Who Makes Carquest Oil Filters? Are They Good?

Oil filters are an important part of a car’s engine. They keep the oil clean and protect the engine from debris. Carquest is a company that makes oil filters for cars.

Their filters are designed to keep your car running smoothly. You can trust Carquest to provide you with quality products that will help your car run better for longer.

But do you know who makes Carquest oil filters? If not, you’re not alone. Carquest oil filter is manufactured by Mann+Hummel, a German company that specializes in filtration products. Mann+Hummel has been in business since 1941 and has over 20,000 employees worldwide.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss who makes Carquest oil filters, their history, product line, and what sets them apart from the competition. Stay tuned!

Who Makes Carquest Oil Filters

Carquest Oil Filters

Carquest oil filters are top-quality products that are designed and manufactured by the advanced automotive parts distribution network Advance Auto Parts.

These filters are renowned for their durability and performance, having been developed and tested by some of the best engineers in the industry. Despite this, Carquest oil filters were not always made by a company associated with Advance Auto Parts.

In fact, until recently, WIX Filters and Filtrons had been producing all Carquest oil filters. However, in 2016, the Affinia Group – WIX’s parent company – was acquired by the Mann+Hummel group.

As a result, Carquest oil filters will now be manufactured by Mann+Hummel.

Regardless of who is making these excellent filters, one thing remains clear: they are a testament to the skill and expertise of automotive engineers around the world.

So, if you’re looking for an oil filter that will protect your engine while keeping your vehicle performing at peak efficiency, be sure to try out a Carquest filter today!

Where Are Carquest Oil Filters Made?

WIX has plants all over the world, with most located in North America.

They have facilities in both Gastonia and South Carolina as well as other locations like Europe, India, China, or Mexico to make sure they can deliver high-quality products for every customer across various regions!

The Gastonia, North Carolina facility is responsible for research and development, as well as the production of WIX’s full line of automotive filters.

The Dillon, South Carolina plant manufactures heavy-duty and industrial filters, while the European facility produces light-duty vehicle filters.

In Mexico, WIX manufactures fuel, oil, air, and cabin air filters for the North American market. The Indian facility provides support for WIX’s global operations, including marketing and sales, finance, information technology, and human resources.

The China location focuses on the production of industrial filtration products for the Asian market. These manufacturing facilities allow WIX to provide quality filtration products to customers around the globe.

History of Carquest Oil Filters

History of Carquest Oil Filters

The Carquest oil filter was invented in 1974 by John Hughes after he failed to find an adequate product for his wife’s car that would last more than three months.
He created this new type of filtration system with Sloan O’Tigen Bock Jr., who had been working on the idea since then but refused payment because it wasn’t patented yet (1974).
They went into business together under what is now known as the “Carquest” distribution network, which consisted mainly of 14 distributing companies handling 64 stores throughout America until 1994, when they finally got around to patenting everything due to the complexity of the design.
The Carquest brand was then acquired by General Motors Corporation in 1997 as part of Affinia Group Inc., which is now a global leader in providing filtration products!
Carquest is the official parts supplier for Hendrick Motorsports and has achieved success since its inception in 2012. Hendrick Motorsports is one of the most successful teams in racing, with drivers such as Jimmie Johnson, Chase contender Jeff Gordon, and former champion Bill Elliott.
The company launched an online platform that supports sales, while customers can pick up their purchases at commercial stores across North America.
The company Carquest provides a wide range of products, including air, water, and oil filters. The Wix brand has been replaced by Mann+Hummel as a supplier since 2016. They also supply their solutions worldwide through more than 5300 stores across North America.

What Are the Types Of Carquest Oil Filters Available?  

The Premium Carquest Oil Filters

The high efficiency of this oil filter line makes it a great choice for anyone looking for durable engine protection.

The synthetic media blend is extremely durable, and it works well with both traditional and synthetic motor oils.

Additionally, the metal end caps on the filter help to keep it in place, ensuring that your engine stays protected with every mile you drive.

Finally, the nitrile seal gasket allows this oil filter to be used with a wide range of different car models, making it an adaptable and reliable choice for any vehicle owner.

So, if you’re looking for top-quality engine protection, look no further than this line of oil filters!

