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CH6004 - Fram Extra Guard Motorcycle Oil Filter Reviews
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Includes all automotive, heavy duty, and motorcycle applications
Motorcycle Applications
YAMAHAKV700 Virago1984700cc
YAMAHAKV700 Virago1985700cc
YAMAHAKV700 Virago1986700cc
YAMAHAKV700 Virago1987700cc
YAMAHAXV1000 Virago19841000cc
YAMAHAXV1000 Virago19851000cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19861100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19871100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19881100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19891100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19901100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19911100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19921100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19931100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19941100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19951100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19961100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19971100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19981100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 19991100cc
YAMAHAXV1100 Virago 20001100cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1981750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1982750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1983750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1984750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1985750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1986750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1987750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1988750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1989750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1990750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1991750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1992750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1993750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1994750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1995750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1996750cc
YAMAHAXV750 Virago1997750cc
YAMAHAXV920 Virago1981920cc
YAMAHAXV920 Virago1982920cc
YAMAHAXV920 Virago1983920cc
YAMAHAXVS1100 V-Star 1100 19991100cc
YAMAHAXVS1100 V-Star 1100 20001100cc
YAMAHAXVS1100 V-Star 1100 20011100cc
YAMAHAXVS1100 V-Star 1100 20021100cc
YAMAHAXVS1100 V-Star 1100 20031100cc
YAMAHAXVS1100 V-Star 1100 20041100cc
YAMAHAXVS1100 V-Star 1100 20051100cc
YAMAHAXVS1100 V-Star 1100 20061100cc
YAMAHAXVS1100 V-Star 1100 20071100cc
YAMAHAXVS1100 V-Star 1100 20081100cc
YAMAHAXVS65 V-Star 6501998650cc
YAMAHAXVS65 V-Star 6501999650cc
YAMAHAXVS65 V-Star 6502000650cc
YAMAHAXVS65 V-Star 6502001650cc
YAMAHAXVS65 V-Star 6502002650cc
YAMAHAXVS65 V-Star 6502003650cc
YAMAHAXVS65 V-Star 6502004650cc
YAMAHAXVS65 V-Star 6502005650cc
YAMAHAXVS65 V-Star 6502006650cc
YAMAHAXVS65 V-Star 6502007650cc
YAMAHAXVS65 V-Star 6502008650cc
YAMAHAYFM600F Grizzly2000600cc
YAMAHAYFM600F Grizzly2001600cc
YAMAHAYFM600FH Grizzly Hunter2000600cc
YAMAHAYFM600FWA Grizzly1998600cc
YAMAHAYFM600FWA Grizzly1999600cc
YAMAHAYFM700R Raptor2006686cc
YAMAHAYFM700R Raptor2007686cc
YAMAHAYFM700R Raptor2008686cc