWAGENScirocco (Canada)19894-1.8L F/inj. (8V) JH CAN
VOLKSWAGENSuper Beetle19784-1.6L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENSuper Beetle19794-1.6L F/inj.
VOLKSWAGENSuper Beetle19804-1.6L F/inj. AJ
VOLKSWAGENSyncro19904-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 9A
VOLKSWAGENSyncro19914-1.8L F/inj. PG SC CAN
VOLKSWAGENSyncro19914-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 9A
VOLKSWAGENSyncro19924-1.8L F/inj. PG SC CAN
VOLKSWAGENSyncro19924-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 9A
VOLKSWAGENSyncro19934-1.8L F/inj. PG SC CAN
VOLKSWAGENSyncro19934-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 9A
VOLKSWAGENSyncro19944-1.8L F/inj. PG SC CAN
VOLKSWAGENSyncro19944-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC 9A CAN
VOLKSWAGENSyncro19954-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC ABA CAN
VOLKSWAGENSyncro19964-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC ABA
VOLKSWAGENSyncro19974-2.0L F/inj. (16V) DOHC ABA
VOLKSWAGENSyncro2001V6-2.8L F/inj. (30V) DOHC ATQ
VOLKSWAGENVR620034-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENVR620034-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AVH
VOLKSWAGENVR620044-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENVR620044-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC BEV
VOLKSWAGENVR620054-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENVR620054-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC BEV
VOLKSWAGENVR620064-1.8L F/inj. (20V) DOHC AWP Turbo
VOLKSWAGENVR620064-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC AVH
VOLKSWAGENVR620064-2.0L F/inj. (8V) SOHC BEV
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKRabbit Pickup19804-1.5L 1 bbl. EH
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKRabbit Pickup19804-1.6L F/inj. EJ
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKRabbit Pickup19814-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKRabbit Pickup19824-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKRabbit Pickup19834-1.7L F/inj. EN
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKTransporter19794-1.6L 1 bbl. AF CAN
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKTransporter19794-1.6L 1 bbl. AS CAN
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKTransporter (Canada)19854-1.9L F/inj. DH
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKTransporter (Canada)19864-2.1L F/inj. MV (B) CAN
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKTransporter (Canada)19874-2.1L F/inj. MV (B) CAN
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKTransporter (Canada)19884-2.1L F/inj. MV (B) CAN
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKTransporter (Canada)19894-2.1L F/inj. MV (B) CAN
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKTransporter (Canada)19904-2.1L F/inj. MV (B) CAN
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKTransporter (Canada)19914-2.1L F/inj. MV (B) CAN
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKVanagon19834-1.9L F/inj. DH
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKVanagon19844-1.9L F/inj. DH
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKVanagon19854-1.9L F/inj. DH
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKVanagon19864-2.1L F/inj. MV (B)
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKVanagon19874-2.1L F/inj. MV (B)
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKVanagon19884-2.1L F/inj. MV (B)
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKVanagon19894-2.1L F/inj. MV (B)
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKVanagon19904-2.1L F/inj. MV (B)
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKVanagon19914-2.1L F/inj. MV (B)
VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKVanagon19924-2.1L F/inj. MV (B)