The Standard Carquest Oil Filters

This option from the brand is highly suitable for conventional mineral oil, as it is constructed using high-density media to ensure proper flow of the oil.

This media supports reliable engine protection by using a multi-fiber material that protects against the ingress of dirt particles.

This line of filters is compatible with most lightweight trucks and other automotive applications, making it an ideal choice for many vehicles.

Additionally, the end caps on these filters are made from durable metal, which keeps them firmly in place even under heavy use.

Lastly, this filter comes with a warranty that lasts until your next scheduled oil change, providing peace of mind that your engine is well protected.

Overall, this filter offers exceptional performance and reliability for any vehicle owner looking to keep their engine running smoothly.

What Sets Carquest Oil Filters Apart?

What Sets Carquest Oil Filters Apart?

When replacing your filter, it’s important to understand that not all filters are created equal; there are some oil filter brands to avoid. They simply don’t live up to their claims, and others are known to cause oil leaks. Carquest oil filters are different.

Their oil filters are designed to extend the life of your engine and protect it from harmful debris and contaminants.

These filters are made with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Carquest oil filters also feature a unique filtration media that is designed to trap small particles and contaminants while allowing oil to flow freely through the filter.

This combination of features makes Carquest oil filters an excellent choice for those who want to protect their engines and keep their vehicles running at peak efficiency.

FAQs about who makes Carquest oil filters

Does Wix make Carquest filters?

The Carquest oil filters are a product of Mann+Hummel, not Wix.

Wix has stopped manufacturing the filter and replaced it with their own brand name, “Mann.” The new line is called Hummel, which also includes air conditioners, among other things like cars – so make sure you’re buying yours from this store if possible!

Who makes Carquest heavy-duty filters?

Mann+Hummel is an official automotive filter supplier for Carquest heavy-duty filters, and they produce other filtration solutions available in the market.

These oil filters are compatible with both conventional motor oils and synthetic ones; thus, these will be perfect if you want your car to perform at its best!

Who sells Carquest oil filters?

Carquest oil filters can be purchased at a number of different retailers, both online and in-store.

Popular stores that sell Carquest oil filters include Advance Auto Parts, Walmart, and Amazon. Additionally, many auto parts stores and auto repair shops stock Carquest oil filters.

To find a local retailer that sells Carquest oil filters, customers can use the store locator on the Carquest website. Once the customer enters their location, they will be provided with a list of nearby stores that sell Carquest products.

You should also make sure that the seller is genuine before making any purchases, as they may pose some threat to engine quality!

How long do Carquest oil filters last?

Carquest oil filters are designed to last for up to 5,000 miles. However, this may vary depending on the severity of driving conditions.

For example, if you regularly drive in stop-and-go traffic or in dusty or sandy conditions, you may need to change your filter more frequently.

Carquest recommends checking your filter every 3,000 miles or at each oil change, whichever comes first. If your filter does need to be changed, Carquest offers a wide selection of replacement filters to fit most makes and models of vehicles.

Whether you’re looking for a standard filter or one with additional features, Carquest has the right filter for your car.

What are Carquest oil filter alternatives?

If you’re not a fan of the company that makes Carquest oil filters, there are plenty of other options on the market. Many major auto parts stores carry a wide variety of brands, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

Some popular alternatives to Carquest include Bosch, Motorcraft, Mann-Filter, and K&N. When choosing an oil filter, it’s important to consider factors such as price, quality, and compatibility with your vehicle.

With so many options available, there’s no reason to settle for a brand that you’re not completely satisfied with. Check our articles to find out more about who makes Napa oil filters.


Carquest oil filters are made by a company called Mann+Hummel. They have been in the business of manufacturing oil filters for cars and other vehicles for many years. The company produces a variety of oil filters for different types of engines, and it also manufactures air filters and cabin filters.

Carquest oil filters are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of most major automotive manufacturers. Their oil filters are available at most auto parts stores and can be purchased online.

We hope that this article has helped you better understand who makes Carquest oil filters and their product line. Their experience and expertise show in the products they produce, including their oil filters.

If you are looking for an alternative to Carquest oil filters, there are several other brands that you can choose from. Wix, K&N, and Fram are all reputable brands that make high-quality oil filters. You can find these brands at most auto parts stores or online retailers.

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