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Denso Oxygen Sensor

Denso began manufacturing O2 sensors in the 1990s as the demand for better emission standards increased. Their technological advancements in the auto industry is unsurpassed as they continuously strive to create top notch performance O2 sensors. Denso sets the standard for oxygen sensor quality and continues to meets the demands for most every car, truck, or SUV. When your automobile needs its oxygen sensors replaced, consider using a Denso brand O2 sensor to help restore the performance of your vehicle.

Denso oxygen sensors are unique in their class. Because many common sealants are actually harmful to your oxygen sensors, Denso designs their lambda sensors to come with a high tech special coating that makes them resistant to harsh chemicals that would otherwise degrade the oxygen sensor causing premature failure. Here are just a few of the beneficial effects a Denso O2 sensor will have on your automobile:

  • Promotes catalytic converter longevity.
  • Allows your vehicle to pass smog testing.
  • Helps reduce emissions and save the environment.
  • Made of corrosion-resistant steel.
  • Increases fuel mileage.